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smm training in LAhore

SMO and SMM: Which training or course is better?

SMO course in Lahore

SMO Course in Lahore and SMM training in Lahore has its vast importance. In today’s digital world thousands of users are connected with each other through the internet, which is flooded with several social media portals such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Everyone shares information related to personal interests, careers, social causes, events, and so on. To generate awareness and publicity about a company’s products and services SMM helps individual users or user communities. Thus, social media sites use a sub-technique known as Social Media Optimization (SMO). SMO course is designed in a pattern to assist the students in making themself a perfect brand using the network of their relatives and friends. In a professional manner using this SMO course, we make people follow the brands by sharing the related information of the industry with the same thought process people and their interests.

SEO is the best SMO training institute in Lahore which offers the best Professional Social Media Optimization Training Lahore, Pakistan. Students will get to understand the social media, , the do’s and don’ts of social media, account creation on various platforms including facebook, twitter, LinkedIn along with the understanding, at what time and which place conversations are happening.

Working Principle

The working principle behind SMM and SMO Course in Lahore is when Search engines utilize user recommendations, “shares” and “likes” to analyze and rank websites on the search result pages. SMO helps businesses target prospective prospect segments based on his or her geography as search results become increasingly personalized based on an individual’s interests. SMO leads to the business or brand name going viral and soon many users begin visiting the company website which in turn builds a healthy business-consumer relationship. Thus, Social Media Marketing and Social Media Optimization courses assist in creating a bridge between customers and service providers and also promise a better Return on Investment (ROI).

Digital Marketing Training in Lahore experts are giving training on SMM SMO to students about the principles behind social media marketing strategies and how to make businesses achieve good rankings by use of social media efficiently. social media marketing course also imparts knowledge on the best practices used in the market to grip the power of SEO and SMO to boost business needs.

SMM training in Lahore

Social Media Marketing (SMM) describes strategies and tactics with which companies (companies, parties, non-profit organizations) use social media to achieve various corporate goals. They create added value for stakeholders (prospects / potential customers) and communicate with them via social media. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat, as well as business networks such as Xing and LinkedIn, are highly relevant in social media marketing and generate new users and thus new potential customers every day.

  • Business Blogs
  • Facebook ads
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Instagram for business
  • Linkedin-International Network

Business Blogs


In this course, you will learn the relevant characteristics of a blog and learn which content strategies can be used effectively. You will also get an insight into the networking of a blog with other platforms or social media and the meaning of “social” in blogging will be discussed. In addition, the search engine optimization of a blog to control and measure the achievement of goals is dealt with.

target group

  • Specialists and executives from marketing and sales
  • Agency employee


  • Basic knowledge of social media
  • Basic knowledge of WordPress

Blog strategy

  • Addressing and analyzing target groups
  • Web design and content creation
  • Corporate CI in the blog
  • Target scale
    • Leads
    • Branding
    • Conversions
  • Embed the blog in corporate communication

Search engine optimization for blog

  • SEO with WordPress and plugins
  • WordPress loop structure
    • Keywords
    • Categories
    • Tags
  • Blog and RSS directory

Facebook Ads


In this course, you will learn about relevant functions and design options for running and managing successful advertising campaigns on Facebook. You will also learn how to identify and segment target groups, create attractive ads and analyze the campaign progress according to KPIs.

Target group

  • Agency employee
  • Self-employed


SEM basic knowledge



  • Facebook on desktop and mobile devices
  • Difference Google Adwords
  • Ad placement
  • Bid and campaign models
  • Campaign and account structure

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