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The new PUBG competitor, is available for free on Steam for the PC

The new PUBG competitor, is available for free on Steam for the PC

The new PUBG Competitor battle royale beta version is now available on Steam, and it’s completely free.

As if nothing could surprise you anymore! As we approached the Battle Royale horizon, it looked as if we’d kissed the sun. Apex Legends, Fortnite, Warzone, and PUBG all took first place. With the sound of a cartoon klaxon, a Korean BR from Wonder People, Super People, arrives and is completely out of breath. To put it another way, Super People is a brilliant amalgamation of all the Battle Royale games you’ve played before.

PUBG’s fluid

Add PUBG’s fluid movement and gunplay to H1Z1’s absurdity, slap on some Warzone weapons and running animations, and tape on some Apex Legends skills and abilities to the characters. Add some Fortnite and PUBG cosmetic options. And you’ve got something that matches the utter chaos of Super People. If I’m being honest, I’m a little taken aback by the results of this mechanical theft.

Super People

I first heard about Super People in one of those shocking YouTube videos asking, “Is This The NEXT Big Battle Royale?” and went on to play a lot of the closed beta games. A loud “no” is the most common response. Sadly, the Battle Royale era is drawing to a close as the Big Four suffocate it. I wish I could say beyond about Super People. Super People is ridiculous and oddly refined, so there is no room for another BR. However, there is a chance that one of the oldies will be dethroned.

Battle Royale’s

Regarding the game PUBG. Battle Royale’s clumsy great-grandfather. If you’ve been around for a while, you’ve probably seen the janky match sitting in a corner whining about the good old days. Despite their shaky hands and doubtful opinions, more than 100,000 people continue to sit and listen to what PUBG has to say.

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System and PC requirements for superhero games.

A free-to-play version of the game will be made available to all players in 2022. The aged gentleman stands head and shoulders above the rest even amongst its competitors. PUBG is a game that will never go out of style, one who has served time in the military. Even though it is beginning to show its age, its movement and gunplay are unmatched. All of these pieces are taken apart and reassembled in a new way by Super People.


You can run at 30 mph and lunge from rooftop to rooftop, or you can teleport behind your enemies and shoot them from behind. A massive bunnyhopping jeep can be seen in the distance. This is a game where you can use an Ak-47 and an M1 Garand in the same round, despite the fact that neither of those weapons has any real-world application. The crafting process is simple and straightforward. Gear, crafting materials, and the loot table are plentiful and lucrative in this game.

Super People

Depending on the number of players are in the game, the ring changes so that you don’t have to spend fifteen minutes looking for someone to shoot at. The graphics are simple, the gameplay is fluid, and the gunplay is precise. For large portions of the gameplay cycle, Super People feels exactly like I’m playing PUBG, which is not a bad thing. People get a lot of things right. The concept of “Super People” is new to me, despite the fact that I’ve seen it before.

Battle Royale

For me, the only other Battle Royale I can think of that had the same ‘freshness’ while still adhering to the concept everyone is familiar with was Ring of Elysium. But this is exactly what happens to BRs when Elysium is forgotten. Finally, they’ve made it to their destination. They’re popular with the likes of Twitch streamers and YouTubers. They wilt and wither away. Large BRs are packed full of content, making it hard for smaller games to compete.


Even if they didn’t do much, Super People were able to make themselves stand out. While PUBG is still popular, many in the community believe it is on its way out and refer to SP as the new PUBG. Experienced gamers will jump right in and enjoy the unique power-ups, skills, and bunnyhopping vehicles.

There will be challenges with a variety of playable characters and a super-jeep that jumped over and blasted players out of the window. Amidst the chaos, I’m going to enjoy the anticipation for a new game while we all wait to see what will happen next.