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Laser Tattoo Removal treatment in uk

Laser Tattoo Removal or Cover-Ups: What Should You Choose?

Laser Tattoo Removal or Cover-Ups. The rate at which people are getting their favourite tattoos on their bodies has increased manifold in recent years. While the trend of getting inked is on the rise, a large majority of want to get them removed due to many reasons. Change of mind is one. Some regret the tattoos they got while they were young and don’t want to continue with them.

A large majority of tattoo lovers don’t feel the bonding for the one that no longer appeals to them or signifies them. Some want to remove it because it looks unsightly. Lastly, many like me are always looking for something new and replacing the old with something trendy or according to the mood.

There could be many reasons; however, at the end of the day, they all get confused in two contradicting thoughts, whether they should go for cover-ups or have them removed with the help of a laser.

We’ve written something in favour of Laser Tattoo Removal as to why it must be used to lighten any body designs before you can cover up or opt for full tattoo removal.

Here is another best treatment for unwanted hair removal. Expert centre clinic offer advance laser hair removal in london. Everyone knows that laser hair removal is an effective treatment for unwanted body hair. It’s one of the most popular types of cosmetic treatments today, and because it’s been proven to be highly effective, people choose it as an option more often than they might think.

Tattoo cover-ups require more ink

If you want to hide a tattoo via cover-ups, dark and heavily pigmented ink will be used on your body. This will be the case whenever you want to conceal black-inked tattoos. Irrespective of the experience and proficiency of the tattooist. They will still have to use the doubled amount of ink to make sure that the job is done satisfactorily, i.e., no traces are left behind.

This can cause concern for those who want to replace their tattoos with something more colourful. For instance, if you have a big tattoo on your body that covers a large area and is heavily saturated. Let’s say a dark tribal art, the tattooist may not be left with any option other than to cover it with a darker solid tattoo.

All lasers easily remove black ink. However, if you go for Laser Tattoo Removal to remove the tattoo completely or fade it significantly. Then the artist has a clean slate to show their mastery. They can show off their artistic skills with more room to play while giving you a new tattoo.

Many people on social media, especially on YouTube, have given a thumbs up to Laser Tattoo Removal over a cover-up. Take the example of Qcknd, a Youtube Vlogger. Who told her story about how Laser Tattoo Removal turned out to be the best thing for her.

She is a fair-skinned vegan girl from Philadelphia who felt the need to have a colourful tattoo. However, an old design was in the way. She had enough of it, which was removed by Laser Tattoo Removal.

Once she got rid of her existing Tattoo via Laser, she got a new one according to her wishes. Moreover, there were no remains of the old one.

You are only left with limited size and design with Cover-ups

Yes, that’s right. All cover-ups to conceal the existing tattoo design cover more area. Although it is a viable solution. It’s not exactly what you want. If you go through this article. You will see that the cover-ups did a great job. However, most cover-ups filled a larger area than the original size of the tattoo.

When we talk about the advanced method of removing old tattoos using the laser.It gives the client and tattoo artist a completely blank space where they draw whatever they like. The laser can also lighten or fade the tattoo instead of abnegating it entirely.

Thanks to the laser way of fading specific parts of an already etched design on your skin. Once a tattoo is faded, the professional is now at ease to perform a cover-up by removing and adding the required design elements.

For instance, you have a text tattoo with the name of your ex enclosed in a square or a heart-shaped design. If you want to remove the name and replace it with your own or your current lover’s name, you can do it.


Going for a few lightning sessions will help you reduce certain design elements, and the reworking by the tattooist will be a lot easy. Moreover, the theme of the original tattoo will still be the same. This allows the artist to innovate, improvise and incorporate new design aspects according to the wishes of the client.

When you decide between a cover-up or a complete removal via laser, we suggest you go for the laser option. It is safe, delivers great results, and the artist has a blank canvas at their disposal to showcase their creativity. The possibilities are endless.

When the new cover-up is complicated and involves too much detail. Laser Tattoo Removal can be of great help. If you try to draw a new design without Laser Tattoo Removal. You are risking the possibility of a poor tattoo with the design underneath peeking through. This also goes against you if you want to hide the already designed tattoo at a certain body part.

A misconception associated with Laser Tattoo Removal is that it is only used to remove an unwanted or ill-designed tattoo. In reality, it can lighten the slightest parts of the entire artwork and allow you to have detailing with the colour of your choice.

Do you want to help people get better?

Learn level 4 laser tattoo removal at your own pace in just 4 weeks. Explore your options with our laser tattoo removal pricing guide. That would help you decide which technology would be best for your clinic. Wherever you are, whatever treatment, concentrate on being the best-informed in the tattoo removal industry.

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