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logo designing tips

The Logo Designing Tips No One Talks About

Designing a logo is one tedious job that requires a person to be on their toes all the time. You have to ensure you know all about the brand and everything to get the right insight into the brand. The designers who make extensive research before getting on the designing job make smart choices and they know they are making the right decision. While designing for our clients, Ingenious Guru takes one-on-one interviews with their clients to get all the needed information about the brand. The moment they think they have enough information they start working on it.

Logos are essential for every brand and we know it can be daunting for every business. It explains everything about your brand and how and why you should do it. You use your logo in your personal presentations, marketing materials, decks, and basically everything where you can promote your business. That is quite a lot of work for one graphic designer, no? That is what we think too. Well, do not worry at all. We will walk you through every step of logo designing and how seriously our designers at Ingenious Guru do this job. We understand logo designing can be a pretty physically and mentally taxing job so make sure your mind is all clear and happy.

Now the main question arises.

What exactly is the brand vibe? And how can we find it?

“Vibe” undoubtedly is one of the Gen Z words that we have been listening to for the past few years. When we talk about the brand vibe we mean “what exactly you want people to feel when they see your brand”. Sometimes you may hear it as a brand personality however, you should make sure you are consistent with all kinds of content and logo and it should be clearly written on your brand guidelines as well.

Once when we explore what our brand vibe is, the overall process of logo designing becomes much easier. The most convenient and easier way to decide the “vibe” of the organization is to spend almost five minutes thinking about how you want people to feel about the brand. List them down in the sheet and then work on the tips to make sure you are on the right track while designing the logo for your brand.

Now that you have decided on the “vibe” you have created for your brand, we think it is better if we discuss some tips that would help you design the perfect logo for your brand.

1) Visual Representation is Everything

We all have said a million times and talked about how “a picture speaks a thousand words”, and visual representation of the brand is very important. When we design the logo, we make sure it is aesthetically pleasing so it attracts the customers and catches the attention of the customer. When you show the pictures, you do not need the use of “words” to explain everything. The combination of just a few words along with one aesthetic picture can do the job just fine.

Remember how we discussed the “vibe” of the brand? If you use an airplane and sunshine in the logo, it would show the warmth and how the brand is all friendly and warm. Similarly, it would not be wrong to say that visual puns are the best friends of the designers, the funnier and more attractive you are through the visuals the more you will attract the audience. Furthermore, you can just analyze the logo of “Frost Bite” the way they have quirkily “bite” in order to show the logo is of food brand, it is honestly commendable.

frost bite logo

2) Do not Let Go of the Negative Space

One of the biggest mistakes that we have seen people make is they do not make the best use of the negative space available in the logo. We recommend using it fully and adding everything important to the logo. You may have heard the famous saying of Coco Chanel, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off”. Do the same with the design. Congested and overcrowded logos are confusing and people end up getting mixed signals therefore we do not recommend putting too much information in your logo. Just be clear and easy and your message will easily be sent across.

You have to make sure your audience can understand your logo from afar, even when it is very small and this can only be achieved by keeping the logo clean. We are a huge fan of Onyx Photography logo, it is simple and super clear, just a look at it can tell you what the whole brand is about.


3) Do not Always Think Outside the Box

The shapes that you are using can literally make or break your whole logo, use them to stay inside the box and set a clear and attractive logo. When your logo is neat and properly boxed it is easier to adjust the logo in the different marketing materials such as letterhead, pamphlets, and different marketing merchandise which includes lanyards and pens.

When you combine the shapes with attractive textures and gradients you just up your whole logo game. The best example of it is the logo of FX Technology Co, they have used the gradients of blue and yellow in order to give the perfect sleek look to the logo. By placing laptop icon inside the circle, they have given the indication of the technical service that they are giving. You can change the laptop and add flowers, forks & spoons and weight stacks or whatever you want depending on the nature of your business.

FX Technology Co

4) Logo in Situ

One of the biggest mistakes that most designers make is they do not think of the intended uses while designing the logo. When you are on it make sure you are not making this blunder. What are the places where you are going to use your logo? A uniform? Website design? Marketing merchandise? Letterhead? Or the BTL activities such as Billboard or Digital Streamers. You must check out how your logo is going to look in SITU.

The only purpose of having a logo is to promote yourself or your brand. If you are planning to have a wide and extensive network, we would recommend you get a logo that looks perfect on business cards. Such as we love the logo of Bird View Photography it is arranged in such a manner that would make them look perfect on the business card as well.

Bird View

5) Choose the Right Color

Trust us when we say it is close to a matter of life and death, choosing the right color is very important in the whole logo designing process. When we say monochromatic, we do not always mean black and white, that is shocking for you, right? Well, black and white can be pretty harsh for the eyes particularly when we try to create that “zen” feeling. Therefore, we recommend the use of different shades of the same color in order to create subtle contrasts within the logo.

Look at the example of the Serenity logo, with the use of different shades of the spa they have given the perfect Spa-like feel and that is what the whole brand is about. The Serenity logo is the perfect example of how good logos should be.

These are a few points that we keep in mind while designing a logo whenever we have a new client onboard with us. Try these simple steps and we are sure your logo would be a perfect representation of the brand you are working for.

Keep us posted about your designing journey, we would love to hear about it all 😉.

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