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House and Lot for Sale
House and Lot for Sale

House and Lot That You Can Choose In Camella Homes

If you are looking for the best types of house and lot or available properties in the Philippines, Camella Homes is the best, or I say, the number one option to choose when investing in this real estate company. Nowadays, house and lot are still in demand even if we have been experiencing a catastrophic event since 2019; however, if you are not updated about the market demand of real estate, it is still on the top list, which is why people are demanding for ready for occupancy units or even a pre-selling unit.

As mentioned, Camella Homes is the best option for you to invest your investible funds due to the worth exchange you’ll be getting when you live inside the community. If you have been questioning yourself right now, why Camella, simply put into words that they offer varieties of model that you can definitely choose as your home for a lengthy time.

This article is also a buyer’s guide that will help you decide your future when you finally live inside the community of Camella Homes. I bet you’ll have to question more and more what the best model you should choose since those houses and lot are built to make your life feel at ease.

Camella Home Series

In this series, the types of house and lot available are – seven – 7, which means that you can own one of these houses in the future if you want to.


1. Greta House Model:

This type of house is built for your family to be more spacious, which is installed with three toilet-and-baths, five cozy bedrooms, a refreshing balcony to relax, and two wide carports. I am definitely sure that you’ll not regret the vibes and better living experience when you purchase this house

2. Freya House Model:

Unlike Greta House, this model has a much better living experience due to its flexible hobby room that you can transform to any matter of your choice, such as changing it into an office area and whatnot. Same with Greta, it contains five cozy bedrooms, a refreshing balcony, and two wide carports; perfect for a family house, for sure!

3. Ella House Model:

This is also perfect for your budget because it is also designed and built perfectly for your family! With enough space to live and ease for your elder members because the bathrooms are located near your bedrooms, this will be the perfect option. Same with Freya and Greta, it contains five bedrooms, a balcony, and only one carport.


1. Dana House Model:

This type of house model is also the best option on your end! If you are not more than 5 in your family, this is frugally the perfect house. It contains four bedrooms – both first and second floor -, three bathrooms, and one carport.

2. Dani House Model: 

Though this house model is built for a moderate-sized family, you can still access the living experience when you opt to buy this model. Because of its frugal space, it still remains as the best seller since the inclusion package is present, such as the four bedrooms, one carport, etc., so if I were you, grab and inquire about this.

3. Cara House Model:

This type of house model is built for a family starter with the inclusion of three bedrooms, a relaxing balcony to chill, and a carport. Not just a medium-size, but this is perfect for your budget if you want to make it minimalist while perfectly living at ease inside the Camella Homes.

4. Bella House Model:

This is the last model of Camella Homes, for this is made for those who want to have a budget-friendly house. If you want to start owning a house and lot in Camella while perfectly achieving your ideal preference, I highly suggest this model. It contains two bedrooms and bathrooms plus a carport that is essential nowadays.

These are the available house and lot in Camella Homes that you can already purchase or reserve for a pre-selling unit. I bet that you’ll definitely be going to love the living experience if you own one of these! Based on the experiences of homeowners, it doesn’t matter which type of model you will purchase, even if it’s the Bella Model, because the important aspect of living in Camella Homes is the friendly community you will encounter soon.