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online courses
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Why are online courses popular?

What makes people buy online courses and what puts them on guard? In short, they should be interesting, attractive, and to the point, but there should be a so-called union agreement with the teacher. Of course, it would be ideal if the price did not hurt your wallet, and the course already had good reviews.

Recently, there has been a fad for creating and selling online courses. Why do recipients buy them so willingly? And what are they most interested in? We asked this on Facebook a few days ago. The question was asked: “What makes you buy an online course and what does not suit you and what does not?

What are our findings? We have identified 5 key criteria that influence the decision to purchase a course:

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1. Leader The

The most important criterion in choosing a course is the personality of the person leading the course. Competence, professionalism, and merit were indicated. But individual traits were also equally important: the ability to instill confidence, contact, human approach, a sense of humor, and flexibility.

Individuals participating in online training also highly appreciate the possibility of direct interaction with the teacher and the prompt receipt of grades.

2. Topic The

category “Business and work” definitely wins. Here it turns out that the topics of developing competencies useful in the professional field are the most popular. Even personal development is seen as a way to improve business results. A much smaller group of people are interested in social relationships and their development.

3. Course Content

Recipients expect the course content to be intriguing, which sparks their interest in non-obvious and attractive ways of self-development.

General opinion: “It should be challenging, interesting, original, almost an adventure.”

Ideally, if such a course is attractive, the participants do not want to just listen to the teacher, they want to act, to actively participate in solving specific problems. An additional advantage is also the introduction of the element of surprise.

4. Efficiency

In general, the course should bring real benefits, solve specific problems of a person.

For the vast majority of the people who answered, feedback is very important, which confirms the effectiveness of the course and the competence of the teacher.

5. Price

It is difficult to determine the specific values ​​of the ideal price of the course. It depends on the content and duration of such a course. However, for the majority of survey participants, too high a price can become a decisive selection criterion.

Thus, students of online courses are becoming more and more demanding. This is understandable, given the emergence of a large number of new courses. Currently, it is not enough to stand out from the crowd of electronic trainers by preparing only a high-quality video or presentation. First of all, it is necessary to attract the attention of the participants, to provide them with interesting, attractive tasks. The role of the trainer is to manipulate the methods and tasks so that the listener can not only get the material content but also enjoy the process.

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