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CompTIA Security+ Certification Online: How To Prepare For The Exam?

Gone are the days when businesses relied on storing the information in their brick-and-mortar archives. Everything from business information to customer data is store in IT system. Database and frameworks are utilize today to store information on the cloud. As technical sound and secure as the systems may seem, there is always a specific risk involve with computers and machines. From getting hacek to a sudden breakdown causing data leaks, these are only the risks that IT systems face daily. 

This is why professionals for IT security are one of the most demanded positions in businesses. From small to large companies, there is a demand for skilled professionals in the cyber security field. CompTIA security+ certification online by CompTIA helps in becoming an IT security professional. This entry-level certification allows professionals from another technical background to enter cyber security. 

Preparation for the exam

Exam preparation is something that one should start early if one is a beginner in the field. It is crucial to check the Comptia released study material which can be access from their site. Also, many organizations and training courses tend to provide study materials as per the industry’s current needs. CompTIA also includes practice tests for the aspirants to check their preparations by taking mock tests. 

It is highly suggest to study from a mix of resources provid by Comptia, various organizations, and authority websites. If needed, one can also join a CompTIA security+ online course or offline course to get added guidance. 

Exam details 

This exam is held every year for aspirant across the globe. The exam is held from around July to August. The application cost is $370, which can vary from country to country based on their used fiat currency. 

The exam length is one hour and 30 minutes, and there will be 90 questions in the exam. The total score is 900, and the usual passing score is 750. 

There is a change in the type of question ask in the Comptia security+ exam these day. Along with the basic MCQs, BBQs are also request. BBQs are performance-base questions that check the practical knowledge of the aspirant in any cybersecurity-related situation. Usually, these questions tend to have partial credit, which means one should try solving as much as possible. One should join a CompTIA security+ online course to know more about the exam pattern. 

Eligibility criteria

This is one of the most wide cyber security certification that are fit for beginner in the field. As per the needed eligibility criteria, this certification requires no background in cyber security. However, one should have experience in IT for at least two years before applying for the exam. Also, many experts recommend having CompTIA network+ certification before applying for the Comptia security+. 

 CompTIA security+ certification online is undoubtedly the most demanded credentials in the field of cyber security and IT. But, it is not an easy exam to appear in. one should do their research, find the best source material and give oneself enough time to study the course to succeed.