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web design in Dubai

The Biggest Web Design Trends to Follow in the Upcoming Year of 2022

Web design is a robust field, one which changes every year. Keeping up with the latest trends of web designing is of great importance for every web design company in Dubai. Implementing these trends can give the business an edge over competitors. Few web design trends are expected to make a huge impact in the world of internet branding and promotion in 2022.

Over the years, exciting developments have taken place in the field of web design and development. Similarly, the upcoming year of 2022 is also expected to bring in several trends that will change the face of web design around the world.

Some of the notable trends that web designers in Dubai need to keep an eye on are as follows:

One Page Websites

The growing age of minimalism has caught up with virtual platforms such as business websites. Today, the most favoured websites are the ones that are easy to access. The increasing popularity of one-page websites continues to grow as the year turns 2022.

One page websites are best suited for a strong presence of a narrowed portfolio or a single idea. Oftentimes, these websites present a feeling of reading a poster or going through a flyer.

Cutting down on unnecessary web pages can reduce the complexities of accessing a website. This can help to capture the attention of viewers.

Oversized Typography

Using fonts of differing and unusual sizes is one of the new web design trends that helps the website to look fresh and full of bold designs. Experimenting and pairing certain sizes with different fonts can bring out a graphic look that will appeal to the audience.

This technique is extremely versatile and creative enough to capture the attention of potential clients with the power of both minimalism and maximalism. Oversized typography is expected to be a popular part of changes in web design in Dubai.

Interactive Scavenger Hunts

Modern-day websites can make great use of puzzles to make the user’s experience more interactive and fun. By letting the visitor give answers or doing a simple task to go to the next page, you are giving them a feeling of belongingness as well as intrigue.

Web designers in Dubai are creative enough to create subtle prompts and games to enthral the viewers. Some examples of simple tasks and puzzles are as follows:

  • Drawing a shape
  • Provide an answer to a simple riddle
  • Finding a concealed element

Keep in mind that it is important to give your audience some form of hints to ensure that everyone sticks till the end. These puzzles can be a great way to reveal upcoming products or a promotional video. Pieces of information can also be revealed this way. Dubai web design can take inspiration from Google Doodles and create holiday-themed puzzles when required.

Making Sites Vibrant by Including Photos of Places

COVID 19 made everyone stay inside their homes for a substantial amount of time. This has made many people miss travelling. For this reason, websites that include a lot of photographs of things like towns and cities attract more and more people.

Pitching a product or service on the internet can seem an isolated attempt. However, adding a photograph of a local delight or a tourist attraction along with a caption can spark a real-world connection. By building this connection between the consumer and the product, you can get potential clients to opt for you.

Using Abstract Illustrations to Intrigue Viewers

Continuing with the theme of minimalism, abstract illustrations are great to garner viewer interest. Illustrations done manually by the human hand have a certain charm of their own, which is becoming more popular these days. Although clean and cute designs have been dominant for some years, the trend is likely to change in 2022.

Abstract illusions by hand can be created with traditional ink and paper which can then be scanned or recreated on illustration software. The important factor is to incorporate the various factors in an organic way that is appealing to the eye. As a web design company in Dubai, it makes sense to hire professional illustrators that can help make the client’s website more catchy.


Glassmorphism is one of the latest trends that has caught the eyes of several web designers around the world. It is a culmination of blur and transparency that can make the page feel like a glass. This technique can be used in certain sections as well as entire sections of the web page.

The important thing to remember is to mesh the concepts of diffusion, reflection and shadow together. Doing so will give it a feel of optical illusions.

Designs that are Gender-Neutral

One of the more standard approaches to web design is designs that are gender-neutral. The first step to making your website gender inclusive is to weed out unnecessary gender details. Details such as pink coloured web pages for beauty products and black-fire themed camping products that show only men. It might take some time to get used to gender-neutral web pages, but once done, it will present a good brand name.

Another step that companies can choose to take is to use gender-neutral pronouns to promote inclusivity.

Prioritization of Page Speed

This is one of the technical sides of the trends that will become important in 2022. The 2021 Google Algorithm has made the speed of the web page more important for SEO than ever. A speedy web page is also more preferred than a slow one. It was found that more than 50% of users will leave a page if the waiting time exceeds more than 3 seconds.

Tools such as Lighthouse and Google’s PageSpeed Insights are useful to understand your page’s speed optimization. Limiting the number of fonts used can help to improve the speed of web pages. Web design in Dubai can also be based on platforms that don’t rely too much on plug-ins.


Web design continues to grow and become a blend of modern vibrancy and retro nostalgia. Understanding and implementing these trends can evolve Dubai web design into a more competitive state.