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Convert All Outlook Emails to PDF

How to Convert All Outlook Emails to PDF?

How to convert all Outlook emails to PDF?, Do you need to export every email from Outlook to PDF because there are too many emails there? You may learn how to convert all of your Outlook emails to PDF in this article. Learn more by reading on.

To back up mailbox data locally on a Windows PC, Outlook stores email messages, attachments, and other data items in a PST format. Users occasionally need to export emails as individual files to a new computer or Operating System. Users prefer adopting the Portable Document Format, or PDF, in these situations since it is readily available on all Operating Systems. This article offers both manual and automated methods for exporting numerous Outlook emails to PDF. The methods offered for batch saving emails from Outlook to PDF are all available to readers.

Have a look at the following scenario before continuing if you wish to migrate bulk email messages in PDF format:

User Query :- 

“I need to export each Outlook email to a PDF file separately because I have a lot of emails in my inbox. I’ve tried a few manual PST to PDF conversion techniques, but they only appear to work for specific messages. I simply don’t have the time to manually create a PDF file from each Outlook email. Can someone give me a quick and easy method for exporting all of my Outlook emails and saving them all at once as separate PDF files? I appreciate it.”

Motives for Exporting Several Outlook Emails to PDF :- 

Some justifications for exporting numerous emails from Outlook with attachments to PDF are listed below:

  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: Opening or gaining access to Outlook email data on Mac or Android devices is a frequent requirement. An easy solution to this issue is to save emails as PDF files, which work with any OS, including Mac.
  • Users can store Outlook emails locally by choosing this option to save them. Multiple Outlook emails can be exported to PDF so that they can be accessed by Adobe and other programmes that support PDF.
  • Legal Evidence: Any digital documents that are presented in court as evidence must be in PDF format. The only supported standard file for evidence presented to the court is this one. The Outlook mails can be printed out in PDF form by the investigator and submitted.
  • Printing Outlook emails correctly: Users should convert their Outlook emails into PDFs before printing multiple copies of them. Users are able to preserve the original formatting of the source file when exporting emails from Outlook to PDF.

Methods for Exporting All Outlook Emails to PDF :- 

To export Outlook email to PDF, there are two options. Which are:

Manual Method: You can save a single Outlook email at a time using this technique without exporting any attachments.

Automated Method: Using the software, you can use this method to concurrently export all Outlook emails to PDF.

Solution 1: Export Emails from Outlook to PDF Manually :-

Here, we’ll explain how to manually convert all Outlook emails to PDF. You can use this method if you only have a few emails. With this technique, all of your emails from Outlook 2019, 2016, 2010, and 2007 are exported to PDF files. Look at it.

  • Select the email you want to save as Portable Document Format in Microsoft Outlook (PDF).
  • Next, select File>>Save As.
  • Browse to the location where the exported file is to be stored and provide the filename from the Save As dialogue box.
  • Select HTML from the “Save As Type” selection, then press the Save button. To export multiple Outlook emails to PDF, go out the same procedure once more.
  • Visit the site where the HTML file was saved after that.
  • Next, right-click on the file you just chose. Choose Word >> Open With.
  • Go to File>>Save As after the HTML file has opened in the Microsoft Word programme.
  • Go to the location you want to save PDF files from the ‘Save As’ dialogue box.
  • Select PDF(*.pdf) from the ‘Save As Type’ drop-down selection and click Save.
  • Finally, a PDF version of the email message will be stored.

Solution 2: Automated Steps to Export All Email Messages in PDF :-

The manual process to export every Outlook email to PDF takes a lot of time. When people need to use this strategy for a large volume of emails, it increases even more. Manually extracting each Emails one at a time can take a long time. To make the process of exporting many emails from Outlook to PDF simpler, automatic solutions are available. The Best PST Migration tool for Windows & Mac is an example of a third-party tool.

Follow these simple steps after downloading the software:

  • Run the application and select Add File.
  • Click the Add button after choosing the Select File option to add the Outlook PST file.
  • The software loads all the files and displays an email preview.
  • On the following screen, click Export and then choose PDF.
  • Choose Advanced Settings and update as necessary.
  • Select the target location and then click Export.
  • So, you can export many emails from Outlook to PDF.

Important Characters:

  • Most Effective Program for Converting PST Emails to PDFs with Attachments
  • Possibility to Scan PST File in Two Ways: Advance Scan and Quick Scan
  • possible to batch export many Outlook PST files to PDF
  • With the advanced search option, you may look for any email from one or more PST files and search attachments, calendars, and other data using various criteria.
  • Apply a Date Filter to Perform Selected Folder Migration from PST to Adobe PDF File
  • allows for seamless examination of PST files for email forensic purposes
  • Tool Support for Removing Email Encryption Using SMIME & OPENPGP Offers the Option to Sort or Rearrange Outlook Data Items by Attributes Does Not Need Any Supportive Application to Be Installed for It to Work
  • Provides the Option to Export PST Emails on Windows and Mac OS Without Microsoft Outlook

In Conclusion :-

Even though Outlook is a useful email client, not all machines can access Outlook’s email data without installing Outlook. To solve the portability problem, users must export all emails from Outlook to PDF. The discussion above makes it clear that using the suggested manual technique to export all Outlook emails to PDF requires a significant amount of time. Thus, using expert software to batch export emails to PDF becomes necessary. The software is regarded as the one-stop shop for people with this need because it can export Outlook email attachments as well.

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