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Importance Of Industrial Touch Screen Monitor and Uses

We are a manufacturer and designer of customized touchscreen monitor. Now we offer a variety of tested arrangements that can be adapted to your needs in the areas of technology and industry. We have successfully passed many industry-specific standards and tests. This allows you to save money and gives you an advantage in ever-changing industries. You can have confidence in a skilled professional.


One of our greatest accomplishments is optic holding. We are experts in OCA and LOCA wet holding. This is all done at incredibly low prices. We offer optical sharpness fortified complete frames. 24 Touchscreen Monitor Industrial are optically enhanced in extremely attractive circumstances. Be persuasive.


Based on different developments, materials and advances, we can perform individual touch evaluations. The sensor’s touch level can be adjusted if necessary to optimize efficiency and cost-effectiveness. We are a professionally trained contact screen producer and can provide reliable and well-equipped support.

Protection Filter

Contact frames must have security insurance and information security. Security-ensuring contact frames are even more important with the increased use of touch screens. Protective channels make contact screens ideal for banks, government institutions, pharmacies, and other places that require them.


To ensure a quick and reliable integration of your framework, we measure and punch practical fixing frames. Our incredible fixing capabilities can reach IP69K, which allows us to achieve an excellent savings ratio. Proven materials and robot-based cycles ensure stability and reliability.

Hosting Hostile for REFLECTIVE COATING

We can provide the best completing options to optical enemies of intelligent coated. Now offer complete arrangements for reflective contact frames. We offer a variety of designs including false AR with intelligent coatings such as AG coatings for scratching systems or heated shower curtains. Specifically designed to meet your requirements to ensure shine, scratch resistance, and durability.


EMC protection doesn’t have to be costly. We are happy to offer practical solutions to your problem, based on the details of the applicable normal. We have many completed projects and can offer standard solutions for you. Our distribution center can provide you with uncommon protection materials.


As a manufacturer of touch screens, we offer a fully coordinated sunlight-readable touchscreen monitor with PET polyester. This monitor can adapt the 19 inch industrial touch screen monitor to various optical conditions. We can provide the perfect solution for your optical needs. Open and indoor applications are eskort atasehir available for the latest ideas and innovations.


Sunscreen offers the best protection against heat. Infrared channels protect your display against overheating and premature failure. We can provide IR insurance channels by overlaying PET film, or as temperatures-instable IR security glass with long durability and low heat input.


The most crucial aspect of rapid maturation is forcible UV light. Selecting channels or surfaces that are resistant is important to ensure high clarity and reliability. Below are examples of open-air testing.

Glass Covered

The touchscreens appear to be transparent if there is only one layer of optical hold. We like glass that has sway resistance greater than IK10+. Glass that is well covered is good for us. Glass covers are great for protecting glass parts that are breaking or to reduce the risk.

Touch Screen with Personalization

We offer a variety of contact screens for PCAP, from sizes 7″ to large. Our highly durable IK10 contact screen is available for high-end opposition requests. Modern, high-end PCAP contact at an attractive price.

Custom Industrial Monitor

Discover the almost limitless possibilities for designing your modern screen.


  1. Beautiful tones
  2. Excellent materials
  3. Alluring glasses
  4. Imaginative hardware

You don’t have to limit your ideas and plans.


We wanted to create innovative screens that could be used in the future of medical technology.

  1. Innovative strategy
  2. Remarkable picture quality
  3. Amazingly wise
  4. Amazing value execution proportion
  5. The screening stage can be modified quickly and is secure.
  6. Every modern screen is rigorously tested and certified to be top-of-the-line. It handles the design and production.

Alternate TOUCH SCREEN Monitor

Interelectronic has its headquarters in Canada and Munich, with highly qualified professionals and architects.

You have the option to rely on secure technologies such as an expert improvement group for touchscreens. We can alter the result to meet your requirements.

Modern Monitor

We have developed and distributed touch screen innovations over the past 20 years. From a small part of a contact-screen framework, we have developed outstanding item and cycle capabilities.

Custom Touch Panel

  • Drop-in Replacement, an New Design Type, or Custom-Made Project
  • Type Touch Panel: Resistive or Capacitive
  • Graphics: Digital/Analog
  • Quantity
  • Price Target (If Available)
  • Shipping Information (FOB US or FCA: Hong Kong)
  • Additional Instructions (If Available)

These are Important for the CAPACITIVE TOUCH Monitor:

  • Touch Type (Single point, Touch Key Multitouch, Two Point Glove, Salt, and Water the Water)
  • Handwriting support (Yes/No), as well as drilling holes (Yes/No).
  • Preference controller (if possible)
  • Dimensions of the Touch Panel (Active Size Outside Dimension Covered and Thickness Of The Touch Panel)
  • Dimensions for LCD (Active Area and Viewing Area)
  • Connector (B2B, FPC) and Interface Type
  • Drop Test Condition (0.5m or 1m 3H/none) 8) Surface Hardness ->2H >3H and >7H
  • Surface treatment requirement: AG(Antiglare), AR(Anti-reflection), AF(Anti-fingerprint), AS(Anti-shuttering)
  • LCD Bonding to LCD Bonding To LCD: Air Bonding or Optic?
  • Material and thickness for the cover glass (Tempered Gorilla, Dragtrail plastic)

We need as much information as possible. If you have any questions regarding the information, you can contact us.

Contact us if you have any questions about the touch panels or are unsure of any details. We are available to help you from conception to manufacturing.

Touch Screen Solutions & Protective Shield Integration

Touchscreen systems, touch screens, customized industrial PCs, and touchscreen systems are essential tools for gathering information in many industries, including healthcare, hospitality, higher education, and retail. baobao has specialists who specialize in shield and touch screen integration. We have over 35 years of experience and can help you choose the right technology and devices to meet your needs.

Using LCDs with Branded or Unbranded Components

Customize touch screen solutions to meet your needs.

  • Protection with the integration of shields
  • Expert installation, calibration, and services.
  • We offer 24/7 online support and on-site maintenance via our baobao service

To ensure we have access to the latest touch screen technology, we also maintain close relationships with the original equipment manufacturer. Baobao can provide you with a wealth of resources including U.S. and Europe-integrated facilities, Clean Rooms of Class 10,000, and expertise in drivers and firmware to ensure compatibility with other applications.