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How to Network Like a Pro

As any real estate agent with a decent amount of time in the game will readily tell you, one of the most important skills in this business is the ability to network. While a solid marketing strategy and well-known brokerage will certainly help you gain some clients, a substantial percentage of your income as a real estate agent or realtor hinges on your ability to drum up business for yourself.

Networking is something that can be quite difficult for newer or more introverted real estate professionals. The idea of approaching a stranger or acquaintance with the goal of getting them onboard with the idea of selling or buying property can be a thoroughly intimidating and indeed terrifying one. Nevertheless, you’re going to need to overcome these reservations in order to become successful in this business!

So how does one network in the modern world? How do you go about the task of building a network of friends, colleagues and clients to help you take on the competitive and sometimes cutthroat world of real estate? Strap in and get ready; in this article we’re going to be telling you everything you need to know in order to network like a pro!

What is networking?

If you’re not familiar with the concept of networking, don’t worry; it’s a fairly simple one to understand. In essence, networking is simply the practice of forming friendships and professional relationships with a group of people that you can rely on to help you accomplish your goal of selling more real estate.

There’s more to good networking than simply getting new clients, however; networking is about creating a support group too. If you do it right, networking can net you the invaluable resource of having allies in your corner. When you’re in a bind and you don’t know how to get out of it, you’ll be thankful for these friends and colleagues!

What’s more, networking can also imply the supplementary benefit of netting you real, lasting friendships that can last you a lifetime. While the primary purpose of networking is to gain the valuable resource of having professional allies, it can also help you meet new people that you can spend time with in your free time as well. We think that’s a beautiful thing!

How to newtork in the digital age

In today’s day and age, the sad reality of life is that most people frivolously spend their days with their eyes glued to phone, TV and computer screens. Seldom do we look up and observe the world around us, or even give strangers a chance to strike up a conversation. This might lead you to wonder whether or not networking is even possible in the modern era!

This uncertainty is completely understandable, of course, but we’d argue that networking is more crucial than ever before. Sure, you might not be able to go about the task in the same way that you would have twenty or thirty years ago, but networking is a very reasonable prospect in the digital era. So how do you go about the task of networking in the 21st century? Let’s find out!

Put yourself out there

Yeah, yeah, you’ve heard this one before. From self help books to your mom’s Facebook wall, this advice has been parroted in more contexts than we’d like to count for more years than most people realize. And, loathe though we may be to admit it, it still holds up. When it comes to networking, it’s the best piece of advice we can give you!

When it comes to networking, nothing will get you further than the ability to put yourself in social and professional situations that you wouldn’t normally put yourself in. From coffee shops to business meetings, the ability to approach new people and strike up conversations with people is what networking is all about.

At the end of the day, the biggest hurdle you’ll need to overcome in order to become skilled at networking is the fear of awkwardness in social settings. When you’re introducing yourself to complete strangers, things are liable to get a bit uncomfortable at times, but the more you do it the more you’ll be able to diffuse these awkward situations. It’s all about practice!

Get on social media

If you weren’t already aware, social media is one of the most important tools a successful real estate agent can have in their wheelhouse. With a wide variety of uses that range from marketing to image-building, social media is the jack-of-all-trades tool that offers a tremendous amount of utility to those that implement it properly.

One of the best ways to use social media as a real estate agent is to network. If you’re not already on social media, you’d best get to it as soon as possible! With an active social media presence, you’ll be able to strengthen existing connections and forge new ones with ease otherwise unpredictable companions.

When it comes to networking, folks tend to stress the importance of forming new connections more than they talk about how crucial it is to find partners and business compatriots among your friends. WIth social media, this is easier than it’s ever been before. There’s a reason why social media is often called by another name: social networks!

Attend conferences and realtor meetups

Considering how prolific real estate agents and realtors have become in recent years, it’s no surprise that conferences and real estate agent meetups are all the rage right now. From workshops that will help you up your real estate agent skill set to meetups that help you connect with fellow professionals, these in-person events are utilitarian and enjoyable.

There’s another reason why you might want to consider attending an event like this, however; the networking opportunities! These events are packed with influential and important professionals who are looking for opportunities with as much vigilance as you are. With some confidence and charisma, they’re the perfect place to score valuable business contacts!

Far from the awkwardness and potential discomfort you’re likely to encounter when approaching strangers in other settings, you and the attendees at these events are guaranteed to share common ground: a love for real estate! With this knowledge in mind, it’s a whole lot easier to strike up a casual chat that just as well might turn into your next big business opportunity!

Build a good reputation

Last but not least, one of the best ways to network is to let your reputation do the networking for you. While you can chase leads and connections all the livelong day, the most consistent way to get solid connections and leads is to simply conduct your business dealings in such a way that clients recommend you to friends and family when their business with you is concluded.

There are a lot of ways to gain a good reputation in the real estate business. The best way is to simply treat every client as you would like to be treated, doing your best to make sure that everyone is as happy as possible. You may not be able to always please everyone, but as long as it’s clear your intentions are good, you’ll gain a good reputation in spite of that.

The best thing about having a good reputation is that when you do, other people will talk about you. When people are talking about you, they’re thinking about you, and are a lot more likely to call you up and contract your services! As is the case with most other things in life, a good reputation is one of the best tools you can have when trying to network.


While networking may have changed substantially since it first became conceptualized, there’s no doubt that it’s still a highly useful skill to have in 2022. As a real estate agent, the ability to form a support network of clients and colleagues is no small advantage over your competitors, and it’s something you should definitely consider when trying to build your real estate empire. We wish you the best of luck!

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