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The Cost of Full Mouth Reconstruction

How much does it cost to fix your mouth? If you’re planning on getting dental work done and are curious about the cost of full mouth reconstruction, rest assured you aren’t alone in your concerns! Full Mouth Reconstruction Pearland can be quite expensive, especially if you need more than just teeth crowns or veneers to get the job done. What factors influence the cost of Full Mouth Restoration? Here are some of the most important considerations to keep in mind.

Before and After

The Cost of Full Mouth Restoration Dentistry: full mouth reconstruction or full mouth restoration is a very important and involved dental process, often lasting anywhere from 2 to 4 years. Typically, it involves a cosmetic dentist completely reconstructing a patient’s damaged teeth using dentures or dental implants. Because of its importance and length, full mouth restoration is quite expensive – but will ultimately restore function and aesthetics to your smile. We have outlined everything you need to know about full mouth reconstruction below, including what each part entails.


$300–$700 per tooth; If a tooth is deemed beyond repair, it will be extracted. Partial dentures: $2,000–$3,500; Partial dentures can be installed by your dentist and will replace a few missing teeth on one or both sides of your mouth. Full dentures: $1,800–$5,000; These are similar to partial dentures, but they’re removable and cover all of your teeth. Dentures take two weeks to fabricate by a lab that works with your dentist. A retainer: $200–$600 per tooth; Retainers prevent you from losing replacement teeth by providing additional support and holding them in place while they heal in their new position.


There are a variety of reasons to have gum disease, including poor dental hygiene, certain medical conditions and genetics. If you’re experiencing any symptoms of gum disease, such as receding gums or mouth pain during eating, speak with your dentist right away. He or she will be able to assess if you need treatment and can help answer questions regarding full mouth reconstruction costs. Depending on your situation, full mouth reconstruction may include procedures like scaling and root planing (tooth cleaning), periodontal surgery to remove diseased tissue and bone grafts for added support for teeth that are in danger of becoming loose. In addition to treating gum disease, these procedures may also improve how your teeth fit together so they function better when chewing and mecidiyeköy escort speaking.

Bone Grafting

Full mouth reconstruction from start to finish can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000 or more. The biggest cost is crowns that are attached to implants with a full-mouth reconstruction procedure. So if you were missing your two front teeth and wanted dentures, you could receive dentures for less than $2,000. However, if you need all your teeth replaced as well as new crowns in order to regain your smile, plan on spending between $7,500 and $12,500 or more. However, once you’ve received your new crowns over several sessions there will be no additional costs after that because they can last up to 10 years without having any major work done on them (as long as you don’t lose them).


Dentures are meant to replace missing teeth, but unfortunately they aren’t always perfect replacements. Dentures can look unnatural or bulky, and there’s a good chance that you’ll experience discomfort eating certain foods. Plus, dentures can cause jawbone deterioration if you don’t get them adjusted frequently. While dentures may have their place in some situations (such as while you wait for implants), they generally should be avoided whenever possible. If you already wear full-mouth dentures, keep your dentist in mind when planning your full mouth reconstruction treatment! They may be able to make adjustments to improve comfort and appearance before replacement is necessary.


Your dentist will likely suggest placing crowns (caps) on your teeth to replace those that are damaged. If a patient has four or more teeth with decay and there is only about one millimeter remaining, then crowns will probably be recommended. The cost for full mouth reconstruction generally varies depending on whether you have to have all four procedures done (crowns, root canals, fillings), just one or two procedures done, and which state you live in. The total cost depends upon your situation; if you need all four procedures but they’re covered by insurance, then your out-of-pocket costs could be minimal.

Bite Correction

If you are looking to improve your smile, you’re probably aware that there are a variety of options available. As a dentist, Dr. John T Nguyen offers many services at our dental office in Pearland, TX, ranging from teeth whitening to full mouth reconstruction. But how much does it cost? Full mouth reconstruction or. One such example is bruxism (also known as clenching and grinding). Bruxism causes extensive wear on your teeth due to biting stress. If left untreated, bruxism could cause long-term damage and even damage neighboring teeth!