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Mac Outlook File to Windows Outlook

How can I Export Mac Outlook File to Windows Outlook?

“How to mac Outlook file to Windows Outlook?” is a question that many people have. If you’re having trouble with this, don’t worry. We’ll go over how to convert an OML to PST using the most defined method in this blog. Follow us from beginning to end and don’t miss a single line.

What is the Difference Between an OLM and a PST File?

Microsoft, the most well-known name in the software sector, offers mailing services for both Windows and Mac users. Outlook for Windows and Outlook for Mac have very similar user interfaces and functions. The distinction is that the Outlook for Windows version utilizes PST files to store emails, whilst the Outlook for Mac version uses OLM files to store user mail data.

Always remember that an OLM file cannot be opened in any version of Windows Outlook. The PST file format is supported by Outlook for Windows.

Yes, I understand that you are now curious about the reasons for the OLM to PST conversion. As a result, proceed without spending any time.

What is the Purpose of Converting the Mac Outlook File to Windows Outlook?

If you’re looking for “how to convert olm to pst in mac” on Google, there’s a reason for that. However, most individuals look for this for the following reasons:

  1. If the user is switching from a Mac to a Windows computer. They must first switch from the Mac version of Outlook to the Windows version of Outlook. As a result, OLM to PST conversion is necessary.
  2. If you receive an OLM file from someone but are unable to open it due to technical difficulties. In this instance, converting OLM to Outlook PST is required to view the data included in the OLM file.

Yes, you eager individuals, you have finally arrived at the two methods for converting an OLM file to a PST file.

  • Converting an OLM file to a PST file using manual methods.
  • The best way to convert a Mac Outlook file to Windows Outlook is to use a professional approach.

Techniques for converting OLM to PST by manual

If you want to learn “how to convert olm to pst in mac,” then use the methods listed below:

Method 1: Use a Gmail account to create an IMAP account.

  • Click the Gear icon on the right-hand side of your Gmail account after opening it.
  • Then select the Settings option.
  • Then, under the Settings menu, select the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab.
  • Finally, look at the IMAP Access status. Enable the status if it is currently disabled.
  • Set up your Outlook after your IMAP account has been successfully created. Follow the steps below to get started:

Method 2: Add an IMAP mail account to Outlook.

  • To begin, open Outlook for Mac and go to Menu->Tools->Accounts.
  • After that, select Email from the drop-down menu. Enter your email address, password, and any other information that is requested. Then select Add Account from the drop-down menu.
  • After the preceding steps have been done successfully, check your IMAP mail account.
  • Then, in order to perform synchronization between Outlook for Mac and an IMAP account, create a Gmail label. Follow the instructions below:

3rd Method: Make a Gmail Label

  • To begin, go into your Gmail account. Then, on the Gear icon, click. After that, select Settings from the drop-down menu.
  • Then, under the Settings menu, select Labels, and then Create New Label. Check that the box labeled “Show in IMAP” is selected.
  • Finally, open Outlook on your Mac and select Send/Receive.
  • Now transfer your mailbox’s emails and other data from the OLM file to the IMAP mailbox folder. Follow the instructions below:

Method 4: Move Mac Outlook File to Windows Outlook

  • Open Outlook for Mac and sign in.
  • Right-click the mailbox item you want to move to Outlook for Windows and select Move to Outlook for Windows from the menu.
  • Then select Move >>Copy to Folder from the menu.
  • Copy the name of the IMAP folder.
  • To make changes to the mailbox On Gmail, click Send/Receive or refresh the folder. All of the copied mailbox data has been synchronized to the IMAP mailbox folder after completing the previous procedures.

Then, from the IMAP mailbox folder, move all of the emails and other mailbox data to Windows Outlook. Set up the same IMAP mail account in Windows Outlook for this. Then drag and drop the data from the IMAP mailbox folder to the Outlook Inbox Folder on Windows. This is all that is required to convert your OLM file to a PST file.

However, this procedure is lengthy, time-consuming, and can occasionally destroy your data. So, if your job doesn’t allow you to waste a lot of time on this, if you don’t want to go through all of these tedious procedures, or if your data contains essential emails, you can utilize professional techniques to convert OLM to PST.


We examined the ways and provided an answer to the topic “how to convert olm to pst in Mac” in this post. Also, all conceivable techniques to convert an OLM file to a PST file, including both manual and professional methods. The end conclusion is that using professional tools is preferable to doing things manually.