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Make a group travel reservation with American Airlines

Make a group travel reservation with American Airlines

We travel to countless destinations for holidays or vacations to enjoy some time for ourselves most of the time. The people try to explore the multiple destinations from their own point of view. But, at certain times, we wish to travel with a group such as with family or friends. However, the problem here is most people don’t know how to make group travel reservations in American airlines?

Moreover, it’s a major US airline headquartered in Texas within the Forth Worth Metroplex. Apart from all, it is the world’s largest airline as per the fleet size. On the other hand, if you plan group travel, then visit the American Airlines Group Travel to get the best relevant information.

How can you purchase group travel tickets?

It will be better to connect to the airlines sales office rather than approaching the official number. As you contact the sales office, there you will get the discounted rates truly depending on the number of passengers.

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Is there any sort of discounts by American Airlines?

Definitely! You will get awesome deals by making a group travel booking with the airways. However, it is a way to grab & encourage more number customers to come forward & enjoy your group travel.

What does the term “group” refer to in the flight ticket?

While making the group reservations, it’s probably informed that some specific number of passengers will travel on the same flight. Moreover, it includes the outbound & return. Based on these, the airlines will provide a rate. It also allows holding the seats with a deposit.

Although, these things proved to be quite helpful while proceeding with the group excursion.

How many members can travel in a group with the airlines?

As per the code & conduct of American Airways, there need to be about ten members in a group or more. However, these things help the airlines to give you the best rates & other valuable services.

Moreover, these are some ways to give you a slight idea about how to make group travel reservations in American airlines?

Is it possible to add someone to your reservation?

You can do that but include an additional person directly meant to be ready for the additional charges. If you book through an agent or any other website, you also need to pay the expenses.

Can you add a passenger to an existing reservation?

The Transport security administration (TSA ) allows you to add your (KNT) Known traveler number to the current reservation. As this is also done by most of the airways.

On the other side, you can also make the seat arrangements & other necessary changes.

How many groups are there in the American Airlines boarding?

Customers who are flying internationally or in two cabin business class aircraft can board at “group 1”. For your information, there are about ten groups, including the pre-boarding. As these are quite some of the valuable information if you are traveling in groups for the first time.

The airlines always believe in making your every travel quite memorable & you can also enjoy with your colleagues or family members.

What is the procedure to add the members to the air carrier?

In case you add some of the other members along with you for the “group travel,” the customers can directly make contact with the airways. From there you can purchase some extra tickets.

Somehow, these ways will help that will precisely allow you to add some other members.

What does it mean to board Group 6 on the American airlines?

Group 6 stands for the AA advantage members, Group 7 for the Non-AA advantage members with the same boarding pass. Moreover, Group 8 for the Non-AA advantage members with the same boarding pass. On the other side, it also includes the basic economy to & from “Europe” & “South America.”

The customers can go through this information to get in-depth information istanbul escorts about the different boarding groups. As you don’t know it may be quite helpful in the future & passengers can plan their travel as per their preference.

Group travel conditions:

  • The first thing is you need to have the “Electronic ticketing.”
  • You can purchase the tickets from the “agency of record” or connect with the local airlines reservation number as these things will help you get them at the best prices.
  • Moreover, in the US, you can also call the meeting services at 800- 433- 1790 from the official website.
  • The AA Advantage members can precisely acquire the mileage on Group & Travel meeting contracts.
  • However, the AA advantage upgraded members are probably allowed after the ticketing & subject to the rules of the program.
  • You can contact the ticketing help desk for any ticketing instructions.

Know about the feature of the American Airlines online group booking feature

As the new feature can say, the platform offers you great visibility about the group itineraries & provides a 24×7 modifying booking facility.

Below are some of the essential features:

  • The first thing it’s a great initiative by the airlines to the make the booking process more convenient for the customers.
  • It’s a new way to enhance the booking criteria so that you don’t need to face unnecessary challenges.
  • The platform gives you better search results for the availability & the pricing for the simple or the multi origin itineraries.
  • It can hold the booking upto14 days before the contract commitment.

So, you can easily see the above features & which can probably help to ease your booking for the group travel very convenient.

Important points related to the airlines group booking :

  • Booking Cancellations:

The airline is somehow authorized to cancel the booking cancellation if an agent fails to do so. However, a specific date is precisely mentioned on the group travel confirmation. The passengers can also go through the terms & conditions to know about the other requirements.

  • Passenger Names:

As per rules, the agents must provide a legal or an official name of the passengers reflected in the passport. On the other side, the emergency names & numbers of all US/non-residents are due by the date on the group travel confirmation. Moreover, you need to follow these conditions.


However, the above blog provides you with all the essential information related to how to make group travel reservations on American airlines.

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