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Less is more: everything you need to know about the Minimal style

Choosing the most suitable style of furniture for your home is not a simple choice! For this, you have to let yourself be guided by your own taste and needs. Less is more: everything you need to know about the Minimal style

For lovers of the essential, the minimal style is undoubtedly the best choice. More and more trendy, it is the result of a perfect balance between simplicity and essential design. But how to choose minimal furniture for your home?

Let’s see in detail some small touches of style to improve the aesthetic beauty of the house.

First of all, it is necessary to remove any superfluous furnishing accessories.  In order to avoid creating chaos and gatherings of furniture items. It emphasize only the essential elements. We also dispel the myth according to which the minimal style tends to prefer total white.  White is not a must; a touch of color never hurts. Obviously we advise you to avoid very strong color contrasts but to choose pastel shades both for decorating the walls and for the choice of furniture.

Alternatively, you can also play with shiny materials such as glass and metal or, why not, even wood which in its natural essences conveys a unique feeling of warmth.

Minimal living Room:

The watchword for a living area with a minimal design is undoubtedly space: large and airy.  It must be the dominant feature for your living room. It is  accompanied by a large rug, patterned cushions, a wicker pouf or a modern chaise longue, the sofa must be the undisputed star of the décor. To make the living area even more elegant.  You can opt for elements in gold, such as the legs of a coffee table or furnishing accessories to be displayed on a fitted wall.  It  will convey a refined and sophisticated note to the entire design. But always be careful not to overdo the decorations! In fact, it will be the brightness, fundamental in a minimal style home, that will play a decisive role, enhancing the soft nuances of the furniture.

For the curtains and upholstery, on the other hand, choose soft fabrics: plain-colored curtains and leather sofas will emphasize the “few” pieces of furniture!

Minimal Dining area:

In the dining area the presence of furniture and shelves must be very discreet, therefore, a kitchen with island or retractable with smooth and metal surfaces will be the perfect solution for a practical and elegant environment. For those who want to dare and give a chic touch. They can opt for a kitchen entirely in glass! For Plumbing Services Click here

For the choice of the floor, however, you do not necessarily have to choose a material with light shades: a covering with dark wood parquet will be elegant and classy in the same way and will marry perfectly with the minimal look.

Minimal Bedroom:

For a sleeping area in line with the style, the bed must be clearly visible and positioned strictly in the center of the room. Small lampshades or simple wall lights, bedside tables with linear and geometric shapes will give character and personality to the environment with sobriety and taste. For Decoration Click here

Better to avoid large wardrobes and choose an elegant walk-in closet that will allow you to broaden your perception of space.

The walls must remain empty if possible, so no to paintings and prints but yes to sober and neutral colors, large and tidy spaces for a style that is always in step with modernity!