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Popular Artists And Their Journey With NFTs

In recent times, you might have often come across the word NFT. The Non-fungible Tokens are something that has been invading the planet as a whole. It is everywhere from art to sports, simply everywhere where there is a need for uniqueness. Though Introduced in 2015, the popularity of these digital tokens grew tremendously only in 2021. In 2022, the market for NFTs is expected to be worth over $50 billion USD. It is also worth noting that the sales volume shows no indications of slowing down. This has resulted in the introduction of several new NFT collections to the market. With that NFT based Blockchain games are evolving giving rise to a new generation of Gaming. 

You might have heard celebrities and artists taking up NFTs and launching their collections. Why is there hype around NFTs? Here is a blog to tell you everything about NFTs that will make the world tomorrow.

NFTs – The all-time Hype

Non-fungible refers to something that cannot be traded or duplicated; it is unique and it is one of its kind. Anything Digital or physical can be minted as an NFT. Some examples of NFTs are virtual land, music, GIFs, photos, a tweet, video game avatars, or audio files, among others. Furthermore, NFTs allow artists to collect royalties on future NFT sales. That is when an NFT is sold and the buyer sells it again in an NFT marketplace, then the creator of the NFT gets a royalty of some percentage of the total sales set by the creator itself. 

There’s no doubt that NFTs have a promising future, especially for artists. Artists are turning to the digital medium for a variety of reasons, from developing new applications for blockchain technology or pursuing a wildly creative new direction for their practice, to connecting with collectors and gaining greater agency over the work, whether they have traditional art-world backgrounds or are deeply embedded in the crypto community.

NFTs for Artists

Non-fungible tokens came out first to represent the ownership of digital art in the first place. The developers were skeptical about how people will react to the concept of owning a digital asset. Though at the beginning people weren’t aware of the concept, people gave a tremendous response. People actually welcomed the idea of owning digital assets in the world that is soon to become digital with the help of metaverse. Many digital artists rose up in 2021 by selling out their work for millions of dollars. There were also many instances of NFT sales that took Non Fungible tokens to a global platform.

NFT Artists on Spotlight

In the middle of 2021. Non-fungible tokens were reaching the highest NFT sales. Art lovers and collectors started to this unique and rare digital collectibles and it gradually became the trend. Notable artists who made it to the spotlight with their digital as Non Fungible Tokens are given below.

  • Beeple, or Mike Winkelmann, is the most famous NFT digital creator, artist, and designer today. His work includes a now-famous NFT collage of around 5000 artwork he did for 13 years. He named his creation Everyday: the first 5000 days and it sold for a mind-boggling $69 million. 
  • Pak, an anonymous artist is also a famous artist who sold his NFTs for 3.5 ETH even during the initial winter days when NFTs were unknown to many. He also released hos series of NFTs in the name Super rare series and Project X with just 13 NFTs which were all sold out the moment they were released
  • Crypto Punks NFTs from Larva Labs must be mentioned when there is a list of art NFTs. these were the first-ever art NFTs that came out. Some of the pieces from the collection were sold for millions of dollars and were considered one of the most expensive NFTs of all time.
  • Garry Vee should also make the list. Here’s why. He is an entrepreneur who made use of NFTs to bring the first-ever token gated community with the help of non-fungible tokens. Bu elit semtimizde ataşehir vip escort bayanlar sizi bekliyor. He made many of his hand-drawn doodles which were animals, birds, and Insects. They were categorized and the one who owns the NFT will get a chance to interact with Garry Vee and make direct conversations with him regarding entrepreneurship. 

Celebrities and their craze for NFTs

You might have seen the short music video or the skit made on Non-Fungible tokens in SNL- The Saturday Night Live. many came to know about NFTs from celebrities in the first place. 

It all started with Justin Bieber, Jimmy Fallon, and Snoop Dog updating their Twitter by flaunting their Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs. with that not only the public and fans noticed blockchain and non-fungible tokens, but also the other celebrities. This created an NFT Strom in the celebrity world. Celebrities started owning famous NFTs like BAYC, MAYC, and crypto punks. Meanwhile, Celebrities also started to launch their own NFT collection. These celebrity-based NFT collections were not restricted to actors or celebrities they also included movie-based NFTs.  some of the famous celebrities and their NFT collections that took the spotlight are

  • Parris Hilton’s Iconic Crypto Queen NFTs, whose announcement was put up on her Instagram stating see you in Metaverse
  • Katy perry’s NFT collection “ The roar package: looking back while Moving forward- the collection was released with rare clips of her during her world tour concerts. 
  • Shawn Mendes NFT collection- Wonder Grant, which was released to raise funds for the SMF. 
  • Inbetweeners Sitcom NFTs- NFT collection of 10677 NFTs based on the television sitcom In-betweeners

The NFT wave just hit the world and the sales volume is still at the bay without dripping down even during the crypto crash. This has made people believe in non-fungible tokens and their future potential. NFT marketplaces are always having active wallets with daily transactions. This proves that the demand for NFTs is still there and people do love collecting and trading NFTs. NFT games on the other hand brought fortunes for the gamers during the pandemic and it is continuing to do the same even during the crypto crash. NFTs are unshakable and they will take their part anywhere and everywhere in the near future.