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view MDF file without SQL Server

View MDF File without SQL Server – Open & Get Database Objects


In this article, we are going to mention the best way to view MDF file without SQL Server. All the users suffering from a similar issue can get a detailed understanding of the entire operation here. We are going to have a look at both manual & automated features. Moreover, the benefits & shortcomings associated with these methods are also there in this article. Users can easily make up their minds about the right tool & technique by the end of this article.

Jade Weston, U.S.A

Hey there, Recently shifted from SQL Server to the Oracle. I still sometimes need to view the data files from the SQL Database files. Is there any genuine way to open MDF database without SQL Server? If yes, then please suggest it to me. I’ve tried several other solutions too but nothing worked out. I don’t need to edit those files. My requirement is to just open & view files. I’m willing to pay for the solution but it would be a great help if you can suggest a free solution.

As we can see from the above user query, the user is in trouble and desperately trying to get the perfect solution. We mailed the right solution to her & solved her problem. However, we realized this is a problem for several other users. So here’s a blog for all of them.

Open MDF Database Without SQL Server – What Are The Other Ways?

When we talk about the manual methods, then apart from the T-SQL query method, we have just two other solutions. The first one is to use the SQL Server Management Studio & the other one is to opt for the Microsoft Visual Studio platform.

SQL Server Management Studio

SSMS is used for managing the database. Now, this solution is quite easy but users have to keep a few things in mind. The first is that this solution does not require SQL Server. The second one is that they must have an active account to connect the SQL Server instance with the SSMS. Otherwise, this method is of no use for them.

Microsoft Visual Studio

If you’re going to opt for Microsoft Visual Studio, then you should know that it is not a direct method. This platform is used for creating & managing applications, websites, mobile apps, programs, etc. All users aren’t used to this solution & that’s why it can be hectic without having the knowledge of the technicalities.


  • Manual solutions have a file size limit. Users can not process heavy files.
  • Risky & involves the potential of complete data loss & corruption.
  • This is a complex & confusing solution for users to execute.
  • It’s a time taking process & does not guarantee the results.
  • Manual solutions do not have interactive User Interfaces.

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Automatically View MDF File Without SQL Server – Best Solution

The automated solution to view the data files includes the most advanced tools & techniques that too without any cost. After years of research & development, IT experts are here with the best tool. Evidently, an automated tool is capable of all the expected operations better than manual solutions.

Users just need to download the Best Microsoft SQL MDF Viewer Software in their system for free. Just by following the four simple steps mentioned below, users can easily open MDF database without SQL Server without hassles.

Note:- Select the option “Run as Administrator” if you are working on Windows Operating System 7, 8, 8.1, 10.

Step-1. Run the Utility >> Hit the Open button >> Add SQL datafile.


Step-2. Set Quik Scan / Advance Scan >> Enable Preview Deleted Records” option.


Step-3. Wait till the software scans your data files in detail. It won’t take too long.

step-3 view MDF file without SQL Server

Step-4. Hit the Ok button at the end to finish the task & view your data files.


Users must execute the steps carefully. Because there are just four steps but the software will perform several steps by itself to reduce users’ workload. 

Features of the Advanced Automated Solution

The automated solution has several fetaures that make it far better than the annual solutions. It’s not possible to mention all of the features & this is we are listing the most advanced solutions here.

  • Capabilities

    • The software allows users to simply open & view MDF/LDF/NDF data files for free. The entire process is easy & does not possess any threats.
    • It can smartly help users in opening & viewing the SQL tables, functions, triggers, views, indexes, stored procedures, rules, views, etc.
    • The software does not need SQL Server of its instance to get the solution. IT can solely handle the entire operation.
  • Features

    • There is an option of Quick & Advance Scan available to scan m corrupted files & open MDF database without SQL Server.
    • The software allows users to preview their deleted files in red color to eliminate chaos.
    • There is no file size limitation present in this tool. Users can easily process their large-sized data files.
    • It can save the scanned file for viewing in the future. This way users do not need to scan the files again & again.
  • Compatibility

    • The latest Windows Operating systems like 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 are supported by this utility.
    • IT is also compatible with SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008/ 2008 R2, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017, & 2019. 

The Ending Note

In the end, it’s time to conclude the article with genuine advice for users. We can’t suggest to users the manual methods as per our experiences. The automated method is the most ideal solution to view MDF file without SQL Server safely. Although this SQL Database Viewer Software is totally free, it also has a pro version that users can buy for additional features. However, that is also affordable & comes at a very pocket-friendly price.

The right tool & technique can help users in executing a smooth operation without any issues. Users are advised to make a wise decision as the wrong step can make the situation even worse. Now, users can easily get the best result without facing any difficulties. If you are still facing any issues in getting the perfect results, simply common down below & we will reply to you as soon as possible to solve your query.