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Gmail Notifications Not Working

Gmail Notifications Are Not Working? Here’s What To Do

Have you faced a situation where you’re not receiving emails from clients? Or, has it completely failed and never let Gmail notifications come on your Android device? This issue commonly occurs when you have issues with receiving Gmail notifications. If you also faced such a situation in the past with Gmail notifications not working, don’t worry, we are here to fix your issue in a few easy steps.

You can follow the easy guides to fix Gmail notifications not showing up on Android devices.

Steps To Resolve Gmail Notifications Not Working

Let’s now go through the steps that’ll help you resolve your Gmail notifications.

1) Examine System Notifications

Many times, notifications are not coming because the feature is disabled. So the first thing you need to check is if the system notification is enabled on your Android phone.

You can experiment with these options.

Go to Phone Settings > Gmail Notifications > Gmail Notifications > Select Gmail Notifications

Check that the system notification status is enabled for the Gmail application.

If it is disabled, please enable it.

Please double-check your system notifications to see if you can see Gmail notifications.If it still does not show, proceed to the next step.

2) In power-saving mode, white-list Gmail

Power saving mode is a common feature among all Android devices. It saves battery life, but at the same time, you are bound to miss important Gmail notifications too. Whitelisting the Gmail application does not show the problem on the phone.

You can try the following steps:

    • Go to Phone Settings >>> Choose Battery Settings >>>>Power Settings
    • Click on the app launch and discover the Gmail app.

Always launch the Gmail app when it’s set to automatic and run in the background.

3) Make Gmail the default emailing application.

Choosing the Gmail app as your default application will allow you to handle all kinds of tasks and events of a particular type. Hence, choosing Gmail as the default notification will help resolve Gmail notifications, not working errors.


  • App Settings > Phone Settings >>
  • Default App > > > Check email

Select Gmail as the default notification for all your devices.

4) Examine the App for Necessary Steps

Users have this feature to enable or disable the required permission on respective devices. When users have all the required permissions on their device, it’ll allow Gmail notifications to work properly.

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5) Turn on Gmail/Email Sync.

Though it’s not very common. However, if you’re not receiving notifications, check if syncing is not disabled in your application for incoming emails.

6) Delete the Cache and App Data

Cleaning the app memory and cache helps in clearing the space that may be stopping the Gmail notifications. After resetting the application data, please make sure to re-link the Gmail address.

7) Attempt to update or reinstall the app.

This is a very common practice among Android users. Updating and reinstalling the app helps to remove unwanted potential errors in the code and ensures that the app is functioning properly. And you can ensure that Gmail notifications are back on your phone.

8)Sign out of your Google account and then sign back in.

When you sign out of the Gmail account, you’ll start getting push notifications from the Google account when you sign in again. You can easily go to the settings and sign out and sign in again.

I hope these steps help you solve your problem.



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