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How Explainer Videos Help Build Brand Awareness

How Explainer Videos Help Build Brand Awareness

What Is An Explainer Video?

What is your company?

Why is your product/service unique from your competitors?

Who is your intended market?

These ice breakers are meant to help consumers get to know the fundamental information before hiring a firm or buying a product or service.

Most people prefer acquiring quick data or an overview of something in our fast-paced world of unending to-do lists.

An explainer video service provider can be your guardian angel to get the edge. Such video format can be thought of as the modern-day elevator pitch for a company’s product or service. It is useful for people who want to learn more about a company or product but don’t have the time to do so thoroughly.

What Is Brand Awareness?

Have you ever heard someone call themselves an “Apple person,” a “Nike person,” or a “Trader Joe’s person?”

It is what brand awareness can accomplish for a company: it can embed itself into customers’ lifestyles and purchasing habits such that they don’t have to think twice about becoming repetitive customers.

Brand awareness may appear to be a hazy idea, and it is. Brand awareness is likely to ruffle the feathers of marketers and business owners who want to measure success with neat metrics. But just because it isn’t a completely determinable statistic doesn’t mean it isn’t valuable.

For corporate success and overall marketing goals, brand recognition is critical.

Customers should not only recognize your name, but they should also know that your brand image is consistent with their beliefs. Today, the greatest method to do it is through video marketing, which complements your plain-text content marketing plan.

Video allows us additional options to generate high-quality, unique content that converts better than most other formats.

How Do Explainer Videos Help Build Brand Awareness?

Here are some facts related to explainer videos:

  • An explainer video is the most effective way to communicate the new product’s concept to your potential customers (Source).
  • More than 45% of the businesses place explainer videos on their homepage and are pretty satisfied with their benefits.

1. Allows you to tell a narrative

The core of your brand’s marketing activity is storytelling. It enables you to reach out to customers and engage with them by telling and showing them who you are and what your brand stands for.

You can convey your personality and leave a lasting impact on your audience by using videos—how you depict your firm and the narrative behind it will determine how people remember it.

Your market doesn’t have time to read long articles that explain your value proposition; yet, a short, lively film can achieve just that.

2. Post an Explainer Video on Your Website

A website is the first place to post your explainer video. Instead of browsing through a website’s written copy, visitors like to watch a short video about your brand and its products or services. Masaja mı ihtiyacınız var? avcılar masaj escort bayanlar ile hemen randevu alın.

First and foremost, it enhances the appeal of a website and provides a concise overview of who you are. Furthermore, an explanatory film can help a website rank higher in search engines. Users and Google both prefer video material over all other content types.

3. Improves the performance of search engines

Video performs higher in online searches, it appears in 62% of Google worldwide searches. It means that many more people will see your video instead of the article you wrote.

According to statistics, social video content is 1200% more likely to be shared than long, boring text and images.

When people are looking for information, they prefer to watch a video that explains a subject or shows a product in action. With the help of social sharing, a high-quality video that is widely available goes further.

Furthermore, around 1 out of 4 online purchasers said they searched for YouTube videos online before making a purchase decision.

4. Multi-channel visibility

You already know that a website is no longer sufficient. You must go where your target audience is.

Social media platforms cater to a wide range of audiences and are used to display material for a variety of objectives.

As of 2019, Internet users spent approximately 38 minutes per day on Facebook, 26 minutes on Snapchat, and 27 minutes on Instagram.

The majority of brand awareness strategies employed, especially among Millennial and Gen Z consumers, are targeted ads on Facebook and Instagram.

4. Incorporate a video into your sales pitch

Use a cool explainer videos to make your sales pitch even more engaging. According to Forbes, 58% of corporate executives and ordinary customers would rather watch a brief video presentation of a company’s products or services than listen to or read long-winded sales pitches.

5. Build Customer Loyalty

When people see that you aren’t trying to sell them anything, but instead are offering them an exciting experience through your product displayed in a fun animated video, they are more likely to become interested in your brand. In addition to providing products and services, animated explainer videos present your brand as a creative, customer-centric company.

6. Communicate Complex Business Ideas Creatively

You can simplify complicated information with animated videos by breaking it down into short, easy-to-understand scenarios. 

Animated videos simplify complicated information into a simple form. Imagine you can explain your brand mission and product essence just within several minutes of an engaging animation video. Companies often use animated explainer videos on tradeshows, investor presentations, and exhibitions.

7. Works as Powerful Attention-Grabbers

On social media, animated ads and commercials are the most effective way to attract potential customers’ attention. There are too many news stories, images, GIFs, and other types of content on our social network feeds today.

The online world is becoming increasingly crowded, making it more challenging to stand out. A compelling storyline and impressive 3D animation are sure to captivate users and evoke a vivid interest in your brand. This is why animated videos are regarded as the most effective type of advertising.

Signing Off With…

To sum it all up, an effective animated explainer video can boost a company’s visibility to new heights. So, if you are looking for an explainer video service provider, WOW Explainers in the USA is ready to jump in. They have been creating effective explainer videos for their clients for years.

As soon as you entrust your business to us, our dedicated team of video marketing professionals makes it their duty to scale up your business by infusing their creative eye, and technical expertise to engineer artistic, yet captivating videos that ensure higher user engagement. So, shall we begin? Call us at +14808004148.