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Enclosed vs. Open-Air Photo Booth - What is Better for Your Halloween Bash?

Enclosed vs. Open-Air Photo Booth – What is Better for Your Halloween Bash?

Finally, decided to add a photo booth to your Halloween bash this year? Well, there are several considerations you might want to make, such as the type of photo booth you will be going to purchase/rent out.

There are two common types of photo booths you’ll come across- an open-air photo booth and an enclosure photo booth. But, which one would be ideal and more appropriate for your Halloween party?

This article is going to be your ultimate enclosed vs. open-air photo booth guide, in order to help you choose one of these photo booth types easily this Halloween.

Enclosed photo booths

An enclosed photo booth is just what the same suggests-  a covered photo booth. It is more of a traditional type of photo booth, as it has been around for years now. Let’s get into the details of the enclosed photo booths:

More privacy

Numerous individuals consider getting their pictures taken in private, while others don’t really have any issue with being so open. If you want a more private photo booth for you and your guests this Halloween, then you should go for an enclosed photo booth. 

For Halloween, we would advise you to go for an enclosed photo booth, as everyone wants to get their crazy and scary on, and not everyone is confident in doing that in front of other people!

Traditional appeal

Wanting to give your Halloween a more traditional and down-the-memory-lane feel? Then an enclosed photo booth will do the job. Because the enclosed photo booth has been around for as long as we could remember, this will definitely give nostalgic and high school feels. Decorate your photo booth with Halloween photo booth props of all kinds, and go as scary as you can go.

Smaller in size

In most cases, enclosed photo booths are comparatively smaller and compact in size than open-air photo booths are. Every component of this enclosed photo booth, such as the posing space, curtains, backdrop, and so on, is all contained in a much smaller space. Therefore, if you have restricted space for your Halloween venue, then you should definitely go for an enclosed photo booth.

Better Lighting

An enclosed photo booth is going to have much better lighting, especially if you’re throwing a Halloween bash at night and if you don’t have a proper lighting source. Everything is up close and more focused in an enclosed photo booth, which is why you’ll have much better lighting for your pictures.

Open-air photo booths

Open-air photo booths are not enclosed from either side. Rather, they allow you to capture pictures in the open air without any enclosures. Here are the characteristics of open-air photobooths:

Covers a large area and a number of people

Because open-air photo booths are totally out in the open, they can cover many people at a time, unlike the ordinary enclosed ones do. You can set it up as far away as you want to, and include as much background as you want to it. 

Most importantly, it is able to cover around 8 people comfortably. Don’t worry, an open-air photo booth will definitely capture all of you and your loved one’s customs! You will love the group photos, and photobombs with this kind of photo booth.


Unlike enclosed photo booths where you’re stuck with one single backdrop, you can choose your background with an open-air photo booth depending upon your liking. 

For your Halloween bash this year, craft several backgrounds your family and guests can choose from. This way, your guests will be able to choose the spooky backgrounds of their choice! Moreover, this way, you’ll get tonnes of different kinds of pictures for your bash!

More comfortable

Yes, enclosed photo booths can seem too compact and stuffy for some. But, open-air photo booths are totally comfortable and more convenient. Just stand there with your satanic Halloween costumes on, and pose!

Easy for the disabled

Most seniors, especially those in wheelchairs, might have a hard time making their way into your enclosed photo booth. But, that won’t be the case for an open-air photo booth. Literally, anyone can join kids in strollers and people in wheelchairs! Because, why let your senior loved ones feel left out of all this fun?

Creates a more fun atmosphere

Because an open-air photo booth will be totally open to the rest of your guests on your Halloween bash, everyone would enjoy the craziness and excitement going on over at your booth. 

Halloween is all about bringing your crazy out and having fun with your loved ones. So, why not get all of your guests involved in the fun? 

If you’re willing to have a more non-private and wild photo booth experience at your Halloween bash, then you should consider going for an open-air photo booth.