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Agricultural Meteorological Station


Agricultural environmental monitoring system The agricultural meteorological station can continuously monitor and collect information on agro-meteorological environmental factors such as soil. Water, light, and heat are closely related to the growth of vegetation and crops. And can comprehensively monitor the growth status of crops and soil moisture in the farmland. And timely grasp the When the field growth is restricted due to these factors. The user can respond quickly and take emergency preventive measures.  It can be widely used in agricultural production. Scientific research and standard measurement.

agricultural weather station


The agricultural meteorological station system consists of two parts: hardware and software. The hardware includes monitoring station equipment installed outdoors. Opposite wind direction, wind speed, air temperature, and humidity. Rainfall, evaporation, total solar radiation. Photosynthetically active radiation, soil temperature, and humidity. Image monitoring equipment, LED display screens, and mobile terminals. The software includes data acquisition software installed in the collector system. Mobile APP, the server receiving Software, and terminal applications showcasing software.


Accurate acquisition and flexible channel expansion

High stability and easy maintenance

Industry-standard design, optional sensor accuracy;

An external display screen can be connected to publish data information in real-time;

Support long-distance wireless communication and on-site Bluetooth communication;

Reasonable structure, small footprint, suitable for use in various harsh environments;

The APP terminal can push data early warning services and issue severe weather warnings;

Composition of Agricultural Weather Stations


The farmland meteorological station is developed for the scientific. Intelligent and rational production of agricultural development. And to provide important meteorological basic data for meteorological bureaus. Agricultural and forestry scientific research institutions. And growers. Agricultural environmental research, crop improvement, crop phenological monitoring. Pest control and other related production management work. Agricultural meteorological stations play a very important role in agricultural environmental monitoring. And promote the development of smart agriculture.

Composition of Agricultural Weather Stations

The composition of an agricultural weather station:
(1) Temperature and humidity monitoring

The temperature and humidity sensors are used to monitor ambient air temperature and humidity. Surface temperature and humidity, soil temperature and humidity, etc. And data can be collected, analyzed, calculated. Control, store, and send.

(2) Illumination monitoring

The intensity of light is monitored and recorded by light-sensitive and light-sensitive sensors. And the relevant data is transmitted to the user monitoring terminal through wireless transmission technology.

(3) CO2, O2 concentration monitoring

A carbon dioxide concentration sensor is deployed at the monitoring site to monitor the content of carbon dioxide in real-time.  The relevant data will be transmitted to the user monitoring terminal through wireless transmission technology. And relevant staff will make corresponding adjustments.

(4) Wind speed and wind direction monitoring

Using the wind speed sensor and wind direction sensor. The real-time wind speed and wind direction are automatically measured. And the wind speed and wind direction grade are displayed in real-time through the display screen. And it has a sound alarm function.

(5) Rainfall monitoring

The rain gauge can realize the detection, storage, display, and alarm of rainfall. Rainfall data can be tracked and recorded in the whole process. With long recording time, large storage capacity, and convenient data viewing. The recorded data can be exported to the computer at any time. And can be stored as an EXCEL table file to generate data curves for other analysis software. Deal with.

(6) Solar radiation monitoring

Monitoring solar radiation budget data is helpful for agricultural meteorology and ecological research.

(7) Water surface evaporation monitoring

Water surface evaporation monitoring is to uses evaporation sensors to observe the changing law of water surface evaporation in different time periods, and to grasp the water surface evaporation data in the agricultural environment in real-time.

Composition of Agricultural Weather Stations

The agricultural meteorological station can be used together with the smart agricultural big data cloud platform to monitor air temperature and humidity, wind speed and direction, solar radiation, water volume, water surface evaporation, and other data online in real-time. , which is conducive to the development of smart agriculture.