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Buy Your Dream Home

Buying a new property is exciting and an overwhelming experience. The location of the dream home matters a lot, and it makes people get confused more to decide where to buy their dream home. Several factors should be taken into consideration while selecting your dream house. Kerala is one of the most happening real estate destinations in India now. The big names in real estate, especially builders in Kottayam, Kochi, and Trivandrum are making huge investments in Kerala. Here, some locations are specified for your dream home.


Kochi become top of the list as the potential location for real estate investment and owning your dream home. select an apt location for your dream home in the trending city of Kochi, Kerala. Angamaly and Edappally are the busiest places in Kochi, because the international airport, metro stations, and Lulu mall are relay on these places.


 Kottayam is the land of the lake, letter, and latex. Kottayam preserves the serene beauty of nature. Climate is so cool and comfortable. Hospitals, Educational institutions, transport facilities are very much developed and people can buy land there without a doubt.


Palakkad is the other top city in Kerala, which were real estate investment destinations earlier, through advanced infrastructure, top educational institutions, leading hospitals, and above all, with a serene and beautiful location.


Thrissur is the cultural capital of Kerala, the land of pooram, festivals, and greenery. This place is also the best location for your dream home.


if you wish to buy your dream home in the Malabar area, Calicut is best for you. A wonderful culture and many historical threads attract you. 


Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of Kerala, is another location to fulfill your dream home. Infrastructure facilities, educational institutions, transport facilities, hospital facilities are in a high position here.

Facilities of Location

All people wish to have a location that should have connectivity with main centers in the city, availability of facilities including schools, institutions, and hospitals at closeness, and ambiance of the area should confirmed before opting for the locality. Kerala is blessed with several areas with the above-mentioned features that are supportive of a peaceful stay with family. There are also schools and day-care centers for kids, shopping centers, and restaurants to take care of their daily needs. 

Eco-Friendly Surroundings Nourish Your Mind

People also wish to build their dream homes in Kerala in an eco-friendly manner. Under these pandemic circumstances of our world, most people strictly follow the hygiene of their health and atmosphere. If the builders ensure eco-friendly surroundings, they can attract more people. So, when constructing and designing a home, enhancing or improving people’s overall health will be something clients and end-users will gravitate respectively.

More Amenities Attract More Purchasers

Builders should care about the amenities provided because people like to spend more time at home. But due to the lack of amenities, people preferred to spend luxury time outside with their families.

So, buildings near parks are more demanding, and also properties that provide park-like settings give renters and owners great satisfaction. People expect more add-on facilities like dog parks, gardening areas, outdoor theatres, and more from builders for the upcoming years. The flats or apartments are designed to provide people with a world-class living experience. Most of the purchasers buy apartments or their dream house not just to shelter themselves, but also as a part of their pride and to fulfill their satisfaction. They are not only in the need to attain a postal address but to occupy a place that defines their lifestyle as a luxurious one.

How To Differentiate The Essential Amenities From The Avoidable Ones.

Amenities are essential to any real estate project. While some amenities are essential, there are some that can be avoided.

Non-negotiable amenities include:

Power backup

While 24-hour power backup is normal these days, some builders offer power backup only for the common areas. Before finalizing any project, do confirm this from the builder or else you will have to spend extra later.

Adequate Parking Space

Usually, builders offer covered or uncovered parking. The majority of builders provide one parking slot unless you are buying a 4BHK or above configuration. However, by paying extra, you can always buy an additional parking space.

Security Provisions 

Ensure that the developer has adequate security measures in place.

Open Space

With decreasing lung space in the city, more and more developers these days offer larger green spaces. Interestingly, a few leading builders leave 70-80% of the project area for open green spaces.

Swimming Pool

while talking about swimming pool within the apartment complex was considered a luxury. Today, several smaller developers also offer this feature. However, the size and features of the swimming pool vary from developer to developer.

Dedicated Children’s Play Area

Considering the limited open space in the city, a dedicated play area for children is very important. Interestingly, in Bangalore and Chennai, it is one of the most popular amenities. Most of the buyers have children. As a result, demand for play areas within the project is significantly high.

Gymnasium and Clubhouse

Nowadays, Clubhouses and gymnasiums are equipped with an array of indoor fitness amenities. In fact, a gymnasium and a swimming pool often form a part of the clubhouse in many projects.


Here comes the right time to buy your dream home in Kerala. Banks are offering great discounts on interest rates. Thus, helping you own the property without any trouble. You can buy the home for a living or as an investment. Choosing a dream home is always an exciting thing.

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