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10 Best nail color for dark skin tones

When it comes to shopping for nail polish online, melanin beauties always have a hard time choosing nail color for dark skin. Though the reality is you don’t have to put extra effort into choosing a perfect nail color as your skin tone is a boon, and every hue suits your dusky complexion.

But a wide variety of nail colors may still exhaust your mind. Though your all-inclusive skin complexion accepts every hue of nail polish, finding a perfect nail color can still be a tough task to do. And that is why we are here to give you expert guidance and ideas on nail paints you can buy from Online beauty stores in South Africa.

10 Best Nail Colour That Never Fails on Dark Skin Tones

Olive Green

Being a subtle and delicious tone of green, olive shade is on-trend nowadays. This soothing and gorgeous nail paint shade comes with a matte and a shining texture, both of which appear elegant on deep complexions. When applied to the nail, the color offers an absolute aesthetic look to dusky-toned beauties.

Olive shade can easily get along with a deep skin tone. It provides subtle contrast yet doesn’t overdo it. Match this nail color with the same shade or different hue of green to achieve a classy look.


Fuschia is a mixed shade of pink and purple that provides the sophistication of both colors. Being the rich shade, it pops out from dark-complexioned skin tones. The high-impact shade helps you achieve the look of a classic French manicure.

As Fuschia is a combination of pink and purple, it can be paired with outfits and accessories of varied shades of both colors. Being named after the Fuchsia plant, the color offers a rich flowery appearance to the nail that quickly catches the attention.


The dusky skin tone can easily pull off the bold nail colors, and magenta is no exception. The magenta shade can be your go-to nail paint this spring as it provides the most sophisticated nail style. Both the matte and glossy versions look exceptional on the deep complexion.

Magenta nail color is one of the essential shades you must include in your nail paint collection. It would be a good option if you choose to go with the classic red paint but want to spice things up a little.

Eggplant Purple

Eggplant purple is one of the most flattering shades that looks beautiful on every skin tone and especially on darker ones. Being vibrant and catchy, eggplant purple is a perfectly suitable nail color for dark skin.

Eggplant purple’s deep, rich shade gives an elegant look against dark skin. Make your sprint manicures appear like a thousand bucks by wearing this nail paint shade and pairing it with a beautiful floral printed dress and matching accessories.

Fiery Red

A bright fiery red strikes a lustrous and luscious appearance to nails of every skin type. This classy shade of nail paint offers fierceness and sexiness to your melanin-rich deep-complexioned skin tone.

You can add some fun elements and designs to your nails by combining a contrasting color with this vibrant fiery red color. As the color can’t go wrong with any skin tone, it is a perfect shade to try new experiments. Next time you purchase Beauty products online, do not forget to add this shade to your cart.


Being a luminous tangerine citrusy nail color, orange provides a perfect contrast against dusky skin tone. When it comes to the best nail color for dark skin, brighter and neon-leaning color, the more it looks stunning.

Luminous and bright colors work fantastic on pale skin types. But if we talk about orange or other tangerine shades of the yellow-orange spectrum of colors, they also work best on dark tones, highlighting your deep complexion. 

Soft Pink

Serene and soft, light pink enhances the bubblish, girlish aspect of your personality. The color puts forward feminine features on every skin type, but it looks stunning and gorgeous on beauties having a high infusion of melanin in their skin.

The color works best when worn in flowery weather of the energizing spring season. Pair this powerful nail paint with a matching or bright color outfit and accessories. Soft pink can never go wrong with any skin type.

Baby Blue

Another bright, lightweight nail color for dark skin tone, baby blue offers cool and snowy undertones contrasting to your skin, making your nail stand out from the crowd. As it resembles the sky blue and aqua tone of the blue, the color seamlessly achieves the elegance of the blue.

For deep skin tones, blue can be a tricky hue. But if you wear it in brighter and light shades, it creates a perfect, never-failing contrast with your skin. You can combine this nail color with other shades of blue to create distinctive and creative nail art.

Chocolate Brown

Contrasting your nail color with your skin types is a sure-fire strategy to elevate your manicure game, but if you are bored with this and want to try something new, chocolate brown can be an amazing option for you as it perfectly suits your skin tone.

Sometimes immersing shades such as chocolate brown can also provide an elegant and classy look to darker skin types. When you wear it with the right outfit and appropriate occasion, the medium to deep darker tints of brown can quickly make you stand out from others, establishing you as a sensible nail artist. 

Pastel Shades

Pale pastel shades never go wrong with dark skin types. They are fun to wear and can be pulled off by anyone. When you choose pastel nail color for dark skin types, you can achieve a seamless look for your any-day outfit without making it appear overdone.

You can try out any single pastel shade to achieve a sweet look. Or pair multiple hues to create an alluring artsy design on your nail. The good thing is, there are plenty of pastel shades available, so you will not have to put extra effort to find and shop nail polish online that has a bright pastel shade.

What colors go with dark skin tones?

Dark skin beauties have a variety of nail colors options that suit the deep complexion. You can wear deep, dark hues to achieve the perfect blend, or you can try light neon or pastel colors to create a fun contrast against your skin tone.

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