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Google Ads Vs Facebook Ads: Difference and Benefits of Google Ads And Facebook Ads

Not sure where to advertise? Today, we are going to give a detailed comparison between Google Ads vs Facebook Ads. Living in a world of digital media outlets, we have come across many possibilities, and particularly dealing with an age of many small startups which are trying to fit themselves into the stream of digitalized business, in need of a strong digital marketing strategy they are querying to achieve maximum profitability.

This process needs to be more synchronized and less Amplified, What Does that Mean? it means narrow downing your checklist of choices to some top particular ways and channels, that could offer you a seamless integration at the same time, undoubtedly there are only two platforms that could come in direct role play

Google Ads Vs Facebook Ads: A Detailed Overview

When it comes to pay-per-click advertising, the two biggest players are Google Ads (known simply as AdWords) and Facebook Ads. Many similarities exist between the two advertising platforms, but some key variances will indicate which is a good fit for the company. Companies can target their advertisements to specific audiences on both networks, which have millions of customers and vast data sources.

It is difficult to decide which type of advertising to use, such as Google Ads vs. Facebook Ads. It is important to consider a variety of factors when choosing which is best for your company. These include everything from the amount of money you are willing to spend on a conversion to the amount of time and equipment that you have to organize the advertising campaigns.

Google Ads Vs Facebook Ads

The most significant qualities of these two platforms are, they provide us with endless shackled chains like being a mentor, guide, and itself a critical analyst with pros and cons, in simple words, ALL IN ONE PACKAGE

What Are Google Ads or Adwords?

Price volatility controls the operation of Google Ads, which is a paid advertisement platform.  Every time a user conducts a keyword search, a “PPC mechanism” is triggered, according to the website. They are displayed in search results on and on other websites that are part of Google’s Search Partners or Display Network (or both).

What are Facebook Ads?

For sponsored social media marketing on Facebook, Facebook Advertising is a strategy that allows advertisers to reach their target audience.

Thanks to the fact that Facebook has the greatest percentage of monthly visits of almost any social site in the world, it has emerged as a prominent, competing, and hugely maslak escort profitable component of many businesses online marketing campaigns.

Difference Between Google Ads And Facebook Ads

Facebook displays ads for customers based on their preferences, whereas Google displays specific advertisements for people looking for the product concerned. Generally speaking, Facebook is more concerned with brand outreach, whereas Google is more concerned with giving consent. Buyers must select accordingly to their business needs, whether they want to invest in Google ads or Facebook ads.

Google Ads Vs Facebook Ads: Which one seems to have a higher ROI?

The cost per click (CPC) on Facebook ads is approximately 56 % cheaper than the average per click on Google Ads. Often, purchasers are pleased by the accuracy of Facebook Ads’ targeting possibilities, and also the options available to them for generating visually appealing and engaging advertisements.

When comparing Facebook Ads and Google Ads, while the click-through rate (CTR) is often lower on Facebook, the conversion rate is significantly greater, averaging approximately 9-10 % on Facebook compared to 3.75 % for Google.

Factors To consider while selecting Google Ads or Facebook Ads

However, there is no “best” if it comes to evaluating the two, as they approach things in vastly different ways than one another. But some factors will help you to have a clear idea of whether to choose between Google Ads or Facebook Ads.

1. must target the appropriate audience

Targeting the proper consumers is critical to effective advertising. In addition, while you can target prospects depending on what they’re doing in your sales process, as outlined in the preceding section, there are many other characteristics you can consider as well.

2. Expenditure on advertising

If you are picking between Facebook Ads and Google Ads, money is one of the most significant factors to consider.  A considerable impact on your client acquisition costs may be had by the platform that you use.

3. Audience engagement 

Each of Facebook and Google has a large number of users. Nearly every day, Google processes approximately 3.5 billion searches, according to the company. Currently, Facebook is the most popular social networking site on the planet.

