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Hair Transplant for Female

Hair loss is common among both men and women, but it differs in its intensity. While men can become entirely bald due to hair loss, women only suffer from hair thinning. Although women may not become bald due to hair loss, they experience more psychological stress than men. It is because of societal pressure that women feel more conscious about their physical appearance. As a result, they end up trying every home remedy, medication, and hair loss treatment available on the face of the earth. Luckily, we have effective solutions like female hair transplants in Dubai that provide a permanent solution to female hair loss. On this page, you will learn about female hair transplants for restoring natural hair. Continue reading to learn everything about this cosmetic treatment, including its benefits, side effects, cost, procedure, and more.

About Female Hair Transplant

Hair loss occurs to some extent in every person. An average person sheds nearly 100 hair strands every day. This number may not be problematic, but if it increases, it can become a severe problem. If female hair loss is due to temporary external triggers, like hormonal imbalance, it can be treated with home remedies. Some OTC medications are also available for treating female hair loss. However, if hair loss is excessive and leads to hair thinning, a female hair transplant may be the only solution. A female hair transplant is designed for regrowing hair naturally in women. The procedure is surgical but is minimally invasive and performed on an outpatient basis. It also involves downtime, during which some temporary side-effects may also occur. Moreover, after the initial recovery period ends, patients will notice the transplant results. Typically, two techniques are used for a female hair transplant in Dubai, including:

An expert hair transplant surgeon determines the technique used for the transplant. He/she decides it during the initial consultation session by keeping different essential aspects in mind. Some determining factors are the hair loss density and degree, type and texture of the hair, and the patient’s desired results.

Who is a candidate?

Being a surgical procedure, a hair transplant requires determining candidacy. Usually, a hair transplant surgeon determines whether a person is an ideal candidate or not. Due to their hair loss pattern, i.e., diffuse hair loss, women are usually not considered good candidates for a hair transplant. However, the perfect candidates for a female hair transplant in Dubai include those women who:

  • have good general and physical health
  • are suffering from traction alopecia
  • want to restore hair around a surgical scar
  • don’t have diffuse hair loss
  • have distinct pattern baldness, i.e., receding hairline or crown thinning
  • have trauma-triggered hair loss, i.e., scars due to injury, burns, or chemical reactions

Benefits of Female Hair Transplant

A female hair transplant in Dubai is becoming popular day by day. The reason for its popularity is the permanent effects and hundreds of benefits. Some benefits of female hair transplant are mentioned below:

  • The FDA has approved female hair transplants, so it is a safe procedure.
  • It is a surgical procedure that provides permanent results.
  • After the procedure, there will be downtime, but it is not extensive.
  • There is no visible scarring if the transplant is performed using the FUE technique.
  • The procedure doesn’t leave any permanent side effects.
  • Graft rejection rarely occurs since hair follicles are from the patient’s scalp.
  • In the case of fewer hair follicles on the scalp, they can be taken from other body parts.
  • It provides natural-looking results.

Side Effects of Female Hair Transplant

A female hair transplant is a surgical procedure, but it does not have any severe or permanent side effects. However, after a transplant, some temporary surgical side-effects may occur. These side-effects are given below:

  • Allergic reaction to anesthesia
  • Temporary Scarring
  • Mild Pain
  • Numbness
  • Itching
  • Bleeding
  • Swelling
  • Inflammation
  • Infection
  • Bruising
  • Crusting

Typically, these temporary side-effects subside on their own after a few days. But in case they persist, patients must consult their surgeon immediately.

Female Hair Transplant Procedure

The female hair transplant procedure is explained step-by-step below:

  • First of all, the donor area is prepared. The hair transplant surgeon shaves or trims and cleanses the donor site.
  • After preparing the area, he/she injects local anesthesia into the donor area on the scalp. Anesthesia makes the donor site numb, and as a result, graft extraction becomes pain-free.
  • Depending on the transplant technique, the surgeon will extract healthy hair follicles from the donor area. In FUT, a strip of skin is cut from the scalp’s backside, and hair follicles are extracted from it. In contrast, the FUE technique requires individual extraction of grafts from the entire scalp.
  • Once enough hair grafts are extracted, he/she will prepare them for transplantation to ensure natural-looking results.
  • He/she will use anesthesia to numb the recipient site before making tiny incisions.
  • The harvested grafts will be implanted into the recipient site.

Since grafts need to be transplanted with extreme care and precision, the procedure may take up to a few hours. Usually, a single session of a female hair transplant takes about 4-8 hours to complete.

Pre-Op Care

Before undergoing a female hair transplant, the patient must make their bodies ready for it. For that purpose, they must follow the given instructions:

  • Don’t smoke or drink for at least 4 weeks before the procedure.
  • Avoid taking any blood-thinners, like aspirin, for about a month before the procedure.
  • Don’t spend too much time in the sun.
  • Only use doctor-prescribed medications.
  • Discuss any medical conditions or allergies with your surgeon beforehand.

Aftercare Instructions

After a hair transplant, follow the below-mentioned aftercare guidelines for a quick recovery:

  • Do not skip your prescribed medications and only use those medications prescribed by your doctor.
  • Do not touch, rub, or scratch the treated areas unless absolutely necessary.
  • Sleep in an elevated position for the first few days after a transplant.
  • Avoid direct contact with the sun.
  • If the scalp is swollen, use a cold compress to reduce swelling.
  • Wait at least 24 hours before washing the scalp.

Female Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai

The exact hair transplant cost in Dubai is based on several factors. Only a surgeon can determine the precise price for each patient since it varies from patient to patient. The cost determining elements are as follows:

  • The technique used
  • Number of hair grafts required
  • The surgeon’s expertise and reputation
  • The geographic location of the clinic
  • Service quality of the clinic

Consult an Expert

If you have been suffering from excessive hair loss and want to undergo a female hair transplant in Dubai, consult an expert TODAY! Give us a call or fill the online form to schedule an appointment with our expert hair transplant surgeons.