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Top Tourist Attractions In Anchorage

Top Tourist Attractions In Anchorage | Travel Guide

Alaska is a beautiful place to take our family for a vacation. But, to be honest, the place is too big to explore in one go, if you are not planning to stay here for months. Well, to start with, you can head to one of the most visited cities here.

Anchorage in Alaska is a city for the people who dig for the natural beauty and heritage of a place. The city has many places for its guests to explore. From the beautiful Tony Knowles Coastal Trail to Kincaid Park, you can fly to the city with Alaska Airlines booking and encounter a lot.

To help you plan a short trip where you get the most of each attraction you visit, we have prepared a list of the top 5 places that any visitor must not miss. Let’s see what they are!

Tony Knowles Coastal Trail

If you are a hiker and want to go a bit adventurous on this trip, hike up the Tony Coastal Trail. With the most gorgeous views on the way and snow covering everything you see, this place will leave you awe-struck. Don’t forget to bring your camera along because this trail has the best backdrop for Instagram-worthy pictures.

Anchorage Museum

To go back a little in time, the Anchorage museum must be a stop when you are exploring the city. This is the state museum with a huge permanent collection to take a closer look at. Being a part of the exhibition tours and seeing arts and artifacts about Alaska’s art and history. The museum also has sections that display the wildlife and culture of the state to their best.
Alaska Native Heritage Center
Alaska has a high culture, and over the years, it has been expanded. The Alaska Native Heritage Center has done a great job preserving the cultural evidence of Alaska. This center has three major sections, Native cultural artifacts, a performance hall for the native community to share their talents, and traditional dwelling exhibits. Stop by the hall to catch a quick show before you go ahead with your trip.

Kincaid Park

If you are outdoorsy and want to spend some peaceful time in the city, go ahead and spend a few hours at Kincaid Park. This park stands on 1,400 acres of land and has a lot to see and explore for its visitors. You can take a tour around this place anytime between 10 am to 10 pm, any day of the week.

Chugach State Park

Another place for the people who love outdoor fun and activities is Chugach State Park. This is the largest state park in the city. This state park is a whole mini-trip in itself. From many hiking trails to ski areas to wildlife habitats, you will need to take out some time if you want to get the best out of Chugach State Park.

Final Statement

Anchorage is a beautiful small city in Alaska for you to explore with your family and friends. So book your Spirit Airlines Reservations in advance and have an amazing long weekend in here!