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Do Rigid Boxes Really Enhance The Value Of Products?

Rigid boxes are also known by the name of set up boxes, these boxes are very common. The purpose of these boxes is to pack the products nicely and add a classy look to them. The thing that makes Rigid boxes unique and different from the other boxes is that they are four times thicker than an average box. It is not false to say that Rigid Boxes are rigid and sturdy in nature. The best example of these boxes is shoe boxes and board games boxes. There is a wide range of items that are packed in rigid boxes like cosmetics, electronics, and high-end food products. Customized boxes can be used for any product, these boxes can be used as:

  •  Gift boxes
  • Display boxes
  • Cosmetic Boxes
  • Jewelry Boxes
  • Cigar Boxes
  • CBD Boxes
  • Candle Boxes

Types Of Rigid Packaging Boxes:

Rigid packaging boxes can easily enhance the value of the product while providing the buyers with a great buying experience. There are different types of rigid boxes so let’s take a look and see what difference they have:

  •       Partial Covered Rigid Boxes:

When it comes to buying a product, buyers would love to have a sneak peek of what they are making a purchase of. Taking a look at the items adds value to the buying experience and also adds worth to the product.  Fully covered boxes do not provide the buyers with the chance to do so. But using partially covered boxes makes one able to sneak peek, taking a look at the products excites the buyers. Exciting the buyers and providing them with a great buying experience means, more sales and more revenue. Partially covered boxes have a transparent window in between. Through this window on the Rigid Boxes, the product can be seen very easily. This type of packaging is perfect for cosmetics and items like candles.

  •  Telescoping Rigid Boxes:

It is one of the most highly produced and used types of Rigid Packaging Boxes. Telescoping Rigid boxes are available in two types:

  • 2-piece telescoping rigid box
  • 3-Piece telescoping rigid box

2-piece telescoping rigid box:

This box consists of a base and a lid, the lid of the box is bigger in size than the base. The lid fits perfectly to the bottom of the box and creates a flawless look. These boxes are generally used for the items like jewelry, apparel, electronics, etc. 2 piece telescoping rigid boxes are available in different styles which make them different and attention-grabbing.

3-Piece telescoping rigid box:

The name is already telling a lot about the boxes, 3-piece telescoping rigid boxes consist of 3 parts. These parts include the upper lid of the box, the bottom part, and the inner object. These boxes are very stylish and are best to use for products that are expensive. 3 Piece telescoping rigid box can be used for gifts, mobile phones, and products with high prestige. The boxes add a sense of luxury to the product.

Book Style Rigid Boxes:

Box Style Rigid boxes are boxes that open just like a book. These boxes aren’t just stylish and in-trend but they are very durable, sturdy, and easy to handle. The look of Custom Rigid Boxes is very elegant and unique. For those brands who want to add a sense of elegance and sophistication to the product, these boxes are the best. Since these boxes offer a great unpacking experience, most individuals buy the product just for the sake of a great unboxing experience. Check Out the OXO Packaging to get special deals on Custom Rigid Boxes 

Rigid Drawer Boxes:

The aim of these boxes is to provide the buyers with the best buying experience. An enjoyable and entertaining unpacking experience is something that can win any heart, this packaging focuses on providing an unbeatable experience to the buyers. These boxes are used specifically for fragile and delicate items. Rigid Boxes Wholesale are highly customizable, these boxes can be customized in any style, shape, and design.

Do Rigid Boxes Wholesale Provides Businesses With Advantages?

There are countless benefits of Rigid Packaging Boxes for businesses. These boxes are a source of protection, a way of advertising the products and services, branding, marketing, promotion, and whatnot. Let’s see how these packaging boxes can benefit the businesses:

  • ·         Reliable & Sturdy For Moving:

There is a wide range of packaging materials, but not all of them assure maximum protection of the product. As compared to all the other materials like cardboard etc, rigid boxes are more sturdy. Rigid boxes assure maximum safety of the products; they are even best for fragile items as well. The not only protection is provided by the rigid boxes, but they also add a lush style to the product. Custom Rigid boxes allow one to choose the colors, designs, and style as per the choice. What’s better than moving items safely from one destination to another and that too in a lush and a classy look. The use of these boxes is very popular and the reason is the advantages they offer.

  • Excellent Option For Different Events:

Rigid Boxes Wholesale can be used for a wide range of purposes; these boxes are an amazing option for marketing of the items. Besides marketing, these boxes help the brands in displaying the products in the best version possible. Whether you want to offer gift items, candles, accessories or electronics, using the customized rigid boxes is a trick. These boxes aren’t just a cost-effective and mind-boggling way of grabbing attention.

  • Allows Customization As Per Choice:

Custom Rigid boxes can be personalized in any way, there are too many options and ideas. The process of designing these boxes is very interesting, the style and the design can be chosen according to the preferences. Printing the brand logo on the boxes and also the company information is a way of interacting with the target audience. Customized and classy rigid boxes are a cost-effective technique for brand growth and a great marketing strategy.

  • Make Brands Image Strong & Credible:

How a brand present the items or products is very important. Consumers perceive the products based on their packaging, classy packaging is a way of building the credibility of your brand. Rigid Boxes Wholesale have the power of making your products appear more luxurious and expensive. Who doesn’t want to can create a real sense of allure around the product? While making the brand image stronger, these boxes also work best for increasing the brand’s value. Convincing the customers to make a purchase through the packaging is an art. Through the customized packaging, it can be done within minutes.

First Impressions Count:

Those who believe in the first impression is the last impression is right, the impression you make on the audience matters. There are so many products in the market and the variety is endless, choosing from the wide range isn’t easy. When this is the case, then what do buyers usually do? They chose the item that is catchy. Through the quality and the packaging, one needs to ensure that the product you offer stands out from the crowd. Want to make the best possible impression? A well-executed packaging design can work wonders. Make the first impression memorable, make an impact through Packaging Boxes and see how the product would get noticed. Therefore, packaging boxes should always be staggering, no matter what the product is. Due to this reason, high-quality packaging boxes immediately add value to your product.

Can You Rely On Rigid Boxes?

Yes, Rigid Packaging Boxes are worth relying on. The best feature of these boxes is that they don’t get collapsed, or molded and can support heavier objects too. For transporting the items from one place to another, these boxes are no less than a blessing. Since the thickness is 4 times stronger than the normal boxes, one can move fragile items too. Moving is no more a hassle or a stressful task when Custom Rigid boxes are here.

Things To Keep In Mind:

When it comes to the Rigid Packaging Boxes, choosing the right design and materials is very important. The packaging of the product is noticed by the buyers and it creates an everlasting image on the mind too. Choosing the right colors and placement of the text is also very important. There are many designs available, one can easily choose from the already existing ones or can also communicate your ideas. Professional companies have experts who know all the don’ts and do’s of the best design. They welcome suggestions, appreciate your ideas, and work as directed.  Choosing a professional company for the services is the main thing, so research before hiring and read reviews. Happy services!

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