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Indian spices

10 healthy Indian spices for weight loss

Making a healthy selection is compulsory during a weight loss programme but making healthy food delicious is in our hands. If we can make our diet food flavourful, then the reason for hating the diet programme would no longer exist.

If your final goal is to lose weight, multiple Indian spices from wholesale bulk spices suppliers will help you. Indeed, most people want to lose weight and complain that diet food is light and plain.

Furthermore, sticking to a diet becomes easier if you enjoy and like the recipes. Instead, herbs make your food delicious and boost metabolism, which helps you burn fat.

Indian spices and herbs are the best way to add flavour to your food. However, these herbs will avoid adding calories, junk, sugar, or sodium. In addition, these are the four things that you should avoid while on a weight loss plan.

Therefore, we will discuss some herbs and spices that have the power to burn fat faster. So, you can include these herbs in your diet food that make you slim in less time.

Indian Spices Consumed For Weight Loss

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is one of the most strong Indian spices for weight loss plans. In addition, this blazing hot spice is absorbed faster by the stomach and suppresses hunger. 

However, capsaicin, the primary ingredient in cayenne pepper and red chilli peppers, may lower bad cholesterol. Indeed, the capsaicin present in the pepper has thermogenic effects which can help burn fat, thus improving heart health.   

Cayenne pepper increases the body temperature that boosts your metabolism. In addition, you can burn more calories with a higher metabolism level. Moreover, you can get your required quantity of cayenne pepper from the wholesale bulk spices suppliers.


Instead, rosemary is another herb to include in your weight loss programme. 

However, this herb helps to increase your metabolic rate. Indeed, it also aids digestion and weight loss. 

In addition, these green pointed leaves are to be soaked in boiling water for a few minutes. Moreover, this strained water can be consumed slightly warm on any day, avoiding an empty stomach.


According to research and analysis, mustard increases metabolism immediately after three hours of consumption. In addition, mustard contains a high amount of fat that serves the average carbohydrates and proteins intake. 

Therefore, the high-fat content makes your stomach feel full for a long time. However, mustard also contains an abundant dietary fibre, which helps digestion.

Chilli Powder

Although this chilli powder adds spiciness to various street food recipes and cuisines that used to lose weight. Indeed, the chilli powder holds capsaicin; consumption of it increases body temperature.

However, this leads to an increase in the body’s fat-burning ability by twenty-five percent. In addition, chilli powder consumption also helps in lowering cholesterol levels and improving blood circulation.

Furthermore, the intake of chilli powder increases the body temperature. So, while maintaining that temperature, the body requires more energy, resulting in fat burning.


Cinnamon helps restore the body’s metabolism, which further helps reduce belly fat. In addition, this herb can maintain blood sugar levels and reduce cravings. Moreover, it also helps you remain satisfied for a longer time.

However, you can use it in food preparations, tea, or may add it to cheese, yoghurt, and more food items. Indeed, it is packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Cinnamon contains qualities and its role in effective weight loss.

Black Pepper

You can purchase the necessary quantity from the Indian spices manufacturer across the globe. Although this herb is a cousin to cayenne pepper, it is rich in piperine, which gives them its unique flavour. 

Also, this distinct ingredient prevents the formation of fat cells and helps you to lose and maintain that weight. However, you can combine black pepper and cayenne pepper for better weight loss results.


Cardamom is a popular Indian spice with a unique flavour. In addition, it is thermogenic, and it helps you lose weight. Moreover, it also prevents the formation of gas, which makes you feel bloated and uneasy.

However, you can add a pinch or two of cardamom powder to your food to lose weight faster. Furthermore, an effective digestive stimulant and diuretic cardamom boosts metabolism and help the body burn fat more efficiently.


Adding one tablespoon of cumin seeds to your meals every day can help you burn three times more fat. In addition, cumin adds excellent flavour to your food. Moreover, you can add it to almost everything, including dressings, soups, veggies, pulses and bread.

However, when combined with other spices, cumin becomes a good metabolism booster. Therefore, drinking cumin water is one of the best ways to boost your metabolism. 


Ginger helps control blood sugar levels, which means it can prevent increasing your glucose levels after taking a diet. Indeed, it is an all-rounder starting from setting the stomach, boosting metabolism, and decreasing appetite. 

In addition, you can use ginger as a cure for indigestion. However, this herb can enhance metabolism by producing more heat in the body. Furthermore, ginger goes well with vegetables like carrots and smoothies.


Turmeric will act as the vital immunity-boosting herb to help with weight loss. In addition, this yellow-orange spice has several weight loss properties. Moreover, it helps digest fat and is very effective as a fat-burning compound. 

However, curcumin helps enhance the body’s metabolic rate by elevating body heat. Indeed, you can consume turmeric simply by adding it to soups and curries.

Which Indian spices help lose belly fat? 

Although spices add flavour to various recipes, they also help you lose weight. Indeed, they are rich in vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and other nutrients. So, the most vital herbs used to lose belly fat are ginger, cinnamon, black pepper, cayenne, and mustard seed.