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Best Budget Electric Fireplace Heaters

Do you appreciate the sound of a fireplace but lack the time, money, or space to install one in your home? Not to worry, there is a solution: fireplace heaters! We’ll go over everything you need to know about electric fireplaces and recommend some of the top models on the market.

What Exactly Is A Fireplace Heater?

A fireplace heater, sometimes known as an electric fireplace is a type of electric heater that simulates the operation of a fireplace that burns coal, wood, and natural gas. It may be plugged into a wall and used as a ‘flame effect’ without heat for ambiance during dinner, as well as a real heater.

There are also electric fireplaces that are put on the wall. Electric fireplace heaters are frequently used as a replacement for traditional fireplaces or can be installed within a traditional fireplace that can no longer be used for burning.


Is It True That Electric Fireplaces Heat A Room?

Yes, fireplace heaters can heat a room since they function in the same manner as radiant and fan heaters do to immediately heat any space. They usually employ a fan to blast heat out and warm your living area. They may also use infrared panels as a heating source. Electric fireplaces are not capable of heating a whole house, but they are effective at heating specific rooms in a house or apartment.

If having one or more fireplaces heater in your home as a source of supplemental heat sounds like a dream, even if it’s because it will help you cut costs, contact us at today.

Dinky Mini Electric Fire EWT 1.2kW

This portable EWT tiny electric flame effect heater (DNY12-AU) also has a black cast iron finish, two temperature settings, and a heat dispersing fan. This 1.2kW model is not large enough for huge rooms, but it may be used to warm up smaller places such as an office or a child’s bedroom.

Dimplex 1.5kW Mini Cube Electric Fire Heater

For something a bit more eye-catching, consider this Dimplex tiny cube electric fire heater, which would look right at home in any modern environment or man cave. It has two heat settings, a realistic flame effect function, and a gorgeous piano red finish with a curved steel shell. The flame effect employs independently of heating.

1.8kW Flame Effect Heater By Kogan

This freestanding Kogan flame effect heater, which resembles a classic wood stove with a matte black cast iron finish and twin panel door design, has two temperature settings and 1.8kW of heating output and employs an internal fan to spread heat evenly. It also has an independently regulated fire simulation to offer the pleasant atmosphere of a wood fire without the mess or smoke.

2kW Dimplex Electric Fireplace

This portable Dimplex 2kW electric fire heater (CAS20N-AU) has two heat settings and a separate flame effect function for homes that only want a comforting glow without the heat. Its lava rock-style fuel bed is by an Optiflame LED. It also includes a thermal safety shut-off feature.

Cassidy 1.5kW Mini-Suite Electric Firebox By Dimplex

Dimplex Cassidy tiny suite electric firebox (CSY15-AU) will look wonderful in any living area or bedroom. It comes completely constructed and ready to plug into a power outlet.

The fireplace creates the theatricality of dancing flames using LEDs and allows you to turn on the flame effect without the heat. It also has two heat settings for times you want to curl up on the sofa and remote control for easy setting changes.


Toluca Deluxe 2kW Optiflame LED Wall-Mounted Electric Fire By Dimplex

This Dimplex Toluca Deluxe electric fireplace (TLC20LX-AU) incorporates Optiflame graphics to simulate a wood-burning fire. It boasts a 2kW power output, two heat settings, a color-changing fuel bed, and colorful lighting to suit your mood.

This model also has a built-in Bluetooth speaker that can play the sound of a crackling fire or your favorite tunes directly from your smartphone. Keep in mind that this model’s pricing does not include installation.

Do Electric Fireplaces Consume A Lot Of Power?

Electric fireplaces consume roughly the same amount of electricity as a typical electric space heater, with power outputs ranging from 1.5kW to 2kW depending on specifications and model. Electric heaters generally have operating costs ranging from $0.40 to $0.60 per hour. If you’re concerned about energy expenditures, make a note of each model’s energy-star efficiency rating.