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Winners Of The World’s Most Lucky Roulette Spins

Roulette can both reward and irritate even the most experienced players, as any regular at an online casino will attest. The only way to win at the wheel if you don’t use a roulette strategy is to rely only on your own good fortune. So, to show you how it’s done, we’ve rounded up the all-time luckiest roulette players, below. Prepare to be blown away!

Philip Green has been awarded a check for $2 million

Although Sir Philip Green is well-known for stacking up chips in London’s premier casinos, few would expect this millionaire to lead the list of roulette’s highest winners. When Green visited a Mayfair casino in December of one year, he had one of his best seasons ever. Within a few hours, Green had amassed a tidy sum of £2 million, which prompted the casino to issue a profit warning. Following his successful night of gambling at the casino, the billionaire was quoted as stating, “I had an excellent time.” There is a good chance, Philip…

Mike Ashley: £820,000

If Mike Ashley, the multi-billionaire, didn’t already have plenty of wonga in his bank account in 2008, his winnings at a London casino did. In this particular evening, Ashley sat down at the roulette table and grew fond of the number 17. Ashley made a number of ‘full bets,’ each of which had 17 different winning combinations. The sports tycoon walked away with a stunning £820,000 in just fifteen minutes.

166,000 pounds for Chris Boyd

Chris Boyd is a relative unknown compared to the other famous names on this list. Despite this, he still managed to win a whopping £166k in roulette in 1994. To take on Binion’s Horseshoe Casino in Las Vegas, he needed to have $220,000 (£160k) in his wallet, therefore the casino had to raise their $100k bet limit to allow him to play. Fortunately for the casino, Boyd, who had staked all of his money on red, would walk away with two times his original investment. With all of his winnings, the roulette master has yet to place a single bet.

Ashely Revell – $153,680

Revell’s local tavern is the setting for this story’s first chapter. He told his fellow hopheads that he was willing to risk their life savings on a single spin of the roulette wheel in order to prove his mettle in the gambling world. So far, so insane – and yet that’s exactly what he did!!’ This daring roulette player was all set to face the Plaza Hotel & Casino after totaling up his winnings from the challenge. He placed an even-money wager on “Red,” and the ball dropped on the number 7, which netted him $1534,000. What a waste: he could have just gone home with a headache and a takeout!

Sean Connery – 20,000 pounds

Like 007, you may recognize him, but back in 1963, he was better recognized for a different number. Connery, like Mike Ashley, had a fondness for the number 17. In Italy’s Casino de la Vallée, the James Bond actor placed five wagers on this arbitrary number while playing roulette. The third, fourth, and fifth spins he made all hit 17! With a total of 50,000/1 odds, the Hollywood star’s luck was out of this world. After this one, even the cool-headed Connery had to crack a smile.

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