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Celebrate Anniversary

Best 10 Dishes You Can Prepare To Celebrate Anniversary

Days and dates are essential; they remind you of the most amazing time of your life. Your anniversary is one such day that marks the beginning of a new chapter in your journey, a day when your soulmate joined ways with you. Such a big day deserves a grand yet intimate celebration every year! Anniversary cakes are obviously important but are they enough? This time while contacting your favourite online bakery, bring out your inner chef to impress your dear partner. Yep, you read it right! Instead of going out for dinner, make a romantic setting at home and cook a delicious meal for the love of your life to impress him or her like never before! Need some help? Well, here are the top 10 ideas of the delicacies you can prepare to celebrate your own day of ataşehir escort love.

Zafrani Pulao

Sounds interesting? Zafrani pulao, also known as the sweet saffron pulao, is a traditional dish that tastes absolutely divine. A mouth-watering mixture of sweets, saffron, basmati rice and lots of dry fruits is enough to give your night a festive touch. You can keep this dish for dessert or even as the main course if you and your partner love Meetha a little too much.


Make way for another rice dish on the list, but this time from Italy. Risotto is the famous creamy dish that we all have come to love, and the best part is; that it’s not even that hard to make. You can easily gather the ingredients and find the recipe with a quick google search, so get ready to make your love go wow with ease.

Butter Chicken

For those spice lovers who can’t imagine life without meat, butter chicken is the ultimate heaven. You know your partner more than anyone else, and if they are one of those hardcore meat lovers, then you can never go wrong with butter chicken. We know that making butter chicken can be a long and tiring process, but to witness that look of amusement and happiness on your dear one’s face is all worth it, isn’t it?

Chocolate Fondue

Chocolate is the ultimate present for an anniversary, so how can you leave it out of your celebration? Chocolate fondue can be found on a bakery delivery app easily, but where’s the fun in that? Cast your love spell on your life partner by making a delicious fondue for him or her; sit back and watch as the tasty chocolate works its magic.


We always think that going big is the way to go, but sometimes basic is all we need to celebrate. On your wedding anniversary, instead of going with a big fancy meal, try the most loved food of all time- Pizza! Put together a nice comfy movie night with a homemade pizza and enjoy each other’s company. Trust us, your partner will surely appreciate this off time, especially if you both lead busy lifestyles.

Strawberry Tarts

Desserts are the food of love, and nothing tastes better than a tangy-sweet strawberry tart. This one dessert is easy, healthy and oh-so-tasty that you can not help yourself but want more! Bring home fresh strawberries and get to work to make a tart that your dear bae has never had, but do not forget to cook the main meal cause no matter how much you make, it’s still a dessert!


Love pasta? Then you will surely love lasagna, a noodle, and cheesy pasta that made it to the list straight from Italy. Making lasagna is a bit of a challenge in itself, especially getting a hold of the special noodles needed to make this dish, but one bite of this veggie goodness will send you over the moon. You can make it veg or non-vegetarian as per your convenience and pair this fantastic dish with red vine or sparkling champagne to give your night a classy touch, though you might have to add the extra candlelight dinner setting; but it will be all worth it in the end, just wait!

Spring Veggie Pasta

Wanna make pasta but not the classy kind, then sticking to the simple old spring veg pasta is the best bet for you! Spring pasta looks like long edible strips coated in delicious cream made of cheese, and just the mention of it is enough to water our mouths. Again, making this dish is incredibly simple, and you can garnish it with extra raw veggies to give it that special spark!

Thai Green Curry

In the mood for some vegetarian Thai, then stop right here and cook Thai green curry for your dear love. Thai food is one of the most popular kinds around the globe, and the credit goes to the exquisite taste and particular spices used to cook them. A cheat code for this can be; you can easily find ready to make packs of Thai curry in the market, but we would suggest saving that for emergencies. First, try making the food from scratch, and if you can not do well, let’s just say your partner doesn’t have to know!

Delicious Ice Cream

Ice cream is one of the things that bind us all together as humans. This cool, delicious dessert is one of the best inventions of history and to keep it out of the list would not be fair to anyone. Making ice cream is one of the easiest ways to make your sweetheart happy on your anniversary. As you guys have been together for some time now, you probably know their favourite flavour, so just get in the kitchen and make a batch of the ice cream they love the bodrum escort most. You can add jellies, crunchies, rainbow sprinkles, chocolate chips, basically anything you want to enhance the taste of this dessert but remember to make a lot cause there is no such thing as too much ice cream!

Making your life partner happy is an everyday job that we all are happy to do, but anniversaries are supposed to be extra special. So, this time put in some extra effort to celebrate the bond you both share; happy anniversary!