Top 10 Instagram Apps & Plugins for Shopify

Top 10 Instagram Apps & Plugins for Shopify

Instagram is the place to be for brands, whether you are looking for Influencer Marketing or global reach for your products.

Instagram has over 800 million active monthly users. This community is a level playing field for brands looking to increase user engagement, acquire new followers, and market their products.

According to Statista, Instagram is the most popular social network today.

It is therefore crucial for brands to efficiently market their products on one of today’s most popular and engaging platforms.

Brands can increase their customer engagement and product sales via Instagram by using hashtags, contests and giveaways.

There are many apps available on Shopify for Instagram. We’ve compiled a list of the best 10 Shopify apps you should install.

These are the top ten Instagram apps that Shopify can integrate with.

#1 Social Media Stream

Shopify Store Rating (340 Review)

Social Media Stream is the best way to stream Instagram content on your website, as its name implies.

What it does for the brand’s online shop?

Social Media Stream allows users stream content directly from the brand’s Instagram account. These features can be used on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook.


According to Sprout Social 7 of 10 Instagram hashtags have a branded name.

Social Media Stream’s emphasis on hashtag content and user engagement activities via their platform can help increase brand engagement and gain followers.

Shopify customers can use this app to stream media on their website.

#2 Idukki

Idukki is the best way to promote your brand’s content on your Instagram Page

What it does for the brand’s online shop?

Idukki is one of the easiest and most effective Instagram plugins available for Shopify stores. It allows users to integrate Instagram posts creatively, customize them, and share them with their audiences.


Idukki is easy to use because. This plugin allows Shopify users to easily integrate their Instagram feed with their online shop.

They can also customize the size and layout of the insta feed using scroll or grid formatting.

#3 Showcase

Showcase is the best app for creating shoppable Instagram galleries

What does it do for the brand’s online shop?

HootSuite reports that 70% of mobile users are more likely than others to make purchases via their smartphones.

Imagine your customers learning more about you and engaging with your brand through images of products they can purchase.


Showcase’s Shop-Now feature on Instagram posts is an excellent CTA to get insta users to a brand’s Shopify store.

They can also tag products in photos and help customers to identify future potential purchases.

This is a great way to increase sales through visuals and URL integration within Instagram posts.

#4 Gleam

Shopify Store Rating (52 Review)

Gleam is the best app for running Instagram contests.

What does it do for the brand’s online shop?

Gleam’s widget allows brands to run end-to-end Instagram campaigns that encourage community engagement and user rewards.


Gleam offers seamless mobile experiences for brands. Their widget is available in 25 languages, and it even flags suspicious content.

Overall, it’s a great way to increase user engagement, run giveaways, and increase a brand’s social presence. It also helps you gain loyal customers. The perfect app to increase a brand’s presence on social media.

App #5 Snapppt

Shopify Store Rating (621 Review)

Snapppt is a great app for creating Instagram posts that are shoppable.

What does it do for the brand’s online shop?

Snapppt allows brands to create Instagram posts that are shoppable. Snapppt for Instagram is great for measuring user insights and turning each image into a subtle selling pitch.


Snapppt is easy to embed on any website. This allows brands to increase conversion rates.

Brands can track customer insights using shoppable Instagram photos and tailor their store to suit the user’s needs based on real time analysis.

#6 Smile IO

Shopify Store Ratings: (2994 Review)

Smile is the best way to engage consumers via VIP, loyalty points and referral programs

What does it do for the brand’s online shop?

Smile IO is a clear winner. It helps brands to focus on customer engagement via rewards programs. This app is great for increasing revenue, repeat-purchases, and other purposes.

This is illustrated by the example of how SmileIO helped Inkbox increase repeat sales by 80%.


Brands can empower their customers to market user-generated content via referrals and social sharing. Brands can reward loyal customers through the seamless app with VIP rewards, loyalty points, and schemes.

Targeted engagements are a feature that improves customer experience and helps to increase sales.

Brands can also expand their user base by encouraging customers to share referrals with friends.

#7 Show

Shopify Store Ratings: (75 Reviews).

Instashow is the best way to display Instagram images in your shopify store.

What does it do for the brand’s online shop?

Instashow allows you to showcase any Instagram photos on your website.

Instashow allows you to choose from any combination of public usernames and hashtags, locations, or photo URLs that will display your Instagram feed in Shopify. Create great content to attract customers.


Instant Show allows for a simple setup using a remarkable live code generator that is mobile-friendly, retina ready and quick.

It supports 21 languages for designing and displaying insta feeds.

#8 FourSixty

Shopify Store Ratings: (114 Reviews).

The best for: Useful instagram plugins, including scheduling, curating and analytics.

What does it do for the brand’s online shop?

FourSixty API can be embedded in shoppable Instagram galleries. It’s a great way to promote #UGC online stores via email newsletters, product pages and cart pages, collections pages, ad campaign, blog, and many other ways.


FourSixty’s best feature is the conversion of User Generated Content (UGC), into an Instagram shoppable post.

It allows users to “Add to Cart” directly from an Instagram photo of a brand and also gives them digital rights to #UGC.

It’s a great idea to connect customers and make them your real marketers.

#9 AI-Driven E-Commerce Marketing  by

This app is best for acquiring new customers through Google, Facebook, Amazon, Instagram and more.

How it makes a difference to the brand’s online store?

Paid marketing is complex, there are various channels to choose from and launching ads through AdWords and Facebook business manager can get overwhelming.

Not to mention the various parameters you need to be aware of like:

  • Who do you target? What time should you advertise?
  • How much do you bid? What budget should you start with?
  • What should your ad copy say? How should your ad creatives look like?

To make this easier, has launched an app on Shopify which helps you advertise without worrying about any of the above parameters.

All of these are taken care by their AI and Machine Learning algorithms, basically you it allows you to focus on your business while the app takes care of the rest.

Just recently Google awarded as the best platform for Google Shopping in the world!


Cross-Channel Marketing: Capture relevant customers regardless of the channel they are on.

Powerful Campaign Management: Launch, optimize and monitor your ad campaigns from a unified interface.

Smarter & Actionable Analytics: Get the true power of AI-Driven Analytics with real-time insights stacked up against your marketing goals.

Grow with Artificial Intelligence: Data without intelligence is history. Stay ahead of the competition with the power of AI.

Dream Ad Creative Suite: Pack a punch with your ad creatives and build custom templates for scale with our Creative Suite

3X Higher Productivity: Features built to effectively increase your team’s productivity.

#10 SocialShopWave

This app is best for improving your social sharing and driving new customers to your Shopify store.

How it makes a difference to the brand’s online store?

Usually your shopify store is filled with individual apps to do the following:

  • Social Login
  • Wishlist app
  • Social Reviews
  • Social Sharing
  • Community Feed
  • Automated Emails
  • Notifications
  • & more

You no longer need to download several apps to do these things. SocialShopWave does all of this and more.

This unified approach helps you to see a more holistic picture of what’s working for your store and fix what’s not.


SocialShopWave has a plethora of features designed to help you in these areas:

1. Drive more traffic

SocialShopWave is a complete app for driving social shares and new traffic to your site. Increase social and email shares using 12 unique ways: starting from sharing products, wishlists, and ending with sharing 5-star reviews.

2. Earn your customers trust and sell more

If visitors don’t trust your website, there will be no sale. This all helps increase your visitors trust and increase conversions by displaying verified reviews, showcasing real customers’ Instagram photos, showing how many people love and save items to their wishlists.

3. Accelerate your business growth

Take care of each your visitor by providing convenient and personalized shopping experience: starting by how they sign-up, save favorite items and ending with personalized offers and emails.


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