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Tosh Himachal ­- The Last Hippie Village in Parvati valley

0In recent years, the little hamlet of Tosh has seen a surge in popularity as one of the hippie villages in Parvati valley. Located in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh, Tosh is the last village in the valley of Parvati. There are no concrete roads to navigate inside this village, you have to walk on foot through the nature trail of the village. Hence, Tosh is considered as the last motorable destination in the fertile land of Parvati valley. Situated at a distance of 94 km from Manali, Tosh is definitely a treat for every hippie culture centrics.

 Hostels in Tosh

 Climbing up to Tosh can be a bit arduous for the first timers but the reward waiting atop far exceeds the hustle all along. The backdrop of the Himalayas in front of the Parvati valley from the top is simply breathtaking. If you are solo travelling then stay-in hostels are perfect for you. You can make friends with backpackers from all around the world who come in search of the peaceful aura of Tosh. Hostels are primarily popular among the budget traveller where you can get a bed in a dorm for as low as 350 INR.

Budget Hotels in Tosh Village

 There are many reasonable hotels available at an average price of 1200 INR around peak season of tourist period and in the party months of New Year and Christmas Eve. If you are a budget traveller then it is advisable to visit Toosh in off season, especially in monsoon when there is little to no tourist crowd and the stay with meals offer heavy discounted rates. You can also visit during the months of January to March where the hotels are available at low price up to 400 INR. If you are looking for where to stay in the plethora of stay options then start with Boom Shiva Café, Hotel 19 and 11:11 Bunker house

What to do in Tosh Village

 Tosh village is never short of things to do in and around it. That is the reason why it is so adored by the backpackers from all around the world. You can indulge in the hippie vibes of the village and do much more. Here is the list of some of the best things you can try out on your visit to Tosh village.

  • Trekking in Tosh
  • Attend Namaste Festival
  • Camping in Tosh
  • Trek to Kheerganga
  • Try some local and Israeli Food
  • Shopping in Tosh
  • Photography
  • Experience the local Culture

Trekking around Tosh

There are many trails around Tosh where you can go for nature trek among which Kheerganga and Pin Parvati pass trek are the most-sought after trekking destinations.

Kheerganga Trek

 The Kheerganga trek does not require any introduction as many trek enthusiasts flock around Kasol just to take upon this trek as a stand-alone. That’s how popular Kheerganga trek is. This beautiful trek takes you up to an altitude of 3000 metres with waterfalls and hot springs on its trail. The easy grade trek of Kheerganga can be taken up by beginners as well.

 Pin Parvati Pass

Pin Parvati Pass trek is deemed to be one of the challenging treks in India. The daunting height of 5000 metre and crossing pass with difficult terrain. If you are an adventure seeker and have the physique for it, then Pin Parvati is a must to do list around Tosh.

Weather of Tosh

 Tosh is one such place that will never disappoint you no matter when you choose to visit. Every season comes alive with the beauty of Tosh. The white blanket views of the snow in the winter looks heavenly and the summer is best for all the green nature lovers. The autumn set the bar high with its golden appearance. However, the weather remains cold throughout the year owing to its altitude. If you want to escape the heat of the northern plains then escaping to To-sh is a best option which is also the peak tourist season. However, winter sometimes can be harsh with its extreme weather conditions and temperature tends to drop below 0 degree Celsius. You can even experience snow-fall in the months of December and January. Sometimes, the accessibility to the outside world for To-sh settlement gets cut off due to road blocks caused by snow. So, make your plans accordingly. As mentioned, Summers are a pleasant time of the year to escape to the wonderland of Tosh with temperatures around 20 degree Celsius.