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web Development


In the world of web development, technologies like progressive web applications, we assembly, and many others are coming strong in 2021. These technologies play a fundamental role in how users experience websites. Internet Live Stats states that the 1.5 billion websites and around 200 million active websites continue to grow.

For people who have to make a decision, it is crucial to keep up with the main trends for web development. The main reasons are high competition in the market and increasing awareness.


This technology is highly desired by many companies because they offer an almost identical experience to mobile applications. By getting new technology and realigning HTML 5, you can achieve important goals for your business: the broad reach of a website and the accessibility of the mobile app. The following image shows you 4 key technologies that separate PWAs from traditional web applications.

Big brands have already switched from standard websites to progressive web applications and have seen an incredible increase in user engagement. For example, an ecommerce leader Flipkart brought a 70% increase in conversions.


WbAssembly or WASM is a small and fast binary format that promises excellent performance for web applications. WASM is designed to be a compilation target language like JavaScript. Even some developers think that WebAssembly is replacing JavaScript, it is best seen as Javascript’s best friend.

Main features:

  • Take advantage of hardware capabilities to be portable and efficient.
  • By using imports and exports, you create modular binaries in a certain way.
  • Supports non-browser embedding.
  • Integrate the existing web platform.


This year, the single-page application pattern is crumbling since it found its footing. Reduces reload requirements when your site loads content via JavaScript. For example, Google, Gmail, and GitHub are using a single page application. In fact, SWA is more likely to attract users’ attention due to its fast operation. Provide users with instant feedback without waiting for your pages to fully download like normal sites. Also, SWA consumes less and could work without server-side code (API technology).


The interface has been the main problem for many developers in recent years. However, a website and app appeal has become more modern because they have more opportunities to be noticed by future users. Motion UI is all about making things bounce off the screen with elements like animated graphics, pop-ups, background graphics, and luscious headers.

This type of innovation offers a high level of customization that allows developers to play with the elements mentioned above. In addition, it is flexible and works with any JavaScrip framework, which makes it easy to use in many cases.


JavaScript is not new, but it is one of the most widely used programming languages ​​in the world. In fact, it is getting stronger this year with trends such as the rise and further development of this framework. JavaScript frameworks want to standardize the language and create a convenient frontend ecosystem. In 2021, it involves aspects of UX, UI, testing and product technology management.

This trend comes with some benefits, such as immediate feedback given to users without reloading pages, high efficiency, and fast performance are just a few of them. Also, with modern JavaSript it comes with a built-in HTML template, composite layout, data management tools.

This article presents the top 5 trends for web development in 2021. Therefore, WDCL Web Development in Lahore ,He has the experience and knowledge of the latest trends for web development by working with companies from different countries.