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ADT Services

How ADT Services Are Revolutionizing Home Security

When talking about home security, ADT is the best option to go with. They have a long history offering the best in home security systems, touch a long 140 years. This makes them one of the best in the business by a country mile. In this article, we will delve on how ADT home security services are revolutionizing the home security industry with their products and services.

Understanding The Importance Of Home Security

Our homes are our sanctuaries. It is where we come after a long day, where our loved ones are, and where many of our possessions are. Protecting these things is important and using an ADT home security system, this becomes incredibly easy. They come with a slew of sensors, cameras, and smart home technology that combine to form a home security system that has no parallel.

Using ADT Services For Home Security

ADT offers various ways for the user to protect their home. Each service aims to protect your home in its way. These security offerings include:

ADT Burglar Alarms

A combination of door sensors, window sensors, motion detectors, and smart cameras. Any time these components detect any unusual activity, they will trigger an alarm. ADT will immediately call you, confirm whether or not there is trouble, and act accordingly in response.

Smoke And Fire Detection

In order to prevent your home from burning down and any unfortunate loss of life, these two sensors will constantly monitor air quality in your home. As soon as any irregularity is detected, an alarm is sounded indicating the possibility of smoke or a fire.

ADT Video Surveillance

With ADT, you get several camera options to protect your home. You have indoor and outdoor cameras that are available in wired or wireless versions. You also have the ADT doorbell camera that watches over who comes to your front door. These cameras comes with HD video quality, motion detection, night vision, and remote viewing capabilities. If at any time, these cameras pick up on the unusual activity, they immediately send a notification to the home owners device.

24/7 Professional Monitoring

Whether you pick an ADT home security package or life safety package, it comes with 24/7 professional monitoring. This way, it doesn’t matter if your alarm goes off at 3am or 3 pm, ADT will report to help. They start with a call on your provided numbers to confirm If the alarm is legit. If you confirm trouble or don’t answer, a team is sent your way. Along with this, your alarms will go off and your phone get a notification that something is wrong.

Advantages Of Using ADT Services

If you’re wondering what the advantages of ADT services are, there are plenty. We’ve taken the liberty of listing the most important below:

Professional Installation

When you sign up for an ADT security plan, a team of professionals will come by your home to stake out the premises. They will ask you what your expectations are, analyze the property, identify blind spots, and much more. Once all is said and done, trained technicians will come in to install every sensor, camera, and other piece of tech.

Diverse Product Range

Seeing as ADT wants to cater to all types of customers, there are products for everyone. You can pick from a variety of door or window sensors, keypads, control panels, smart cameras, and other smart home tech. This allows you to have a security system that is unique to you.

Homeowner Insurance Discounts

When signing up for homeowner insurance, having an ADT security system shows the insurance company that you’ve taken proactive steps to mitigate damages. In theory, this brings down the chances of an insurance payout. This will translate to a discount in your annual insurance premium. We don’t want to quote any exact figures and it’s best if you speak with your insurance company.

A Sense Of Security

Having one of the best home security systems in the US protecting your home is an unparalleled feeling. Whether your home is empty all day or you go to work and leave the kids behind, having ADT gives you enhanced peace of mind.

Picking An ADT Home Security Plan

If you’re looking to sign up for an ADT home security plan, this table has all the information you will need. These prices are for the standard set of equipment that comes with each package. If you want to add more sensors, cameras, or smart home tech then this price will go up.

ADT Home Security Plan

  • Functionality
  • Plan Price
  • Equipment Rental Fee
  • One-Time Equipment Fee


  •  Intrusion detection
  •  Touch screen panel
  •  Voice control
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Service and repair warranty


Starts at $9.98/mo

$599 at the start


  • All the features of Secure
  • Smart home automation
  • Remote access


  • Starts at $15.32/mo
  • $919 at the start


  • All the features of Smart
  • Live HD video
  • Video clip storage


  • Starts at $17.82/mo
  • $1069 at the start

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