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motorized blinds
motorized blinds

7 Reasons To Buy Motorized Blinds For Homes

You can never have too many blinds, or so my friend always tells me as he is constantly adding more to his house. But if you are building a new home, buy new windows and doors with the latest technology. Why not complete your windows with motorized blinds? Motorizing your windows has multiple benefits from insulation to reducing energy costs. And it’s been shown that those who live in homes with motorized window treatments enjoy a higher resale value when they go to sell their home.

Here are 7 top reasons for professional installation of motorized blinds:

1. Energy Savings

Motorizing your existing cellular shades means they will automatically open and close at the change of seasons without you having to adjust them every time the weather changes. In the summer, windows are typically left open for ventilation. But in the winter they are kept closed to preserve energy and keep the house warm. There is a massive benefit to automatically closing your blinds when you leave your home for extended periods of time during the winter months as your windows will remain warmer and help insulate your home from both cold and heat. Over time, this can reduce energy costs making it easy to justify upgrading to motorized shades.

2. Comfort

In most homes today, there is at least one room that has poorly insulated windows where the air conditioning unit remains turned on throughout most of the year just so they can be comfortable. Even if they’re not looking directly through those windows very often, like bedrooms. But with an automated blind system, these same windows can now be covered during the hottest months of the year. So you don’t have to deal with those hot summer days when your air conditioning is running nonstop.

3. Security

Don’t forget that having motorized window coverings also adds a layer of security as it keeps strangers from being able to look into your home even if they do manage to peer into a window. Because you can control where the slats are open and closed on any given day or time. You can further increase your home’s security by closing them at night for extra peace of mind. Just make sure you install an automation system that uses infrared sensors so no one will ever know when your blinds are moving until they find out the hard way.

4. Convenience

It is not only people who prefer to sleep in on a Saturday or stay up late on a weeknight that will benefit from automating their blinds. Anyone who has small children will appreciate the convenience of opening and closing them without having to get out of bed several times during the night. And it’s also great for those who have pets as you can keep your windows open but still protect your drapes from clawing paws. You can also use this feature for privacy or as an added security measure by keeping your shades closed. When you’re home but open when you’re away. And those with poor eyesight will love being able to control their window coverings with the touch of a button when they are cooking, cleaning the house, or working on hobbies.

5. Safety

Your windows need not be open for you to benefit from having motorized blinds in your home. During any emergency whether it’s a fire, tornado, or hurricane that could pose a danger to your life or your family’s safety. Having the ability to control your window coverings means you can quickly close them. So nothing comes crashing through them during unexpected weather conditions. This is safe for both adults and children alike because there is no longer a danger of being cut by glass fragments should something happen before you have time to react. Also, keep in mind that if your automated blinds are shuttered. Burglars may think you’re still home and leave before they can do any damage to your property.

6. Sun Protection

During the summer months, when windows are left open for ventilation. Many homeowners find themselves dealing with the hot sun blasting. Through their windows making it much more difficult to cool off even in rooms that have air conditioning. Not only does this increase energy costs. By having to turn up the A/C unit in order to compensate for the extra heat in a room. But also leaves family members sweaty and uncomfortable leading them. To switch on an additional fan just so everyone can breathe a little easier. Motorized blinds allow you to choose which windows should be open and how wide based on the time of day and season of the year. Closing your shades during peak hours will reduce excess heat from entering your home. And you no longer have to deal with the added expense of needing to run your air conditioning overnight as well.

7. Energy Efficiency

In order to take advantage of any energy savings from using motorized blinds. It is important that all rooms in a house or business are equipped with them as they work together as a unit. In other words, if just one room has them installed but all the other windows remain uncovered. Heat will still be able to enter because those slats can easily be pushed open by even a slight breeze.

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