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how to register a flat in Kottayam
Europe modern complex of residential buildings. And outdoor facilities.

How to Register a Flat in Kottayam

Are you planning to settle down in Kottayam District?  we will guide you on the details and procedures to follow on how to register a flat in Kottayam District.

Follow the guidelines

Search for Property

Search for a property according to your requirement. You can contact various brokers and builders who can provide you with multiple options at various locations in Kottayam at different price ranges. Try to select a Locality that is accessible for everything and especially for transportation to schools, Hospitals, supermarkets etc. And follow how to register a flat in Kottayam procedures systematically.

Getting a Legal Opinion

Before choosing any property try to understand all legal terms and policies behind that. Try to contact well experienced legal advocates or brokers in this field. Make a clear understanding of every factor related to the property and its procuring Samsun Escort procedures.

Getting a certificate of Encumbrance

An encumbrance certificate is an official document that shows the property’s authenticity If any loans or debts are around this property.  Sub-Registrar’s office will stamp and verify this document..  It is important to get an encumbrance certificate for the last 30 years from the seller before you sign any agreement. 

Observe the revenue records

When a property is transferred from one person to another, it is recorded in revenue records. These records are in the form of mutation details of the property and are used for tax payments. It would not point to the legal proof of your property, it’s just a record. You should submit all the essential information by writing on paper, stamped with non-judicial documents, and submit to Tahsildar at your locality.


An agreement is an official contract document between the buyer and seller in the presence of a witness. Buyers and sellers need to obey the rules specified by government law. The terms and conditions consist of the value of your property, period of documentation,  the terms and conditions for the encumbrance certificate, the advance payment, all the documents, etc. If you buy a furnished house and property, it should include all the details about the furniture inside the house, and all forms of other property inside your land.

Agreement Registration

The sale of your property should be registered with an agreement. This can be done at the respective Sub-Registrar’s office. After submitting this record is kept in the Sub-Registrars office. This is for subsequent buyers who would get the legal agreement to confirm the legal formalities behind the property. For the part of registration, it is mandatory to sign an agreement by submitting some nominal fees of registration and stamp duty.

Purchase Stamp paper in the name of buyers 

Purchase the stamp paper in the buyer’s name from the Stamp paper vendor.  All the stamp paper values vary according to the purchase price of your property. You can get the details of stamp duty by contacting the Registrar’s office or from the Kerala Registration Department’s gov website

Actual value of land

The actual value of the property decides the stamp duty.  It is mandatory not to keep the sale value of property lower than the fair value kept by the government. The present fair value chart used in Kerala is of 2010. The Government Stamp Act revision will update this chart’s current charges. 

Get the sale deed

Get the Sale Deed documents from any Document writer. By suggesting that your property is free from all forms of the defect and would not create any future problems related to the property

Registration of Land

Register your land in the sub registrar’s office and make sure you do it within the time frame. It is advisable to complete the registration process within the Agreement period between the buyer and the seller. 2 % of the value of land will be charged as registration fees. This 2% of the value is identical irrespective of location.

Essential documents required for  registration 

  • Real Title Deed.
  • Certificate of Encumbrance.
  • Certificate of Possession.
  • Previous Deeds.
  • Receipts related to payment of taxes and land.
  • Witness while registering
  • Photos of buyer and seller in passport format.
  • Any identification card which would identify buyer and seller.

Make sure property title changed

Submit your application and all the relevant documents required to approve and change the title. You should have this certificate with you.

Pay taxes and get its receipt

Pay all the tax regarding your property in your locality office.

Thus, these are essential procedures and Details required on how to register a flat in Kottayam.