As a result, when it comes to the size of the audience, there is no clear winner between the two platforms.

What are some ways that one individual predicts to have a powerful Marketing Insights of these two platforms, by their rankings, their updated features, and success rates, these are very few KEYWORDS which can be on our fingertips, but they’re not the limits?

These things always create turbulence in a query seeker person’s mind, being poles apart the two had a thin line of difference between their Online services, old rivalries, and competitive offerings always confuse the Advertisers. Many businesses always give more attention to cross functionalities of these two platforms like to find more traffics, greater User experience, and Rankings.

The queries can be compared in terms of some following modules

Types of Ad servicing Features
New startups and Big Brands
Ad Campaigns
Digital Advertisement Budgeting
Audience Networking Size
Ad Templates

#1. Types of Ad servicing Features: Google Ads vs Facebook Ads

Every ONLINE ADVERTISER is aware of the Paid search and Paid social, Paid search is a domain of Google AdWords which allows an Advertiser to bid on the prices of types of Ads that range from low to high based on their Credibility.It reaches customers in an organic way

Like visitors searching for a healthy diet, and google leading them to it.

A simple example, “let’s say you planned to eat ice – cream and have to drive to in search of an ice cream” Examples: Law, finance, legal, and Insurance comes under (HPS) i.e., Highest Paid Search, Don’t worry if you want to bid on non-paid ad services of Google, you can certainly enjoy the below options from Google.

Ad ECOSYSTEMS of Google AdWords

  1. Google RLSA (Remarketing lists for search ads)
  2. Google PLAY STORES
  3. Google Shopping
  4. Google Ad Manager- (Designed for small scale business and also for medium scale can allow 150 million displays (impression), of your non-video ad units as free)
  5. Google AdSense- participation is free
  6. Google Console
  7. Google Home

While talking about the “Paid Social”, of Facebook, it can be a benefactor for small and new startups to get recognition, like if someone has his new page of ‘ Making handmade Leather Bags’, so in this case, he can’t opt for going into google, as it would be initially very difficult for him to get traffic, this is where Facebook can help in most inorganic manner, can be understood simply with help of example like, ‘ If any vendor pops in your street, selling his ice-cream, in this case, you don’t have to search for an ice cream parlor, as ice-cream is itself available at your doorsteps.”

You are paying to make yourself appear in front of your customer unlike google, where a customer has to find his seller through searching.

#2. New Startups And Big brands: Demand Generation vs Demand Capture

Find the niche of your industry or company in which you’re planning to excel, then analyze the rate of competition that your industry may face when jumping into the race, would you be able to survive? If you’re a new building block or a brooding startup, if yes then how? if not then how you’re turning the one, it requires a balanced Marketing Strategy

Set levels of your business, like if you’re new to online business, you need an immediate recognition at first, for this you need to build connections, it would be good to advise that you should start from your social media forum, as our today’s topic is revolving around Facebook let’s pick this,

For recognizing ourselves as a citizen of any country, we need to make a citizenship card, with the same way, for our blooming business we have to create Brand Recognition to make people aware of ourselves and our products, initially, the CPC (cost per click) generated will below, but you will be able to gather the better demand generation. And if your scenario is different and you have become a Big Brand now, looking to advertise your sales, achieving your per day, per hour lead targets then, Google is best for you, channelizing your visitors per demand capture into your circuits.

#3 Ads Campaigns And SERPs

Ads campaigns can be categorized on basis of DEMOGRAPHICS AND PSYCHOGRAPHICS or USER ACCEPTANCE

Here, one can follow the inverted pyramid techniques, being on the radar of user acceptance and then Demographics and psychographics.

Now, what the hell does this means?

Let’s start with user acceptance, it is nothing but the approval of the audience about your products, for instance, you told your friend that there’s a new diary opening in front of your house and they’re selling the low-fat milk, at that time your friend accepts it as a neglected input in his mind’s database but does not need milk.

