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Upcoming Web Technologies and Design Trends in 2022

This year has turned out to be successful for development trends in both Web Design and web development. Devasa yapılarıyla gündemde olan bu semtimizde halkalı escort kadınlarına olan ihtiyaç, gün geçtikçe artmaktadır. The first half of 2021 presented several new trends: from retro illustrations to dynamic and intelligent chatbots. 

But what are the end of 2021 and the beginning of next year preparing for us? Below we have compiled some of the most popular web design and development trends at the end of 2021. Added to this are several assumptions about what 2022 will mark. Let’s start with the design. 

Web design trends in 2022

Design Trend- Serif Typeface 

It is hard to stand out from the crowd using sans serif fonts. Indeed Proxima Nova, Montserrat, and Helvetica are great, but boilerplate fonts. Undoubtedly good, but they are used too often. 

For this reason, serif fonts are gaining popularity. Over the past six months, they have been increasingly chosen for website design and brand promotion. 

This typeface carries a “warm” and “friendly” message, reflecting the emotions and personality traits associated with the brand. The same cannot be said about sans serif fonts that have set the teeth on edge. 

Retro Style Illustrations

Such illustrations came back into vogue 6-12 months ago, a great alternative to generic stock images, which mostly look lifeless, repulsive, and unnatural. Creative illustrations will allow you to establish closer contact with customers, and it will feel that real people created the site. 

Such illustrations not only make the site visually appealing, but in addition, the page looks good with them on all platforms. Whether it is an iPhone or a personal computer, vector graphics are always pleasing to the eye and, importantly, “weighs” less than regular. 

Such illustrations not only make the site visually appealing, but in addition, the page looks good with them on all platforms. Whether an iPhone or a personal computer, vector graphics are always pleasing to the eye and, importantly, “weighs” less than regular photographs. That is, such graphics are loaded much faster.

Complex Gradients

Another hot trend this year is complex gradients. Instagram asked it back in 2016, presenting a new logo with a revolutionary color scheme at the time. On it, three colors smoothly merge into each other. It would seem that there is nothing supernatural. But this has never been done by any major brand, and thanks to this, the logo has become a real design icon over time. 

As a result, companies are increasingly using complex color transitions. The iridescent gradient will allow the brand to stand out from the general background and create its unique design. The gradient makes it possible to choose a unique color combination that no one else has used except you.

Dynamic Branding 

Dynamic branding is when essential components of a brand, such as a logo, color palette, or fonts, change and adapt to the current situation. Most likely, people will become familiar with your brand in hundreds of different formats: some through outdoor advertising and some through a smartphone screen. And dynamic branding allows you to select the most appropriate logo and other branding elements for each specific situation. 

Another example of this approach is changing the brand during certain holidays or in the context of recent news. Also, the brand can vary depending on the season and temperature. Dynamic branding works best for established brands, and they can afford to modify the logo and brand components without compromising their recognition. 

Smart Chatbot

Over the past year, the number of sites with built-in chatbots has increased significantly. They are needed to communicate with users, which is much more convenient than calling or emailing. In 2020, chatbots have grown significantly smarter and can now respond to complex queries and learn from conversations with customers. This is a huge step forward: a couple of years ago, they only knew how to answer simple questions about products, orders, and delivery. So do not be surprised if soon you will not distinguish a chatbot from a real person. 

Responsive Design

Since most of the internet traffic comes from mobile devices, websites are primarily developed for them. For this reason, developers have recently started to move away from the so-called “responsive” web design Melbourne. This design implies that the site was initially created for computers, and when viewed from mobile devices, it is scaled and stretched. It degrades the functionality and clickability of the site, which leads to lower traffic. 

The solution to the problem is to create a website with a responsive design, not just a responsive design. Content is no longer stretched to the smartphone screen- it is equally convenient to view on any format and screen resolution devices. This approach makes the site similarly useful and attractive to all users. 

Animation and illustrations

The internet is getting faster, and technologies are more and more advanced. The developers are using this opportunity one hundred percent. Today, website design is more colorful than ever and rich in animations, illustrations, and interactive elements. 

Beautiful animations such as parallax and dimming allow you to work wonders and turn even the most cliched and boring sites into a powerful tool that elicits an emotional response from the user. In addition, as we said earlier, illustrations are needed not only for beauty, and with them, the site loads and work faster.  

One Page Sites

Companies are increasingly choosing one-page sites for easy navigation, intuitive design, and readability. These sites have a clear beginning, middle, and end. The visitor will no longer have to make unnecessary clicks to find the information they need- everything is on one page. 

One-page sites look great on different devices, saving you from development and testing costs. In addition to this, single-page sites load much faster than traditional multi-page sites. 

Let’s Summarize

We will remember the end of 2021 for many curious trends in design and development, technologies, and tools for creating websites. And the number of new trends continues to grow almost exponentially. In early 2022, we will most likely have a lot of new ideas and discoveries. So keep your nose down in the following months. It will be interesting!