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Know The Over Under Betting Game Rules

Over Under betting is a set of odds where you bet on whether the mixed odds will add up to more or less than the projected number of odds set by the oddsmakers. If you trust that there would be more scores total than the set total, then this means you will bet over. And if you think there would be fewer points scored than the set total value, then this means you will bet Under.

Over Under betting is also called totals betting and is among the most popular betting methods, and these are together with a money line and point spread. You will get Over Under in almost every sport, and they are available in NFL, college football, NCAA basketball, NBA, and MLB.

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Over Under Explained

And so, if the joint number of the score is over 165, the Over wager will win, and if you place an Over, you will secure a win.
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These numbers are typically presented in half points to prevent a push, and a push is simply a tie where no one wins the bet. This betting method helps you cheer for both teams where you will score or both to lose.

Many sports matches will let you bet on the totals on the number of points or goals scored. Other sports, however, will let bet on the total of other occurrences.

For instance, in the golf betting sites, you will bet on the number of birdies or eagles on a certain hole or during a specific tournament round. Other sports, however, might let you bet on the number of fouls, penalties, or yellow cards available during the match. This means that anything you can count during the match is candidate Over Under and will probably be counted somewhere else.

The Over-Under Betting Payout

Most Over Under betting is paid out of -110 no matter the side that you take. The less left will then be paid depending on the payout odds presented by the site. Let’s say, for instance, Utah Jazz is contending with the Houston Rockets. You might see the odds displayed in this manner.

Over 165.5 -110

Under 165.5 -110

The overall score of the match will be;

· Jazz 86

· Rockets 84

If you bet Overusing $ 100, you will secure a win because 86+84=170. And 170 is more than 165.5, and therefore, the over wins. The site will pay you out of -110, and therefore, this will give you a net profit of $90.91. Also, if you bet on the Under and the score becomes less than 165.5, the payout will be the same as the exact amount you used to bet.

The total bets odds can also be presented with separate odds on each side. The presentation is popular in sports betting where the totals line rarely changes. For instance, most matches are over Under 2.5 scores when it comes to soccer. The odds of such games usually look like the ones below;

Over 2.5 ¼

Under 2.511/4

You might think this match will have high scores for whatever reason. If you wagered $100 Over and won, your bet profit would be $25. And if you wagered the same amount on Under and won, you will receive a net profit of $275.

Final Thought

Over Under betting is easy to understand and can be determined by some things. Note that the amount you use to wager can influence the outcome. The sportsbooks can increase the total if the amount wagered is high and decrease it if it is low.