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house movers London

The best things you know about house movers London

Hiring experienced house movers London who are familiar with your stuff is the ideal way to move your most valuable goods. If you’re carrying an antique hutch, it’s a good idea to contact a team with antique experience.

Everything else aside, understanding how to pack like an expert will assist you in adequately transporting your prized items to your new house. Here we’ve discussed some necessary steps to achieve that goal.


Anything you own that could be regarded as “priceless” should be appraised by a professional. It’s always a great idea to obtain a second and third opinion afterward to be sure you’re getting accurate information. For insurance purposes, it’s frequently required to have objects appraised.


It’s a great idea to take a break before you start packing boxes so you can make a plan. In this phase, you’ll want to go through a few distinct potential areas of concern.

Check the weather prediction for the duration of your relocation. 

The amount of packing materials you’ll need to preserve your goods depends on how long they’ll be on the truck.

If you’re transporting special items, making specific crates is reasonable to safeguard them and have a better overall moving experience.

Professional house movers London with white-glove experience can rapidly construct specialized containers for your valuables to reduce the probability of damage during transport.


Packing, loading, and unloading your most valuable possessions takes time. The dangers of damage rise if you rush through the process. As a result, allowing for more time anytime you need to transfer something valuable is beneficial. Environmental adaptation should be part of this process. Even the truck’s structure has an impact. Your items will move more if you don’t have a high-quality suspension system.


Many priceless possessions are prone to breakage. To optimize the protection of these items, wrap them first in bubble wrap and then in packing paper. To avoid getting misplaced during the moving process, wrap your tiniest things in different colors. Reduce the danger of damage, you should pack all fragile objects together. To fill up the holes, crumpled paper, bubble wrap, or you might even use towels. After that, seal the box, fasten it with packing tape, and label it as delicate.


Check your inventory carefully once you’ve arrived at your location to verify no harm has occurred. Ensure to inspect the products for damage before signing any receipts if you hire professional house movers to transport them. This phase is particularly crucial when service or reassembly is required.

Do you require assistance in transporting your most prized possessions? If that’s the case, house movers London are ready to assist you.

house movers London


The best house movers use top-of-the-line packing materials specifically designed for high-end belongings.

Covering your furnishings

When it comes to transporting your gorgeous designer furniture, you must take particular care. They use the highest-grade plastic wrap to attach loose cushions to the couch, sofa, or chair. Cover the furniture in three layers and then carefully swaddle in thick, sturdy moving blankets to avoid damage and wrap them in packaging tape. They utilize a mattress bag that’s then slid into a custom-sized box that is taped shut. The entire bundle is then wrapped in protective wrap.

Packing precious art and treasures to ensure their safety

Each piece of art is first wrapped in glassine paper that’s highly protective and resistant to air and water.  Then they secure it with blue packing tape. It’s then bubble-wrapped and fastened with additional tape. This boxed artwork is placed inside a box, then into a second box, taped shut, and labeled “FRAGILE.” If you’ve costly antiques or artwork, the house movers can provide climate-controlled storage for as long as you need it if you don’t plan to transport your art or antiques right away.

Transporting wine and rare spirits safely

Make a photo inventory of your collection and get it appraised. Then, to secure your investment, you can get the right type and amount of moving insurance. The movers will then properly secure your bottles, following these crucial steps.

Wrap each bottle in clean packing paper and tape it shut.

Insert each bottle in the specially constructed wine bottle box.

Fill any holes with packing peanuts or packing paper to prevent unintentional displacement.

Label the box ‘FRAGILE.’

Carry them in temperature-controlled moving trucks.

House movers London offers you peace of mind for your relocation with white-glove and super-careful attention to detail for moving delicate items. Contact Hello Movers today to explain your issue, and they’ll collaborate on a plan to keep your valuables safe.