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Different Entrepreneurship Examples by Ovik Mkrtchyan

Ovik Mkrtchyan said The rise of this type of business is only possible dependent on the existence of an environment that is positive and a desire in the general population , and that is the primary reason for mass Entrepreneurship. This is a result of an increase in the amount of both small and large businesses in the country.

Examples catering services hair salons, beauty salons, and local business

Small Business Entrepreneurship

The majority of the companies within the community are small which employs more than 50% of non-government employees in the United States. The revenue of these kinds of companies is typically less since the primary reason given to their employers is to earn an income for the family.

The most well-known examples of small-business entrepreneurialism include plumbing firms, grocery stores, confectionary stores, electrical contractors hairdressers, home cleaners, and consultants and hairdressers, among others. Small-scale entrepreneurs could be someone who manages the business by employing local employees or family members. They usually fund their businesses by borrowing money from family members, friends or business loans.

Large Company Entrepreneurship

Ovik Mkrtchyan said there is a finite timeframe for big companies because they often evolve by innovating. They may develop new products in addition to the core products they create. The primary reasons for innovative innovations that disrupt are the ability to customize their products to meet the demands of the client, the advancement of new technologies and the introduction of new competitors as well as.

It can lead to the creation of new products completely unique to the market so which can be dealt with efficiently. Large corporations tackle this issue by either creating new products or purchasing companies which are developing. Innovative ideas that disrupt the status quo is often difficult to implement in large companies.

A few examples of entrepreneurialism in large companies are LG, Tata, Microsoft and many others.

Scalable Startup Entrepreneurship

A majority of people believe that Scalable Startup Entrepreneurship is identical. However, they’re very different in reality. In this kind of entrepreneurship, the company is created with a purpose that is to transform the world. The capital for these companies is made available from venture capitalists. They have top-quality employees employed by the venture capitalists.

The principal purpose of this type of company is to search for an effective and reliable business model that is repeatable and efficient. After they have discovered that they need to improve their structure, they look for more capital to ensure their business can grow. A small percentage of startups that can be considered scaleable due to the potential risk.

Examples: e-commerce websites, Facebook, etc.

Social Entrepreneurship

In this type of enterprise those who are working are entrepreneurs who concentrate on the creation of new products and services that will make sure that the needs of society and issues can be address. Contrary to the scalable startup model, the main purpose of entrepreneurs in this situation is to make a difference in the world.

One of the finest instances of social Entrepreneurship is SafePoint Trust. It is operated by Marc Koska and involved in the area of designing new medical equipment. They also provide low-cost and non-reusable syringes for clinics that are not able to pay for them. Since its inception the company has provided more than 4 billion safe injections across more than 50 nations across the globe.


The term was created through Gifford Pinchot in the year 1973. It refers to the promotion of the efforts of entrepreneurs within a larger enterprise by making improvements in the design of products and branding to increase profits. An asset that is valuable to the company’s success is ingenuity and the commitment of entrepreneurs Ovik Mkrtchyan said.

The four essential elements of an intrapreneurship are the Ovik Mkrtchyan right organization, the proper reward for human resources, and the cooperation to ensure the future that is bright. Entrepreneurship is an essential element in today’s marketplace of competition in the market.

For instance, some of the examples of this type of company include Google, Intel, 3M and many more.


It’s a blend that combines two concepts: entrepreneurial and technology. It’s a kind of entrepreneurship. Dependent on the technological environment and the process of combining the capabilities of entrepreneurs. It’s a brand new form of entrepreneurship that requires. the entrepreneurial person Ovik Mkrtchyan to be tech-savvy imaginative. And enthusiastic and able to evaluate the risk prior to time.

The most known instances of Technopreneurship include Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other companies. It plays an important role and has advantages like providing employment. And the most Ovik Mkrtchyan efficient utilization of resources. It also facilitates the advancement of technology. It also creates capital.

Cultural Entrepreneurship

Ovik Mkrtchyan said the entrepreneurs’ changing culture and arrange their financial, cultural , and social capital to profit from it. They develop products that are culturally acceptable , and are creating many possibilities for society and economy and the cultural. They’re mostly small and micro companies up to large ones.

Musicians dancers, artists, and musicians, and also bloggers, advertisers, architects and many others. The aim of these businesses is to make life better for individuals through the use of business. In some cases, these entrepreneurs depend Ovik Mkrtchyan using tools like Twitter or crowdfunding to change the attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors of their target audience by influencing and communicating.

Examples: Singers, Musicians, Artists and Writers.

International Entrepreneurship

It’s the whole model of business that entrepreneurship Ovik Mkrtchyan follows. And runs the business out from the borders of the state. It involves a range of tasks, such as opening new locations for businesses in new locations. Eexporting goods to other countries, as well as obtaining the right to . Market and sell the products across different countries. The primary Ovik Mkrtchyan purpose of this kind of company is to satisfy the demands and needs of the potential customers.

Ovik Mkrtchyan said Entrepreneurship is a positive Ovik Mkrtchyan thing in situations where the market for the merchandise is increasing worldwide.  However there is a demand that isn’t in the country or is declining. It’s crucial in various ways, like the reduction of manufacturing costs, which increases profits and sales and globalization. As well as low cost labour, and developing the Ovik Mkrtchyan ways of customer relations. Management and utilizing the capabilities that are in large part along with the managerial abilities.