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Packaging insert

The Pleasure of Packaging Inserts

There’s nothing as satisfying as receiving mail, not the bill and catalogs from supermarkets.

We’re talking about the brown paper boxes tied with ribbons or boxes packed with a butter paper and packaging inserts. If it’s a surprise gift, you’ll always feel good when you realize that it’s meant for you.

If you’re in the business of shipping these kinds of packages, you’ll want to focus on making the little experience as memorable and lasting as you can. With the advent of shopping online, the moment of unboxing is now a memorable and possibly emotionally charged experience for customers across the globe. With the delivery cost already paid for, why not add an extra element to provide a lot of joy?

Small Piece of Notes

Today, everyone is happy with receiving emails. So why not take your formalities off the table by sending a personalized thankyou note inside the box?

Adam from furniture manufacturer “Hickorycraft” have gone above and beyond, “we send postcards with thank you notes and promotional offers to each customer.” This is personal touch customers appreciate.

There are many customers, which means that notes written by hand aren’t always feasible.

However, it’s not a reason to avoid creating an attractive notecard that is a bit personal. This is a suggestion: Imagine the note you’re sending to your favorite friend when you take the time to write you thankyou note.

Why not make personalization a whole new level by sending your customers an incentive to reward them for showing their loyalty? If you track their purchases history, you can personalize the message specifically for the individual. For example, your first customer may receive loyalty cards to show appreciation for your affection for him/her. Perhaps, you could offer a discount of 10% for the 10th time someone buys from you?

Product Packaging

What Are The Benefits Of Using Custom Packaging Boxes And Foam Inserts?


One of the best ways to show your customer what you’re about is to offer them the chance to view the products you offer in person. The online retailer for menswear, Mr. Porter, welcomes new customers by sending a welcome card and a beautiful pocket square with an embroidered design. It’s a surprising delight and is in line with their position as the only stop for modern-day gentlemen.

A more practical way to give a gift would be to include a unique postcard with every purchase, something customers to keep to themselves or give to another person. Suppose you were an agent for real estate in a particular area.

In that case, you could include famous images of the location. A photographer could include different photographic styles, or even a writer could feature various written phrases in each postcard.

Through printing technology, you can print up to five different designs per pack so that your customers don’t have to buy the same layout more than once.

If you’re in a situation to give an item for free, how would you invite someone to an event? A candle maker Diptyque sends out personalized, exquisitely designed invitations for in-store occasions to taste new products and enjoy a little relaxation.

Custom packaging insert


This is a beautiful method to thank loyal customers and encourage new ones to keep in touch to be notified of exceptional future opportunities. Let’s get social…

  1. Include some social fun in the package, encouraging your customers to share their purchases on Social Media. This is a great way to gain popularity on social media platforms and help you earn more new customers when people see the posts shared by your recent customers.
  2. Put a few business cards printed with a hashtag in the product packaging. The hashtag can be a brand name, for example, #BRANDNAME.
  3. Relax and enjoy watching your social networks be flooded with comments!

If you’d prefer traditional social media methods. One thing we suggest is adding something that can help generate lots of word-of-mouth. One such thing is a “refer a friend” card. You hand out these cards to your customers to give to their family or friends. You can create a unique number to monitor the success of these cards. And print on small or business cards that are square like those that Lauren Messiah uses. Lauren Messiah makes these cards small enough for customers to carry easily.

The luxury skincare company, Healthy Solutions, finishes off every tissue-wrapped item with a sticker to offer her customers a fully-branded packaging insert that’s as luxurious as the products.

Last but not least, why not enjoy some fun and have fun? We’ll add the word ‘YAY’ to every package we mail out. Offerings and freebies are always welcome; however, don’t forget to consider the ability to make someone smile.

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