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Why Do You Need To Understand Various Programming Languages

Why Do You Need To Understand Various Programming Languages?

In a technology-driven world, programming languages are the biggest asset for dealing with certain software problems. From mobile phones to smartwatches, TVs, clocks etc., everywhere you can find the latest technologies.

If you are a programmer or software developer, knowing more than one programming language can be beneficial. There are over 500 programming languages that help to keep up with the continuous development. Additionally, with worldwide popularity,  it can escalate your career and income.

Are you still wondering whether learning multiple programming languages is required or not? Experts of the assignment writing services have jolted down this guide to help you know the five reasons “why you need to understand various programming languages”?

Why Do You Need To Understand Various Programming Languages?

  • More Skills to Complete or Solve A Problem

Just as a doctor expertizes in certain areas like cardiology, neurology etc., to treat patients, programmers also need different languages to get different jobs done. There are various software platforms and each needs its specific features and tools. Programmers need to learn what tools are required to build an application or solve a problem.

In short, the more tools you’ll have in knowledge, the faster you can solve a task. Therefore, by knowing multiple programming languages, you can expand your software development skill.

For example, you need to learn Java for Android app development, whereas game developers require C++ and C# to program video games.

  • Boost Career Opportunities

Due to rapid innovations, the demand for programmers is growing day by day. There are currently a total of 26.9 million software developers in the world in different programming fields.

So, if you understand various programming languages, you’ll be in more demand and more job offers will come to you. Consequently, you can potentially earn more income as a programmer. Even the employers also pay that programmers more who knows more than one language.

For example, the average salary of a front-end software developer in the US is $105,117.

Facebook is a great example that uses several languages for its various services. For instance, PHP and JavaScript are used for the front-end, whereas C++ and Python are for back-end services, Erlang is for chat etc.

  • Easy to Learn

Not necessarily you need to learn all programming languages. Some of them can be easy and some can actually be easy. Initially, you may get yourself into a steep learning curve while learning the second language because each has a different syntax. But gradually, you can start learning them and progress quickly.

You can start with the basics like C, C++, Java etc. Once you become experts on these, move forward towards more advanced programming languages like Python, Ruby, PHP, SQL etc.

  • Become a Versatile Programmer

Programming languages have wider applications in the software industry. Such as Python can be used for data analytics, Java is for Android development etc. Therefore, knowing different languages helps you to understand market demand.

Moreover, a good programmer not only knows about programming but also knows how to use correct codes to solve a problem. Since every program has a unique programming structure, it will help to widen your thought process. In this way, you can become a coding expert.

  • Select Your Employers

Another reason you should learn various programming languages is you’ll have multiple career paths. In short, you can pick and select your own employers. You will no longer be limited when it comes to choosing a career as a programmer or developer.

Whether you’re a junior developer or an experienced one, you can find your place in the programming field. Additionally, if you want, you can work as an independent contractor also with companies.

So, you now understand different problems require different tools to solve. Computer languages enhance your decision-making and problem-solving skills. Furthermore, being versatile will always keep you updated on the industry trends. With multiple programming languages, maybe, you can open your own company or build a website.

Many of you may find learning programming languages challenging, but keep in mind that there is no gain without suffering. Learning to code can help you land a lucrative and well-paid job as a test automation engineer with a multinational firm like Google or Amazon.

To summarise, if you wish to live in today’s digital environment, you must remember T J Maher’s words: ‘Once you’ve been recruited as a test engineer, don’t stop practicing coding. ‘Learning is a never-ending adventure.

Deepak is working as a digital marketer at Tech Behind It and has years of experience in this particular field. In my free time, loves to write articles on the latest technologies like Drupal, web design and development, WordPress design and development, etc.