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smp hair treatment

Top Five Advantages Of SMP Hair Treatment

Hair loss is a stressful situation that many individuals go through due to several reasons. Well! It is hard to conclude the exact reason for hair loss but it mainly happens due to genetics. People with a family history of hair loss are more prone to this suffering. There are also medical causes behind the problem that are related to medication, chemotherapy, surgeries, etc. However, there are many treatments available to restore hair loss. But they mainly work through a surgical methodology that is actually not suitable for all. For those folks, SMP hair treatment is a viable hair loss solution. If you are one who cannot undergo a surgical procedure of hair implant, you can consider this alternative. Let’s explore more about SMP in the upcoming paragraphs. 

What is SMP treatment all about?

 SMP stands for scalp micropigmentation which is a non-invasive procedure for hair loss problems. It is a cosmetic procedure that deploys the tattoo on the head to mimic hair follicles. It involves the use of pigments on the scalp with the use of microneedles. A hair expert uses pigmentation colors to make your scalp look covered with tiny hair istanbul bayan escort follicles. But actually, they are not the real follicles that grow naturally. The treatment only works to give your head coverage of replica hair follicles. However, it can give a fuller and thicker appearance to follicles on the head. It works to cover up hair loss problems like alopecia, hair thinning, receding hairline, etc.

Who can get SMP treatment?

 Everyone can get this treatment because it is precise, safe, and works great. But, one can prefer this treatment who do not have enough donor hairs for a hair transplant. The procedure works to deliver the dense and thick look of hairs. So, ultimately people with thin hair and patchy baldness are ideal candidates. You can even get this treatment if you have a clean-shaved head.

Process of SMP

 You might be curious to know the amazing benefits of scalp micropigmentation, right? But before heading towards advantages let’s take a look at its procedure. It will help you fairly to understand the benefits of this cosmetic treatment. So, it is intended to resemble natural hair follicles by using the pigment. The hair surgeon will apply pigments to fill the bald spots on the scalp. This would make the thin areas look dense and thicker. Keep in mind this treatment actually does not work to restore hair. SMP hair treatment does an excellent job of concealing the hair thinning areas to give you an improved and youthful look.

Benefits of scalp micropigmentation 

Longer treatment

 Scalp micropigmentation gives you the advantage of long-run cosmetic hair treatment. The pigments used during the procedure will be natural that stay on your head longer. Unlike surgical hair transplant clinic, you do not have to make follow-up appointments with the surgeon. It would require you to have an inspection for your implanted hair follicles in a period of 4-6 months. But, using a scalp micropigmentation will not require any follow-up appointments. You can have this treatment for more than 3 years with minimal touch-ups. You need the restorative pigmentation only when it started to fade. It is not really hard to get a touch-up after a long period to revive scalp micropigmentation. You can schedule the visits at your own convenience.

Safe and secure

 Safety is vital when it comes to getting hair loss treatments. These treatments are usually related to surgical procedures. So, many individuals scare to undergo these treatments due to the use of chemicals. The surgical equipment is involved in these treatments. Moreover, there are also some side effects and complications involved in cosmetic hair transplant procedures. So, if you have a health concern then you must stay out of hair loss surgeries. Scalp micropigmentation is a safe procedure that does not involve the use of harsh chemicals at all. Pigmentation is used with high-quality cosmetic needles that leave no side effects. You will only need to stay under mild anesthesia during the procedure to complete the process. The procedure does not require any incisions and there is no downtime needed for recovery.

Realistic results

 You would certainly prefer scalp micropigmentation to achieve expected results, right? The procedure will end up with desired expectations when you get it done by a professional. It is needless to say that this procedure requires the utmost skill and precision. So, you must seek a board-certified hair surgeon only to achieve greater results. A carefully executed procedure will definitely provide you with nearly perfect replication of hair follicles. However, these follicles will be fake but will reflect the appearance of natural hair follicles. You will get a look at closely cropped hairs and the thin appearance of hairs will be covered effectively. This procedure can cover bald patches and the entire bald head with pigmentation.

Hide scars effectively

 Do you know that SMP hair treatment can also prove beneficial to get after a hair transplant? Yes, you can get this cosmetic treatment after a hair restoration too. The reason is that it can hide the imperfections of a hair transplant procedure. If you have recently undergone a traditional hair surgery that gives you a linear scar. You can cover the scar with scalp micropigmentation treatment. It can effectively hide the scar by matching it to the naturally implanted hair follicles. In addition, this treatment can also work to hide the surgical scars on the head. If you have a scar due to an accident or surgery on the head, SMP can hide it drastically.

Boost self-esteem

 Balding is an underrated stigma that most people face in their life. However, people mostly do not prefer to talk about this problem openly. But inside they often want someone to give them the right advice to get their hair back. This mainly reduces self-esteem as balding can make someone looks older than the actual age. So, scalp micro pigmentation can be a reliable solution to this problem. It can efficiently hide the baldness on your head which can give you a fuller and thicker appearance of hairs. This can restore your youthful appearance and can grab your self-esteem back.

To sum up

SMP hair treatment is a useful hair restoration treatment no doubt. It is easy, fast, and more convenient than surgical hair transplantation. But it cannot restore the natural growth of hairs since the replica hair follicles will not grow. You must get it done by an expert hair surgeon. If you want a cost-effective, safe, and non-invasive treatment for hair loss then it is the best solution.