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Bolster pillow

How Can You Use The Yoga Bolster Pillows?

If you practice yoga and you are thinking of buying a bolster pillow, you must have a complete knowledge about it. No wonder that bolsters are a great prop to the yoga classes and investing in these pillows can become helpful in your practice time. These are the props that can help you to enjoy a relaxing time in the restorative yoga poses as it can offer proper support to the different parts of your body.

Yoga bolster is available in a range of weight, shapes, weight, sizes and fittings. Some of the most common includes the round bolsters that are much popular in the yoga poses as it offers the support to the people. Most of the time the yoga classes have the blisters, but it is still recommended to use your own to make sure of no skin infections.

You can use the round yoga bolster for a range of poses. If you want to know how to use it then have a look.

How to use Yoga bolster in different ways?

Child’s Pose:

This is one of the most common poses practiced by the people. So you need to spread the knees and place the bolster pillow in between the knees. Then rest your upper body along with your head on the bolster pillows. You can put your arms on the ground or on the bolster according to your comfortable height.

Other than this, there is another way as well that can help you to enjoy more advantages from this pose is to use a towel or a blanket under the ankles if you feel that it is putting a strain on your feet. However if you are not able to sit comfortably on the back or you feel uncomfortable in this pose, you can try using the pillow or the blanket between your thighs and chins.

Therefore you need to make sure that you are choosing the correct bolster pillow online. You can check the amazing collection of MatsHut as they have some of the best and robust bolsters in their stock.

Supported backbend:

Yoga bolsters can be a great choice for your backbend. Therefore you can place it in a way adjacent and in line with your shoulders. You can keep your hand interlaced or maybe extended over the head that can help to support your neck. It is up to you if you want to keep the legs extended on the floor or you want to bend the knees together.

This will require you to choose the anti slip yoga bolster. As you will be giving your weight on it, there is always a need for you to choose the pillows that have the sturdiness in its built.

Reclined Bound Angle Pose:

You have to start by sitting on the floor and keeping the bolster pillow behind your back. Make sure you are placing the pillow in the middle. After this bring the soles together and then keep the knees at a distance. Once you have done it properly, you can slowly rest the back and simultaneously your head on the pillow. Then you can choose to keep your hand and palms on the floor.

If you start feeling some strain in your inner thighs, you can use a pillow under your thighs which helps to feel comfortable while practicing. You will not feel the strain in the inner thighs.

Leg Up Pose:

You can start practicing this pose in the middle of your room. Take your yoga bolster pillow and place it under the sacrum. Then you need to extend the legs upwards taking help against the wall. Make sure you place the pillow parallel to the wall but by leaving a bit distance before practice. Try to bring the hips close and then you can lay your back. Relax your arms and extend the lags to enjoy the complete advantage of this pose.

Bottom Line:

There are a range of ways you can use the yoga bolsters. However, you can also buy yoga mats from MatsHut now. These are not only great in terms of look but are robust enough to offer comfort.

Check MatsHut to buy the best quality bolster pillow online.

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