Facebook is you, and your friend is the Audience, your information shared through it is an example of USER ACCEPTANCE.  Where the companies,that were new to competition offers a solution to customer’s problem and they kind of accept it without seeking further acknowledgment, like Gett, a ground transportation provider company, which a few years ago started advertising a term, ‘Ride Hailing’ which no one was searching online, for the audience it was just a cab provider, that’s it, but today it emerges as one of the biggest competitors of UBER. there fore Facebook is a winner in this advanced targeting section.

Demographics And Psychographics

Relates simply to the state of mind of a user, their experience of using the product and their feedbacks, correlated with their core of interest, like, if an ANIMAL SHOP is advertising on Facebook, it will target to appear more and more in front of those who love pets and are in search of keeping domestic animals at a local level. While Google Ads is not very helpful for using for this,

Best performing demographics of Facebook.

UPO – User Problem-Oriented

That’s what our Google is, it focuses more on problems of its user and shows results based on that, like if you searched for “How to grow Longhairs” it will surely list out your product in search engine

If you’re selling a Hair Care Product.

Also, you can invert the situation where your friend, whom you told about New Diary, comes seeking to you asking the address of the Diary as he wants to purchase the Diary Products.

#4 Digital Advertisement Budgeting

‘Everything comes with a cost,’ ever got to hear this!! Definitely,

Google average ads CPA

Google ads come at higher budgeting than Facebooks factors depends upon many things but can be a one-liner

If summarized as CPC – PPC- CPA-ROI

 Starting with your cost-per-click Facebook is a bit more affordable than Google with high potential ROI Ranging from visual platforms and text-based PPC with high-quality ads, it sorts out costing at leverage by making it cost-effective for Small Business Average Google Ads CPC by industries.

While Keywords costs are more expensive in Google due to its crawling over traditional Business sectors like IT, LAW, FINANCE, but it doesn’t mean that Google makes the page ranks on, only when you’re bidding very high and spending very high amounts on your budget, it will always give value to CTR and meaningful content, which satisfies reader’s query and well-targeted ads.

#5 Audience Networking Size

The audience is targeted by both of the platforms in a very large volume if Facebook makes use of its users’ online activities and connections like “Anniversary, concert, wedding, events” as its database and targets them for its powerful ads mechanism, whereas google earns the crown by its single day search volume, the ratio of the audience is higher in google due to per second search volume, but one has to make a critical decision,

Like: If I’m selling a problem extinguishing product = good to use Google.

Or if I’m selling a solution without a problem = good to use Facebook, If you released a Herbal Shampoo, does your audience know about it? if there’s a need to know? If you feel that there’s a need then, use Facebook to socialize it, and if someone demanding to buy an organic product, use google to make it search-friendly.

#6 Variety of Ads Templates

Here Google can have an upper hand over Facebook because it has lots of versions in its Ad section updating it from time to time, in progressive years, So are you an Ad Fanatics? Love to add plugins, extensions, backlinks, or meta tags.

Then just don’t wait to hop into using Google, as it has more potential to let you drive traffic in your websiteand ads.

Ad template types:

  • Visual Ad
  • Promotional Ads
  • Text Ads
  • PLAs (product listing ads)
  • Call-only Ads etc.

While Facebook is Audience targeting and awareness creating templates lookalike audiences – allows the advertising group to feed data about the targeted customer to Facebook, which in return would supply you a similar folk of customers.


It’s better to keep an  ‘Omnichannel approach’, Try to Mold yourself according to the need of an hour, Afterall both these platform appears as a concrete supporting system of one’s business in this digitalized world, one should always know to channelize the smart use of both the platforms, either paid search or paid social, both have remarkable advertising tactics, both are a complementary form of each other’s problem and solutions, by understanding all these mathematics of Digital world, one can efficiently use the dual power of these two strong advertising assets, multiplying it with profitable returns of ROIs.

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