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transgender hair transplant- What's the Truth About Transgender Hair Transplants?

What’s the Truth About Transgender Hair Transplants?

People who feel trapped in the wrong gender go through reassignment surgery. However, the hormonal changes make them lose hair on various parts of their bodies. Transgender hair transplants help them fix the hair loss problem. The lucky ones who do not suffer hair loss will restore their hairline to match their new gender.

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How Transgender hair Transplant is Done

A transgender hair transplant is similar to a regular hair transplant. The only difference is the motive behind the hair surgery. Patients strive to fix hair loss for regular transplants from various causes such as hormonal imbalance, genetics, age, physical trauma, different types of alopecia, etc.
Your transplant is classified depending on the look you want. Female to Male (FTM) hair transplant is when a previously female intends to achieve a male hairline. Also, they may want to fix female pattern baldness that started before they transitioned to male.

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Male to Female (MTF) hair transplant happens when you want to achieve a female hairline from a male hairline. The transplants help transgender people to associate better with their new identity. It also boosts their confidence as they now look like the person they want to be.
Transgender hair transplant needs a high level of artistry. You’ll need to know the hairs to remove at the hairline and where to fix them. Below are the two transgender hair transplants in detail.

FTM Hair Transplant

Female to male hair transplant involves so many things. Besides aligning the hairline, you will need to add some facial hairs. FTM hair transplant will involve adding some beard, sideburns, and mustache. Some will only add a goatee. However, you want to add all choices and preferences as facial hairs.
If you were experiencing female pattern baldness when you were female, you would carry the same problems to the male identity. Some transgender people are lucky since the hair loss may subside due to hormonal changes. However, it gets worse for some people.

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The third reason for FTM hair transplant is realigning the direction of the hair. Male hair grows facing the front. That’s why most of their hair cuts face the front. On the contrary, female hair grows facing backward. Once you transition, you may not achieve male haircuts. Thus, many opt to realign the direction of the grains. It gives them complete male satisfaction.
If your hair loss rate increases, you may need more than one surgery to fix the loss. Also, you may need topical applications and therapies to slow down hair loss.

FTM hair surgery may include a hair transplant on some body parts. Some may need to add chest hairs, pubic hair, and abdomen hair. However, the extent and the density will depend on the available hair in donor regions.

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MTF Hair Transplant

MTF is the opposite of FTM hair transplant. It’s also known as hairline lowering surgery; The transplant aims at creating a feminine, round, and flattering look.
Even after getting your feminine look, you will likely experience male pattern hair loss. It’s common in people who are genetically predisposed to share the same. Thus, you can have another surgery once the problem occurs.
Male hair generally grows facing the front. You may need to realign the direction of the grain to face backward. Some people don’t find it necessary to comb the hair backward once it’s long.

Transgender Hair Transplant Techniques

Hair transplant techniques are similar across all types of hair transplants. However, it would help if you had some creativity to handle transgender hair transplants- First, you should transform a hairline from one gender to another. Thus, the skills should involve grain realignment and hairline outlining.

FUE Hair Transplant

FUE hair transplant is standard in transgender surgeries. People prefer the practice since it leaves no scars on the donor area. Also, you have more donor options for the grafts. The practice involves extracting one graft at a time before transplanting the hair. Also, it helps a lot in aligning the hairline.

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FUT Hair Transplant

FUT hair transplant may be vital in MTF hair transplant. The doctor may cut a strip at the front hairline in this case. It makes it easy to lower the hairline and get grafts to fix on other areas.


Transgender hair transplant helps in gender identity. Modern medicine may have ignored transgender people, but some doctors took it as their niche. Now, you can achieve your desired look in a few steps. Remember, you may need more than one transplant to achieve your identity look. Multiple surgeries make gender realignment surgeries the most expensive in the hair industry. However, the satisfaction makes it worth every penny.