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house furniture NZ

What Is The Right Time To Replace House Furniture

Unlike food or makeup products, the furniture doesn’t have an expiry date. However, they start to wear and lose their elegance.

Moreover, different factors like more affordable price ranges, modern designs, and a mobile society facilitate the replacement of house furniture. Also, there are many options available in house furniture NZ in terms of price and design.

Besides, different furniture items have a specific time frame after which there is a need for a replacement. That’s why we have provided detailed information about the right time to replace various furniture items. Let’s have a look. 

When To Replace Different House Furniture Items

As mentioned above, different furniture items last for a different time frame. For this reason, we have explained various furniture items separately with the time after which you need to replace Anal Escort them.

Couch Or Sofa

Sofas majorly consist of two parts: the wooden frame & the upholstery. Hence, depending on the condition, there may be a need to replace just the upholstery or the sofa.

When To Replace A Sofa?

  • Creaking sounds come from the sofa when someone sits on it.
  • The cushions of the sofas are sagging.
  • The lumbar support is no longer functional.

When To Replace The Upholstery?

  • The upholstery is dirty and stained.
  • The material is worn out or ripped off.
  • The upholstery has a strong smell.

Upholstered Chair

The replacement signs mentioned above for the sofas are also applicable on upholstered chairs. In addition, if the reclining mechanism of a chair has stopped working, the user must look to buy a new one. Moreover, some additional replacement signs are:

  • The legs of the chairs have become wobbly.
  • The frame of the chair is splitting around the seating area.

If the seat has upholstery, it can be easily replaced as various options are available in the market. Also, one should go for upholstery replacement only if the rest of the chair is in good condition.

Dining Table

Dining table replacement is generally done after moving to a new dining space that is comparatively smaller or larger. So, to fit in the new space, a new table is required. Also, the table needs to be replaced in case the number of diners increases or decreases. Moreover, other signs of replacement are:

  • The table is structurally unstable and not sturdy.
  • There are dents and scratches on the table.

Coffee Tables

Coffee tables are used to place various drinks like tea, coffee, soft drinks, etc. Consequently, with time, the marks of hot coffee cups and wet glasses become more and more evident on the table’s surface. It leads to compromising the looks of the coffee table.

Moreover, the structure of the coffee tables starts becoming weak and wobbly with time. Also, if one is planning to change the interior or style of the room, it is the right time to replace the older coffee tables with their newer and better counterparts.


If your bed has started making creaking sounds, it is a good time to replace it. Also, one can purchase new bed frames that attach to a matching headboard. The reason behind investing in headboards is they are more durable and last longer.

Furthermore, beds need to be replaced as the children grow; for instance, the toddler bed is replaced with a twin, and ultimately a full-sized bed.


Drawers are the kind of furniture that are regularly used, and more prone to wear and tear. One must change the drawers when they start to show the following signs.

  • The interior part of the drawer starts wearing out.
  • Drawers don’t open and close smoothly.
  • The drawer frame is no longer sturdy.


As the desk is mostly used for work purposes; the decision of its replacement depends upon the user’s work preferences and requirements.

Many individuals use the desk for creating a Personal Computer (PC) setup, study table setup, and many more. Therefore, various desks are available in the market for different use cases. Moreover, advanced desks, like the ones with the height adjustability feature, are also becoming popular nowadays. 

Also, like any other furniture item, if the desk looks outdated or the drawers do not function properly, one should consider changing it. 

Office Chair

An office chair must provide you with a combination of comfort and support. Besides, it is crucial to select a good chair because it directly affects the productivity of an individual.

Moreover, the lifespan of a chair depends on various factors like the material used in its body such as metal, wood, plastic, etc. In addition, different types of upholstery material such as fabric, leather, etc, also impact the durability of a chair. The following are the signs that show a need for chair replacement.

  • The chair’s upholstery has started to fray.
  • Height adjusting mechanism is no longer functional.
  • The lumbar support of the chair is not working.

Patio Furniture

Patio furniture needs proper maintenance to ensure it lasts longer. Because these furniture items are exposed directly to the sunlight and different types of weather. Therefore, they start to wear out and lose their good appearance.

If you notice some wear and structural abnormality in the patio items, you should look to replace them. Moreover, a good practice is to store the patio furniture at a place where it is safe from environmental damage, especially in the off-season.


The mattress is one of the most used furniture items in a house. For this reason, they get dirty and damaged over time. So, if your mattress has become saggy, smelly, and uncomfortable to sleep in, it is high time to replace it. Moreover, sleeping on a good mattress is essential to ensure comfort for the body and prevent back pain.


After going through the above information, one can easily analyse and figure out the items in the house that need to be replaced. Afterward, the next task is to find good furniture stores near you. One can search online by adding the respective location in the query like outdoor furniture and find a nearby reputable manufacturer. This way, one can get quality furniture items at the best possible market rates.