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interior designer modern

Interior Designer Modern Designs to Look for This New Year

Interior design trends shape how you decorate and style your home. From accessories to color, textures to building materials, interior designer modern trends are vast. There are some new hues, new textures, new styles, and most importantly new moods. Since the choices of people have changed, the way people used to design their homes has also changed. Modern interior designs agree that people now want sophisticated and elegant designs with sober hues and an airy feel. 

Though the feel of luxury is important for people, they also want an approachable space. People want their space to feel grand given below are some of the interior designer modern designs which you might consider in case you to give your house a unique look.

Night Sky Material

You will agree that there is a magical new material trend on the horizon. You can give your space a grant look by considering weighty slabs with efficient lightweight properties. Combining a deep-toned marble top with bronzed brass base, you can give your side table the essence of the rustic-luxe look that is loved by everyone. 


Arched doors have become a big thing when extensions and renovations of spaces and houses are considered. Arches doors with gentle curves that soften hard edges are everybody’s favorite. Arches add grandeur while remaining friendly at the same time. Curve edges also throw a relaxing feel to the space. If you are decorating your house, you can use arches as decoration and if you are renovating your house, you can use arches as a shape for your doors and windows. 

Colored concrete

Bathroom trends call for injecting a personal touch along with keeping spa-like serenity. This is where the concept of concrete comes in. the vivid hues coupled with the texture and depth; make it the perfect material for your bathroom. This is an interior designer modern concept that can be seen in the kitchen, on floors, on the exterior of extensions, bathrooms, etc. Colored concrete is becoming the design world’s favorite material in recent times. 

Cork Flooring

You will be glad to know that cork flooring is back and is better than ever before. It is one of the key flooring trends for the coming year because of its eco-credentials and the ease of sourcing it sustainably. Cork flooring is available in a variety of hues. Because of its natural thermal properties, cork flooring is great for heat insulation and is a much cheaper alternative to underfloor heating. This flooring also allows a reduction in energy usage and utility bills. 

Illustrated Bows

Bows are here to feel like presets that last all year round. Bows give an impression of a celebrity theme and have a glamorous appeal. You can use the concept of bows in your cushion covers, wallpapers, etc. you can even add bows to your dinner tables that look smart and at the same time can serve you all around the year.

Portable Table Lamps

The lightning trends for the New Year have also changed just like many other things. Gone are the days when you could just place a normal lamp on your bedside table and use it as a reading lamp. The New Year calls you to have an exciting realm of stylish must-have portable lamps. These days’ cordless lamps have grown in popularity. You can place this lamp on a kitchen shelf as a piece to admire, in the bathroom to create a relaxing mood, dining table spread as a stylish ornament, or even in the patio as a piece of attraction. The modern living portable lamps provide all-around flexibility. 

Checked Patterns

The checked patterns are also back and that too with a celebrity makeover. These checks are updated in bright tones with added gloss. You can pick up checks in jute runners, table cloth, bathroom tiles, kitchen shelves, etc. these checks are an ideal pick if you wish to breathe life into a narrow hallway. Who is already in love with this interior designer modern checked pattern done in bold hues?


There are many other interior designer modern trends like glazed exterior tiles, wavy wood, gothic glassware, cocooning furniture, etc. You will be happy to know that green, as a color, is the next big trend for 2022. So you can add mint emerge in house kitchens, olive in living rooms, pistachio in bedrooms, and many more shades of green in your living space. You won’t regret your choice here!

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