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windows cleaning

How to windows cleaning in a professional way

How to prepare for cleaning your windows?

Pour inside the bucket multiple gallons of heat water, a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid. in case you plan to clean your windows in a warm climate, it’s better to apply cool water to get the job carried out quickly. In cases, you have got procrastinated your window washing so long that you want to ease them in beneath-freezing temperatures, use wind defend washing answer till the water doesn’t freeze on the window cleaning glass.

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Window cleaning solution

professional window cleaners answer or liquid dishwashing detergent of the correct fine, upload the essential quantity of it in the plastic bucket and blend it with the right amount of water. there can be no need to feature vinegar. add some small amount of this window cleaning product onto the scrubber and rub it in. Dip the scrubber within the bucket and thoroughly squeeze the excess water from the scrubber.

Wipe the exterior

Before beginning to smooth wipe the exterior window cleaning body with a moist terry cloth rag. begin scrubbing the glass and work your manner at all angles to ease the edges till all dust and dust is long past. work in a swirling sample. Don’t forget to cowl each square inch of the glass.
Use a rubber squeegee to wipe the window glass till it’s dry. This cleaning approach allows us to get the proper end result right now. We need to pass the squeegee horizontally throughout the glass, but we also can do vertical strokes with an outstanding result. It’s up to you. maintain the squeegee at 30 tiers to the glass and circulate it horizontally throughout the window cleaning
if you choose to paint vertically, maintain the squeegee at an attitude to direct extra water towards the dirty components of the window. the region the squeegee on the dry side and run it immediately down. Use a dry material the quit of the squeegee to shape a dry edge on the pinnacle of the window glass. Use the scouring pad of the sponge to do away with any cussed dirt on the windows.

Starting strip

It’s time to create a beginning strip. preserve the squeegee in this sort of tipping way in order that the handiest corner comes into contact with the glass. Then start on the top nook of the glass, smooth a slim strip of the window from pinnacle to backside on one aspect. This smooth strip will assist you to do the horizontal stokes after that.

Squeegee blade

Apply the squeegee blade in opposition to the glass within the top nook and circulate it steadily across the window. You must cognizant of retaining the top of the squeegee always in contact with the pinnacle edge of the window.

Clean the rubber blade.

Now we ought to clean the rubber blade. Use an easy towel or a terrycloth rag to wipe the blade smooth or wipe it across the scrubber to dispose of the dirt and any extra water after every skip. For comfort, we can keep a rag in our pocket for wiping the squeegee or remove soapy water which can begin jogging down the woodwork. we will use a separate smooth rag to clean the fringe of the window. Microfiber rags or kitchen microfiber towels are a great choice for the activity.

windows cleaning

Direct excess water

Begin cleaning again by using the pinnacle of the squeegee and via doing so that you should overlap the preceding stroke. work with the squeegee across the window at such an angle to direct excess water down. Wipeout and repeat once more the identical step.

Cleansing rag to wipe up

Use a cleaning rag to wipe up the excess water on the bottom edge of the window. Now we ought to put off the last suds. To try this we need to use a dry spot on a separate lint-loose rag and use it throughout the perimeter of the window.
Wipe down for the remaining time to get rid of any left streaks by the use of a clean place of the lint-free rag or a micro-fiber towel. whilst we do not find clean and smooth spots on our rags, change them with new ones. if you have windows with divided panes, you ought to use a scrubber, a small squeegee, and a sponge.
smooth the glass with the scrubber first and clean it with the squeegee afterward. whilst doing this you must position a terrycloth rag at the bottom end of the squeegee so one can dry the excess water and avoid growing harm to the window muntins.
if your squeegee is just too large for the windows, you can cut it into healthy the scale of your home windows. Use a wrung-out sponge to clean the glass of the windows after which with the tip of the squeegee clear a narrow strip on the pinnacle of the window. Afterward, pass the squeegee down and easy the perimeter. For window cleaning services Must visit Our Site.

windows cleaning


Understand that if you are cleaning your windows cleaning from inside the residence, placed a canvas drop material on the floor so that any extra dripping water falls onto it. You must clean them in a different way. To easy interior windows, mix water with liquid dishwashing detergent. placed this cleaning solution in a plastic spray bottle and then spray the indoor surfaces of the window. straight away after you spray them, use a terrycloth rag to wipe the glass easily, and immediately after that wipe it down fast with the micro-fiber towel and you’re achieved.