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Why does Data Get Corrupted and How to Prevent It?

Every piece of electronic data on your system is referred to as a file. It has a specific structure and content, depending on what form of file it is. It usually works when the correct information is in the correct part of the file. However, if the incorrect information is written to a file, or if the correct information is written in the incorrect location, the data might get corrupted, resulting in various errors such as QuickBooks error 6143, PayPal error 10002, etc. 

Data damage does not just occur because of faulty computer functioning. An error message indicating file corruption can occasionally suggest problems with your actual device. A poor physical sector error, which indicates that the hard disc has been physically destroyed, is the most prevalent of these. Both individual applications and your operating system can develop corrupted files, which can prohibit any files that rely on these key programmes from working properly.

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How to Prevent Data Files from Being Corrupted?

Attempt to resolve system and application issues early on; otherwise, they will never be resolved and will cause problems for the system and application. En özel ve seksi kadınlardan İstanbul Kadın Escort Angel | İstanbul Escort Bayan sizlerle burada bulusuyor. Many troubleshooting techniques are available in the operating system on which your programme is running, and they might be useful in resolving system or application issues.

  • Proper device care is the first step in preventing file corruption. Allowing your devices to get too hot or too cold might cause physical damage to their hardware. If you’re using a hard disc drive (HDD) instead of a solid-state drive (SSD), don’t shake it too much because it can harm it. Utilise a surge-protected outlet or power strip to safeguard your equipment from electrical surges.

  • You should install antivirus software and some anti-malware to secure the data if you regularly download or process file transfers. This may seem self-evident, but it’s especially crucial when it comes to the security of your files and data. You should also take care of your gadget in your day-to-day use. To begin, make regular backups of your files. Regular file backups are an excellent approach to keep your data updated and relevant to your current projects. Check read our article on incremental and differential backups for more information on how to keep your backups up to date.

  • Passwords, data encryption, and physical security can all be used to secure any file, document, or application data.  Before someone starts your computer, you can keep Power On Password on it. Passwords can be used to secure any hardware or program.

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Methods to Recover Corrupted Files on Windows to fix QuickBooks error 6143

There are a variety of ways to restore corrupted files because Windows and other apps recognize that apps and PCs can fail at any time. Let’s look at the different ways to recover your corrupted data:- 

Solution 1- Copy the File using Original Source

Copying corrupt files from their source is the simplest technique to recover them. Most non-system files on your PC are normally received from an external source and can be re-obtained. If the faulty file you’re trying to use is a setup file for a programme you wish to install, for example, go to the utility’s website and redownload the setup file. If you received a file that has gone corrupt, such as an mp4 movie, you might ask your friend to send it to you again.

Solution 2- Make Changes in Your File Format

If you can’t open a Word document, you can convert it to a PDF. If your corrupted file is a PNG image, changing it to JPG may help you restore it. There are a few options for changing the file format. For example, when you search for “convert (file format) to (a different file format)” on the internet. You’ll usually get a list of web-based programs that can convert the file format online. En özel ve seksi kadınlardan Ataköy Otele Giden Rus Escort Suzana | İstanbul Escort Bayan sizlerle burada bulusuyor. Some file types can also be converted using the tools already installed on your computer, as long as you can open the file. When a Word document gets corrupt, some of the text may not appear, but the document will still open.

Solution 3- Use Previous Versions 

Previous versions are duplicates of files created by Windows as part of a backup or restoration point. Earlier versions are also known as shadow copies, and they’re made automatically by the Windows operating system, so you wouldn’t have needed to do anything ahead of time.. If you have a corrupted file, you can usually restore it to a prior version or shadow point by right-clicking on it. This will allow you to recover a file if it becomes corrupt.

Solution 4- Use Auto recover Built-in App

Many recent applications now include built-in data protection to defend against app and computer breakdowns. Microsoft Office is an excellent example of software that provides excellent data security. We may look at how to recover a corrupted file using Word because most of us use Microsoft Office. You generally won’t need to worry about this if you use Microsoft OneDrive or Google Docs because your data is continually kept in the cloud. However, you may not be able to store your data in the cloud owing to privacy issues. Or you may have other reasons for not doing so, depending on what you’re working on. I’ll walk you through how to recover a file from Microsoft Word in the stages below, but these techniques should work for most other Microsoft Office products as well.


So now we hope you know how you can recover your corrupted data. We discussed multiple reasons that can lead to it and what you should do to fix it. These solutions can also help you fix QuickBooks Error 6143, PayPal error 10002, etc. If you still have any doubts left, reach out to an expert at +1-(855)-955-1942, and they will guide you on how to fix it.